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    Comments: 3.0 Released

    It's absolutely worth it, trust me! The only thing that annoys me in Gekokujo is the lag at campaign map (it annoys me a lot to be honest). Unfortunately there's propably nothing to do about it.
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    Party slots

    Troop type limit should be removed in Mount & Blade 1.011 "ninja" patch, which was pulled back for some reason. You can download it here.
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    Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive

    Zendarian Crusaders will be moving in Nord territory from the start I think... or at least they will very soon. I agree with you about the Khergit, they should get a bit more armor. Also bow damage and the number of arrows could be improved a bit. There's one thing that I can't agree with you...
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    NEW MOD: Magic World for 1.011 Updated january 23th

    Yeah, they are.
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    Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive

    Hey, I think that Khergit Janissary should get some kind of melee weapon...
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    Money, money !!

    Oh god... The idea is, that you're not meant to be able to have too many top tier troops. So don't upgrade all your troops all the way up to final level. You can have a big army of low level troops with some "elite"-troops, or smaller band of completely upgraded soldiers.
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    Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive

    No any competition, it's not like a hobby for me. I just like it really much, and because we've been blessed with good weather now in Finland, ofc I'll do it! (My hobby is Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu btw) Thanks for the patch. The mod is awesome, as I may have said already...  :roll:
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    Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive

    Awesome! Downloading -----------> No much time to play today though, gotta go swim again.  :D
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    Just put both files in same folder and extract first file... it should extract them both in one folder.      -.-'
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    Just download them both and extract the first part. It should then extract them both if I remember right.
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    Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive

    Ok... Maybe I can wait a bit more time and go swim or something tomorrow.  :D
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    TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Gondor troops preview

    Yeah, that's it. Sorry, nothing else to say... Oh well, I'm waiting for this (TLD), hope you get it finished!
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    Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive

    Coming soon? CAN'T WAIT!
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    Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive

    Looks good! Just try to get it finished in time. Btw, it looks like I'm your biggest fan (though not playing your mod at the moment, I'm just waiting for new version).  :D
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    Can Someone help I dont know which mod to delete for modding (LOL)

    First, BUY the game... Why would anyone want to help you, pirate?! And when you have BOUGHT the game, someone could be wanting to help...