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    Crash on EU Server

    Yep me too, and it's not DX7 or DX8
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    Bande of Pike & Shotte - 'The Lucky Dogs' Mercenary Company

    How does one go about joining this, sadly i've only just discovered this... sensual mod.
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    Alpha Patch 1.2

    You guys realise cavalry in the Napoleonic wars was 'overpowered'  and at Waterloo even a British square of 500 men in four rank formation took heavy losses from cuirassiers getting just close enough with swords. I just think the game needs to be balanced financially because a Horsey and a...
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    Where's The War???

    I would actually agree with that in the current political climate.
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    Where's The War???

    Britain truced with France just after they took SHEFFIELD lol and had more than enough manpower to take it back. Also what's with all the Holland armies and French armies running around the British isles? Britain was invaded twice in the whole Napoleonic wars which were complete failures and...
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    Video demonstrating the power of Calvary

    As someone who's been using British line infantry, the best strategy I've found to tackle a huge cavalry charge is firstly use cav your self and counter charge in a better formation or send in some crappy cuttthroats or pirates first on a different troop selection; to tangle the cav up and make...
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    Game balance

    I agree with that, I just purchased a 95th Rifleman Officer dress suit with 40+ body armour. That's the equivalent of half-armour swordsmen in wfas. But I quite like the melee, unless you got a really good slash in, a sword wouldn't cut through a coat. Russian swords for example in the Crimean...
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    Game balance

    Wfas had a good musketry system, you didn't have to babysit your musketeers because they could reload whilst reforming. Also if I point blank French hussars with my British line infantry and I visibly see them getting shot it doesn't always kill them. Cavalry seems to slay my troops more when...
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    The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    I know the British didn't field the best muskets but the India-service musket, only with the bayonet, does 0 damage. That's on custom battle, haven't tried the campaign yet.
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    I feel a certain way about NW musicians

    I prefer to think of them as meat shields.