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  1. SP Native No Relation

    No Relation Download Nexus: GitHub: Description Tired of seeing those relation change popup notifications every time you chop off someone's head, or because you have a large clan with...
  2. C# Scripting

    I figured I should mention it here as well, since C# Scripting is both a mod and a modding tool, and is probably more useful for modders than it is for regular players. The short story is that it lets you tweak and run C# code dynamically as the game is running - comes in handy for API...
  3. My tools and mods: WarBender: a save game editor for Warband C# Scripting for Bannerlord

    My tools and mods: WarBender: a save game editor for Warband C# Scripting for Bannerlord
  4. SP Native C# Scripting

    C# Scripting for Mount and Blade Ⅱ: Bannerlord Download Nexus: GitHub: Description The mod wraps the .NET Compiler Platform SDK (aka Roslyn) to allow you to compile...
  5. Chronika: recording your world's history [feedback needed]

    Because there are multiple types of warhorses

    Ah, I see what you mean now! Yeah, tracking all items individually will take care of that also - you can then aggregate that data on whatever criteria you want, including all warhorses, or only specific types etc.
  6. Chronika: recording your world's history [feedback needed]

    I would love soemthing like this presented in a storied narrative.

    The name is Greek for "chronicle", so there's a certain hint :smile:

    That said, I think this will have to wait until the underlying functionality is polished, and some in-game UI could be added on top. I'm also not sure how to reconcile the sheer volume of data collected with anything that could be presented as a storied narrative - historical chroniclers would not, as a rule, record the price of bread in all towns across the empire every day. I suppose it could be stretched somewhat. For now, I'll keep it simple, and present it solely as an out-of-character tool for those who just want to have a better insight into the sandbox.
  7. Chronika: recording your world's history [feedback needed]

    if you see the possibility to implement a political map and make it functional, you crown yourself with the mod.

    It would certainly be possible to render something like that from exported data, and even make it animated, showing territorial gains/losses over time. But that would be separate from the mod - the mod is just about gathering and exporting, how to process data afterwards is a separate thing. I'll probably have to write a bunch of sample scripts showcasing how to do that kind of stuff, and this is a good idea for one of them.

    But, that wouldn't be an in-game map showing the current state of affairs. Since the mod is really all about recording historical information, something like that isn't in scope for it. It would make for an interesting mod in its own right, though. The tricky part is determining where to draw the boundaries, since the game doesn't really have such a notion - but presumably this can be done in the same manner as VC Political Map does it. I'll need to take a look at how exactly that works.
  8. Chronika: recording your world's history [feedback needed]

    Keep in mind that any kind of sum/average/mean/min/max metric can be calculated after exporting, aggregated from raw data in the snapshots. Aggregating it when recording would take less space, but in general, I want to allow drilling down into stuff as much as possible - e.g. for village hearth count, a plotted distribution is more useful than a simple average, and sometimes you might want to see which villages are the outliers that skew the average.

    With that in mind:
    Average prosperity of towns
    Most prosperous town
    Prosperity of each town is already recorded, so this can be calculated.

    Average hearth count in villages
    Hearth count of each village is already recorded, so this can be calculated.

    Number of raided villages
    This can be derived from village state (normal / being raided / looted), which is also recorded separately for each.

    Average and lowest price of grain
    Average and lowest price of a warhorse (might be tricky)
    I intend to record the complete inventories of all settlements and all parties, and market data for markets. So you would be able to determine averages and minimums for all goods - either globally, or in some geographic area, or for a specific faction, etc.

    Why would warhorses be more tricky? Is there something special about their prices?
  9. Chronika: recording your world's history [feedback needed]

    Ever wondered why some kingdoms expand while others do not, or how prices change over time? Or what happens if you buy all the food, or kill all the lords? I did... so I came up with an idea: A mod that periodically snapshots the state of the world, and records those snapshots in the save (in...
  10. [SaveEditor] WarBender - savegame editor [released/1.0.4]

    There are no slots for bread; just slots. Each slot can contain any item. First, find some slot that is empty:


    Then, open the drop-down for item_kind_id, and find e.g. Bread there (the drop-down has a search field at the bottom to do it quicker). And set hit_points to the quantity that you want:

  11. [SaveEditor] WarBender - savegame editor [released/1.0.4]

    These are two different things.

    Sword trust and damage is not a part of your save - it's a part of the module definition. As such, it's out of scope for a savegame editor. But, you should be able to edit item_kinds1.txt for the module directly, and observe the changes next time you load your game. Or, better yet, get the source for the module system for your module, make the necessary changes there, and rebuild the module.

    Inventory is a bunch of slots, basically; and each of those slots can be empty, or contain some item. So e.g. adding bread would mean that some previously empty inventory slot is set to contain bread instead. And yes, you can totally do that - look at Troops -> Player in the tree (or whatever other character you want to edit, e.g. your companions). In the property grid, it'll be under "inventory" - "equpped_items" is the stuff you're wearing, and "inventory_items" is everything else. Pick any empty slot - it'll have item_kind_id=-1 - and change it to point to whatever item kind you want there. In a similar vein, you can set hit_points (which for food is the remaining amount), and add modifiers like masterwork to weapons and armor, or spirited to horses.
  12. [SaveEditor] WarBender - savegame editor [released/1.0.4]

    I haven't really tested it beyond observing that the save loads correctly, and the data isn't garbage. That said, the app verifies itself when you open the save by "saving" it again to temporary storage, and comparing the result to what it loaded from disk - if even a single byte changes, it'll warn you that the save might be corrupted by editing. So, if you aren't seeing that warning, it should be fine.

    Rather than editing module.ini from Native, I would recommend just using module.ini from Redux. Note that if you leave the change you've made, you won't be able to load any saves from Native in the game!
  13. [SaveEditor] WarBender - savegame editor [released/1.0.4]

    Which module is the savegame from? And are you using the correct module.ini for it?

    FWIW, I can repro the error if I try to load that save using module.ini from Native. However, I could load it by making a copy of that .ini file, and changing dont_load_regular_troop_inventories = 1 to 0, and then using that. This particular setting determines whether the (non-hero) troop inventories are a part of the savegame, or are always reloaded from module data, so it affects how the savegame is loaded - and, unfortunately, that flag isn't reflected in the save file itself, so module.ini must match.
  14. [SaveEditor] WarBender - savegame editor [released/1.0.4]

    That one is a new bug, haven't seen it before. Can you share the save?

    Also, for bug reports, it's best to file them directly on GitHub. That way I have a TODO list I can easily follow. :smile:
  15. [SaveEditor] WarBender - savegame editor [released/1.0.4]

    If you see "expected ... got ..." when loading a save, you're probably hitting - no fix for that yet, sorry.

    I still keep an eye on the thread, but with Bannerlord public preview out, I mostly switched to it from Warband, so takes priority.
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