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    It's a mod about the War of the Spanish Succession that branched out to include the Great Northern War as well, and thus ended up with a map that covers most of Europe.

    The colonial aspect simply wasn't significant for the key conflicts the mod aims to portray, and naval confrontations were a sideshow as well - the WSS was fought and decided primarily on land.
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    Max 2 guns per party, 6 per side for a potential total of 12 per battle.

    Gun size seems to make no/little difference so far, they're placed and fire automatically (via an AoE script, there's no actual projectiles, so they can fire through your own troops), killing enough crew will disable them (2 gunners or 1 gunner 1 officer iirc), but as the crew are spawned via script and not part of any party, they can't be killed off permanently.
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    Bug reports

    Battle AI is tied to the presence of lords afaik - with a lord, you'll get basic formations, without one, all you get is a rabble in a mass charge.
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    They're deserters, not sea raiders, so pay them off.

    Import/export or cheat if you haven't made enough money yet. Skipping part of the dull early-game grind of WFaS is hardly a shame, IMHO.

    Or just start over, it's a fluke, and unlikely to happen again, and you're not exactly going to lose a lot of progress.

    Btw, WFaS has no real level scaling or equivalent - you can very, very easily get in way over your head via the storylines with no warning whatsoever, and apart from looters which can be kited indefinitely from horseback due to a complete lack of ranged weapons, every other spawn is easily capable of murdering low-lvl players.

    And thanks to firearms, even fairly low-level enemies will remain dangerous throughout the game and can't ever safely be solo'd, bandit ambushes in cities and villages in particular can dispose of high-lvl chars with good gear with frustrating ease and regularity.
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    Bug reports

    It's all in the animations, and how the combat AI handles them.

    Pikemen in formation in WFaS murder cav with their two-directional stabspam, inf with 4-directional weapons with a good thrust will usually get slaughtered.

    I'm all for two-directional bayonet stabs, or even one-directional if no good "high stab" animation is available, but it's currently a bit early for detailed weapon balancing and stat crunching, as so much in that area is very obviously still WIP.

    In terms of bugs, after the last (generic scenes) update, Munich's been crashing frequently for me, which it hadn't done a single time before. :eek:
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    SVN allows for comments/changelog on each commit, but so far, the feature seems to be utilized rather sparingly.

    right-click on the totsk folder -> TortoiseSVN -> show log
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    DrTomas said:
    jackx said:
    I don't really like the implementation of guns in their current state

    But I'll take it into consideration it. I don't think I want to do range selection, as I want to keep most of the algorithms simple and efficient(it's rather expensive to check every bot on the field and it's range to the cannons).

    That's alright, you're the coder, you have to decide what's feasible when it comes to performance.
    Besides, if the guns provide a more steady flow of low casualties instead of the odd instance of mass carnage, then long-range targetting is less of a concern anyways.
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    It has already been stated that Savoy will be included at a later date, currently it's not in because there was initially a lack of sufficient info for its lords, and the un-merging of savoy and the Austrian Habsburgs/HRE will take some time as it also requires more Austrian units to be created to take the place of the Savoy units currently on the Habsburg/HRE roster.

    As far as suggestions go, I don't really like the implementation of guns in their current state - slow, cumbersome pieces that are very hit or miss in the dealing of massive damage.

    Period artillery was an attrition weapon (baring the odd bit of short-range fire, which didn't happen anywhere as frequently as it did later in the 18th century) that wore down the enemy with a continuous barrage - frequently starting with an artillery duel, and then moving on to target horse and foot as those moved to engage.

    In addition to that historical aspect, in gameplay terms guns are a large element of randomness on the battlefield - you can win or lose a fight with the first long-range salvo, and then you can have a battle where both batteries fire for the duration with very little noticeable effect. It's tolerable in a SP game, but it's still bad gameplay/design as far as I'm concerned.

    As such, I'd propose a significant increase in the ROF of the guns, more so for the smaller pieces (a 3lber should match small arms ROF), maybe with a gradual slowing of the ROF over time, and a significant decrease of the area of effect,
    If the scripting allows, I'd also scale the area of effect and dispersion of the impact with range to target, so that lethality increases as the targets get closer.
    Since the scripting allows for casualty-free shooting through own troops, short-range fire shouldn't be too effective, to simulate the fact that the guns are being masked by their own troops.

    So far, artillery has spawned forward of the other troops in most (all?) my battles, but immediately began firing at the troops - ideally, the target selection process could be altered to where the fire can only switch to troops once they are closer to the guns than enemy pieces, to simulate artillery duels.

    I know it's still early for this kind of detailed battle balancing work, but since the guns probably can't be adjusted and changed as easily as weapon or troop stats to get the desired results, I thought mentioning it early would be beneficial.
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    That happened a bit sooner than expected, but that only serves to make me even happier.

    Congratulations to all involved, I shall proceed to give this first alpha release a go immediately. :smile:
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    [WB] [S] Twilight of The Sun King (Old Topic. Enjoy as a historical archive.)

    That wonderful(ly garish) pink/purpole coat with red cuffs is the uniform of a Spanish regiment, the aptly named Tercio de Morados Viejos.

    It even comes with its own re-enactment group, so there's plenty of good pictures available online, as well as videos (mostly from the Almansa re-enactments).
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    [WB] [S] Twilight of The Sun King (Old Topic. Enjoy as a historical archive.)

    Maybe not the most polite way to inquire, but then, the original choice of words was also rather suboptimal.

    Scenes are impressive, both in quantity and quality, and I really appreciate all the effort that goes into making this mod a total conversion even on its first release.
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    [WB] [S] Twilight of The Sun King (Old Topic. Enjoy as a historical archive.)

    Sad to hear about Cel's current stae of health, I wish her a speedy and full recovery.
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    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod -- Last release: Feb 25, 2020

    Excellent timing - I was away for a couple of days, and now that I come back I find this waiting for me. I'll DL right away, and again, thanks for making this great mod available to everyone. :smile:
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    _VIDEOS__ - Dedicated to MICHAEL, my first Vid Maker!!!

    Between MBrep and Nexus, there's probably quite a few ppl playing your mods that aren't on these forums...(I know there are descriptions on those sites, pointing here, but you give the average users too much credit if you assume they continue reading past the "download" button. :wink:)

    Good video, that is to say good footage and composition, probably could've benefitted from some professional video editing software for the effects used.

    I also like the fact that he chose a fort battle for the video - at first glance, 1755 naturally seems to be all about skirmishing in the forest, but the mod has a lot of great siege scenes too that work really well.
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    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod -- Last release: Feb 25, 2020

    I could've told you that would happen, as in contemporary German, it's taken on the meaning of "balaclava" (which is itself not exactly the most logical or easily derived name for that piece of clothing). :wink:

    I mentioned the Sturmhauben because I was on the nexus earlier today and they were in the news there as a pack... naturally, that means I could always just add them in myself, but lazy as I am, I thought I'd mention it here first.

    JT's Sturmhauben @ M&B nexus

    While we're talking about stuff to add in, I'm looking around for a good partisan, preferably suitably for an NCO or officer... the ranseur that's in WFaS Enhanced isn't bad, but I'd prefer something a bit more flashy...

    Another set of items from WFaS enhanced that could perhaps find their way into this mod as well are the Kazakh clothes, though I'm really not sure who'd wear them (in Enhanced, they're worn by Tatar Raiders, which feels odd).
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