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  1. Need More Info Companion HOLDING, not in any party

    @bFaceIII Just wanted to chime in and reiterate that the HOLDING companion bug is back when you send companions on quests.
  2. Resolved Pixelated graphics since update

    Is this released in 1.6.5? I didn't see it listed in the changelogs.
  3. Resolved Pixelated Graphics Regardless of Settings

    Is this released in 1.6.4 or 1.6.5? I didn't see it listed in the changelogs.
  4. In Progress [1.6.2] Epicrotea Bridge Texture Issue

    Summary: Epicrotea on the campaign map has a missing texture where a bridge should be. See image below where the bridge connects to the tower in the river.
  5. Resolved Food shortage in high prosperity cities

    @cifre @CrowleyCZ I do think this happens too often. What happens is that the most prosperous cities often have more trade caravans go to them, buying and selling and ultimately reducing the city's food supply. Even when no villages are raided, certain cities (Epicrotea, Marathea, etc.) inevitably revolt repeatedly. If a player supplies those cities with food manually and enacts certain policies, they can prevent such revolts from occurring. Other cities start with larger granaries and therefore have much better resistance to starvation.

    All that said, I do very much enjoy the starvation/revolt feature. I just think the AI needs to handle it better. For example, if Sturgia raids the villages around Epicrotea, the city is guaranteed to revolt. Personally, I prefer forcing cities to revolt via starvation because then I don't have to deal with the full 500-800 militia/garrison stack. I don't want the AI to "cheat", just to be aware of starving settlements, and for AI lords to maybe "resolve" village/city "issues" from time to time.
  6. Resolved [1.6.2] Caravan Ambush Not Moving

    Please close this thread. There was no issue.
  7. Resolved [1.6.2] Caravan Ambush Not Moving

    Hi @Doofus, that's the Escort Caravan quest. In the Caravan Ambush quest, you're supposed to stay away from the caravan haha.
  8. Resolved [1.6.2] Arena Spectator Shadows

    Summary: Spectators' shadows show up, but not arena/stadium shadows. How to Reproduce: Fight in a city arena and go to the doorways on the sides. Also, on a side note. The spectators use a random RGB for their colors... Which produces red, green, blue spectators. Quite disconcerting.
  9. Resolved [1.6.2] Caravan Ambush Not Moving

    Summary: During the caravan ambush quest, the caravan now spawns and never moves, despite the descriptor saying it is "moving to a point". This worked as of 1.5.9. The bandits eventually come all the way to the quest city to attack the caravan. How to Reproduce: Start a caravan ambush quest. See...
  10. In Progress e1.6.2 beta - Shader error

    If it bothers you guys enough, you can fix it yourself, edit the particle_shading.rsh file found at
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Shaders\Sources

    and change line 269 to:

    pv_modifiable.vertex_color.rgb *= colormap * colormap;

    So far, I haven't gotten the error again, but haven't had time to play too much yet or had many sieges.
    @bluelunar @snuggans @MArdA TaleWorlds

    This suggested fix resolved the shader error. Easy to apply, just use a text editor to open, edit, and save the file.
  11. In Progress e1.6.2 beta - Shader error

    Getting similar error whenever my shield breaks in combat.
  12. MuTorere no longer able to progress past first move

    Just seconding this bug. Can a mod move this to the bugs thread, unless it's already been logged..
  13. In Progress Wanderer Duplication?

    Nice. Now we need a fix for it.
  14. In Progress Wanderer Duplication?

    I already had a Drusabalda the Black in my Party, but after a while, I encountered and hired another Drusabalda the Black. The bug is that I am unable to update the inventory of the 2nd Drusabalda the Black. I can view both character's skills separately, but the inventory pulls up for both as...
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