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    AI Generated Names in Bannerlord (for fun!)

    Damn, these are cool! Was kinda running out of names by now thanks for sharing!
    Glad you find it interesting! I was disappointed to find out in my third playthrough that my character's auto-generated name was shared by an npc town merchant :cry: Needed something unique :wink:
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    AI Generated Names in Bannerlord (for fun!)

    Honestly I wish we could auto generate our clan name.
    It motivated this thread. I guess polishing the tutorial mission further is not on TW's top priority.
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    AI Generated Names in Bannerlord (for fun!)

    Hello brave warriors and merchants of Calradia! Are you tired of using familiar character names in each playthrough? Have you ever not being able to come up with a good one when your brother says 'Hey, what's our family name again? Btw, no dice rolling now.' Today I learned that I could parse...
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    TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    SandBoxCore\ModuleData spcultures.xml
    Amazing! Thx!
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    TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    Which file contains all the first names that you find in the character generation or those of npc artisans/merchants/gang leaders?
    I could parse all lord names from `lords.xml` and several companion names from `companions.xml`, but I feel there should be a bigger pool of first names that's being used in randomly generated npcs.
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    TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    Only the map_rock_big series have physics bodies as Taleworlds didn't expect you to expand their small rocks to a size where collisions were important. If you want a physics body for map_rock_c you would need to export the original map_rock_c out of Bannerlord with TpacTool, create a physics body for it (must be very low poly for optimisation) and reimport them both together (with the physics body named bo_map_rock_c) into your own mod. These should then override the native asset. You'll also need to reapply the native material (only to the rock not the physics body which will be invisible).
    Thanks for the answer!
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    TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    Just remember, when you select an entity in your scene, you can go to the physics section of the entity inspector and tick the show physics box so you can see its collision mesh.
    I still couldn't figure out how to work this out. Could anyone help me out?

    What I want:
    I want a `map_rock_new_c` object entity in my village scene to have a physics body so that agents collide with it.

    Current situation:
    When I add a `map_rock_new_c` entity in a scene, it doesn't come with a physics body. There is no `bo_map_rock_new_c` file to add. When I try to add some similar shape through Resource Browser, it says 'Unable to save body: Package is protected. Protected items cannot be modified.' So I'm stuck.

    Not using the `map_rock_new_c` prefab and choosing any other rock model with `bo_` is a possible solution, but I'm not totally happy with the approach because I've already spent some time decorating the terrain using the `map_rock_new_X` series.

    Just wondering: Is it possible to create my own physics body and add to "protected items"?
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    TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    Bodies are just invisible physics shapes = low poly collision meshes. They are loaded with their related visible mesh and need the same name with a bo_ prefix. Look at the section on overriding meshes in Taleworlds Documentation
    The lower poly the physics body the better as that makes ai-pathfinding computations easier.
    thank you so much! i was using map_rocks in a scene without knowing that it doesn't have an attached physics body so that characters could just walk through it. i hope i could learn how to get it fixed by looking at the document myself. thank you!
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    TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    does anyone know how to how to create body assets? i see that 'rock' props are made out of mesh + physics body, and i only have the mesh to use. i couldn't figure out how to make and apply new body assets.
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    a quick question on HeightMap Exporting/Importing

    I played with it a little with small resolution and sort of get that we get +1s to the resolution size because the number should represent the number of vertices whereas the resolution size represents the number of cells.

    Did I infer correctly???
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    a quick question on HeightMap Exporting/Importing

    Okay it looks like I could've replied to the existing Modding Q&A thread there. I would gladly do that if someone could tell me how to erase this thread 😂 I don't see a delete button.

    Of course I would appreciate it if someone leaves an answer to the question here though.
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    a quick question on HeightMap Exporting/Importing

    When I export a single-node terrain of 64x64 HeightMap resolution, say all of height 0, I get a 65x65 png file starting with an extra row of 0.8134432 values and with an extra column of zeroes except a single extry of 0.8134432. Thus when I import the very same height map file, the first row of...
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    Current possible relation exploit & suggestion

    (This could've been already reported, I recently joined playing SP campaigns.) When you join someone's army and the army initiates an attack, you could just leave the army instead of joining them, followed by immediately helping them out so that you gain a relation increase with the army...
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    paid storage access

    for those who don't own a town, how about a paid storage service offered by local notables in a town? storage fee should be measured by the volume in theory but we only have cargo weights to consider in the game, so it should be proportional to the cargo weight stored, up to a maximum storage size.
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    Resolved ten npc caravans stay at a town forever

    Are you on v 1.5.3? Or started on 1.5.3?

    Have you done 'caravan ambush' quests from either Marunath/Car Benseth or both?

    There's a known bug (reported fixed in 1.5.4 beta) where the caravan just stayed in the destination town once the quest had finished. Not quite forever - they will disappear if the town is taken by another faction. I know the caravans stayed there in a game upgraded from 1.5.3 to 1.5.4, but haven't done enough of the quests in a fresh 1.5.4 game to say it's definitely fixed or not.

    it's a new playthrough on v1.5.3 main. i did caravan ambush quite a lot, that's probably the reason. good to know, thank you.
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