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    Beta Branch Patch Notes e1.2.0


    Greens hanging around (waiting for reinforcements) on the far side of the gatehouse door, when they could be hunting down the pinks and helping their people still scaling the ladders.

    Just hanging around by the door when they could be helping their green allies take that wall.

    Still hanging around waiting for reinforcements, despite dozens of troops being in a good position to go kill the pink defenders.

    In the last shot you see that the vast majority of the army had reached the far side (or rather, all the other green AIs that were not near the doors had died, so it amounts to the same thing - "enough men are on the far side of the door") of the door so they now switch to an "extermination" sub-routine and hunt down the defenders in a giant mob.
    I've experienced the same thing on this map. Attacker AI has a priority to open the gates, but i think its not possible on this map (bug) as i have tried to do it myself and still could not find an interaction point with the door while AI would just stand and wait.
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    Russian localization: an open letter to TaleWorlds Entertainment

    For those english speaking ppl whose native language is not English too and who says there is no need in Russian translation:
    Russian Language is quite different from english and is not used inside the country daily. Despite us being tought it in schools, our only encounter with it is at classes at school or university. Me, for example: I studied at the school with an English Specialisation, I study in university and my work requires excellent knowledge of English, i often have communications with English-speakers and interviews for jobs. However, I still find it hard to play my favorite game for several hours constantly trying to understand things. I love the language, but yet its tires me to do that since there is NO english language in my everyday life. Now i am happy to use commando's translations and despite it being a bit incorrect sometimes (due to differences of the languages grammar, it's truly hard to translate games to russian) i still enjoy using it and through it i enjoy the game itself even more.

    Edit: Translators don't really need their translation to become official, but TaleWords does some things while patching the game that make it more difficult for translators to work and it seems like they will have to fix it in the future anyways
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    Alpha and Beta Branches in General!

    Ahh maaan this garrison service hit me haaaard
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    Alpha and Beta Branches in General!

    Am i the only one who's world does not not know about starvation? all units are much thiccc. I get it for top tier units but not for recruits really. Fun to see tho XD
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    The Sturgians look ridiculous

    Ingame lore on the Sturgians suggests that they're actually a blend of the Kievan-Rus inspired nation that becomes the Vaegirs by Warband's era, and the Viking-inspired Nords, and Raganvad's mother is explicitly stated to be a Nord princess.

    So they shouldn't be entirely Viking, but still should have *some* Viking elements to them. Fortunately (at least to my eyes) they do.
    Just a little of actual russian oversimplified history: people who lived on russian lands could not defend themselves against raids and they actually invited one strong norse guy (Rurik) to take over and protect them.

    Sturgia in this game represents the early Rus. We see a good blend of nord troops and locals and I believe that units look pretty good (need some work tho as any other faction in the game). The only thing i dont like is their colour, they should have stuck to the vaegirs white, it was better fitting to the cold region they live in imo.
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    The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass [FIX / SUGGESTION]


    Right now its a big problem since while blobbing and attacking a formation units win just because there are 1v5 situations. I remember trying to defend in a bottleneck with an elite party of 70 men against vlandian party of 120 which had 70 (!) recruts amongst their ranks. The defence ended in seconds when enemy cav just rode thru the shieldwall with no objection and started killing the archers who were behind. Then recruits arrived and shaughtered the shieldwall as a swarm.
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    where do you get heavy armor

    when they added 200+ new items they did not balance the market and now you can mostly find new items, but old became not just rare but almost impossible to find and stupidly expensive (like cataphract armor is 600k+)
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    A (semi) complete list of all cut content I could find in the files

    On top of that for those that are *****ing and moaning about your character dying of old age - that is a feature.
    In Bannerlord the whole downside to your character's death is the fact you can reproduce and play as a descendant. A base feature that has already been implemented in the game.
    Fully agree, i am surprised how angry people are that their char ages 5 years for an entire week of gameplay (real-time). For now this feature is useless, but if implemented alongside with others the game can become more global while still being "warband". I'd love to see ckish dynastic/intrigue features that would give us more interesting lategame (more then just destroying everything on the map), maybe even more risks for a player (like in ck2 player is not ultimate killing machine, AI often plots to kill or organise to overthrow a ruler, etc).

    Also, I dont see why people say that warband was better. Most of you wouldn't play native warband now (i wouldn't). I didn't play native warband for a long time, it was always modded, even if mods were not conversions (like Diplomacy mod). Just calm down, stop moaning on how sad you are the game didn't stand up to your expectations (maybe your expectations were too high at the first place). The game is still developed, i love it so far tho seeing some problems i am very eager to see finished product.

    By the way, the topic itself is awesome, i really enjoyed reading it.
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    Does the Bannerlord map make sense, when compared to that of Warband?

    I think that's just a nostalgia playing here. The worlds of warband and bannerlord have very little in common and its alright since they are fantasy games which do not present any lore, every party is different and history is made by AI, rng and player. Its wierd to criticise new map for not being perfectly designed by university of geology. I am happy that developers decided to give more priority to gameplay than to lore. Anyways, original calradia from m&b was just a generic, quickly made thing, and warband map was not much better, it was still a indie-game map. Now when the new game is out you can either start comparing new experience with something you had 10 years ago, or just start enjoying something new, embrace this beautiful new world and its "lore".
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    [Siege] Battering ram is too op, siege towers are useless, ladders are ok.

    I've lost more than one ram to enemy siege arltillery, so it's not like the protection isn't there
    most of the time defenders' siege artillery is useless and just tries to kill random dudes.
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    [Siege] Battering ram is too op, siege towers are useless, ladders are ok.

    The ram saved my life when I sieged a city with only 110 guys and won with minimal casualties. I brought all my soldiers to the front gate and when the gate was destroyed I had them charge and effectively attacked from the inside out instead of funneling them up the siege tower I made or using the ladders. This made them avoid most of the arrows, and thankfully the city I attacked was mostly militia so the defenders were easily killed.
    That's why it is OP, main gates should be the most protected area and any force trying to go thru should suffer a lot of casualties.
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    [Siege] Battering ram is too op, siege towers are useless, ladders are ok.

    The siege towers in warband were superior as troops could wait inside them as they were moved towards the wall and then flood out at once, which is much more effective.
    Fully agree! that's how siege towers should work.
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    [Siege] Battering ram is too op, siege towers are useless, ladders are ok.

    To test things out i had several uncontrolled sieges as a member of AI army. 1. Ram + Tower. As tower reaches the walls earlier than ram brakes the gates, all the ram's "personel" is running to the towers or even the ladders which is stupid. Then, when scripted 10 guys break the inner gates...
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    My thoughts on the Faction Snowball effect. Campaigns should go on forever!

    i think that there should be war goals. Make factions recognise borders and native territories, possibly add claims and casus belli (ck2ish (like 1 war = 1 city conquered)), add truce which can not be violated or if violated gives huge debuffs. Also, agressive expansion thing with coalitions of other factions formed if too high would probably help the situation. Cheers
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    Need More Info Persuasion progress bugged dialogs (Minor Bug)

    After failed persuasion and exiting to menu without finishing dialog progress bar stuck and its not possible to interact with dialog options. Also, it sticks around after loading any save and only disappears after restart of the game. Hopefully it will be fixed before it affects somebody else's...
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