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  1. SP Fantasy Hammerlord 0.61 for e1.4.2 BETA

    it's a warning of running into copyright infringement, idiot
    Its a mod u idiot and as long as they don't make money from it the people who own warhammer won't give a ****
  2. Native Fantasy Beyond Calradia

    Beyond Calradia

    A storm makes its way over Calradia. Lords and Ladies of all factions are becoming unruly. Emperor Arenicos' rule is being challenged. Sturgians and Battanians, in pursuit of lusher lands are banding together. Khuzaits in mass are hitting the borders of the Calradia in their flight from the Dragon Empire. Aserai send their most bloodthursty mercenaries in aid for Arenicos and Vlandian families decide to elect a monarch for battle readiness in case of a Calradic war and against the threat of Balionic knights overseas. While Nordic warbands raid helpless villages, distant words of honourable samurai make their way into the world.
    This is an age for adventurers.
    This mod's aim will be to expand on the native module will more locations, items and perhaps magic, while probably staying true to the core gameplay.
    After reading the lore, these are of interest to me:

    Locations (this color for places I thought of myself):
    Balion - a land or perhaps a continent from which Vlandians originate from
    Jumne - the ancestral home of the Nords, which is ruled by various thanedoms
    Lokti - a place, could be a vast continent or a small village
    Siri - a place beyond Calradia to the south
    Geroia - a town outside of Calradia
    Zendar - a free city-state in Northern Calradia
    Jayek - a village (or town) in Northern Calradia
    Charnye - a Vaegir location, probably a village or town
    Chalbek Mountains are landmark in Northern Calradia
    Everything from Warband

    Nord thanedoms - Jumne
    Native American-like

    I just really like magic.Therefore, stuff like enchantent blades, fire spells instead of throwable bombs might become a thing, while trying to preserve as much of the native gameplay as possible. It is not supposed to be overpowered or anything, but instead be an alternative look of already existing weaponry.

    What actually will be in the mod:
    About the lore for the Balion. i think that the vlandians were adventurers who separated from the Empire so are you changing some of the native lore of the native factions?
  3. SP Fantasy Hammerlord

    A note for the community: I took a break from Bammerlord and am currently playing Rimworld (so much fun!). Staying clear of the Early Access update will probably help me to get back into this guns blazing when mod tools and full release happens.
    I don't see any guns blazing
  4. SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    Taleworlds has released their long-awaited modding tools to the community, many of the things we could not do before are now possible. Asset implementation and scene creation are big, importantly now we will be able to create our Middle Earth campaign where we can build up the coding for factions, settlements, troops, characters, scripts, and so on.

    Check it out here!

    Some of the team members have had the pleasure of being included in the testing phase of mod tools. We worked with Taleworlds to test and learn the tools. Through this time, we have a head start on work (which is where the screenshots come from) and knowledge that we plan to share with our team and the community. Within the next weeks we plan on holding live streams for the mod tools on our discord server exploring the use of the mod tools, the recording of which will be posted on YouTube.

    The Future of Kingdoms of Arda

    Kingdoms of Arda is still very early within development, while we have invested many hours up to this point into the mod, we still have a lot of work ahead of us despite this head start. This means a playable version will be far off, we have no release date and we won’t until we are close to release itself.


    King Théoden and his Royal Guards

    Regarding updates, people may have noticed we have posted little to nothing this summer, this has been deliberate. Work is still going on, but the work-in-progress model renders have stopped, and very little will be posted from now on that isn’t gameplay. The images in this article will be a start, but it will be awhile until more is posted.


    Black Númenórean Lord Armour

    The current release plan will have us wait until the mod reaches a point of high polish in our first set of factions: Gondor, Rohan, Isengard, Mordor, Harad, and Dunland. This means that the campaign needs to reach a satisfying smoothness and balance, but many of our features may not be implemented fully like Story Mode, multiplayer, quests, and other mechanics. We will require the major settlements complete, custom races created, and custom asset finished, among many other implementations to fulfill the LotR feeling.


    Bloodied Lossarnach Axe Master

    Before the public release, we will likely do internal testing, those testers will be recruited from an announcement on our Discord server. When that will be is unknown, at a point when enough of the campaign is developed for balance to matter.


    Tower Guards of Minas Tirith


    With the release of Bannerlord’s mod tools, we hope to increase our team’s numbers with new members. Currently we are looking for:

    Environment Artists

    People to help develop buildings, props, and (rarely) nature assets. We have a high priority on scene assets so sceners can begin work as soon as possible.

    Map Artists

    People with experience creating height maps for large scenes using programs like World Machine, Houdini, or any alternative. Scenes in Bannerlord will require a height map base to achieve the quality set by the base game. The world map is also built around the use of Houdini.

    Character Artists

    There are still plenty of armours, equipment, and creatures to create for KoA, with the introduction of mod tools we can finally finish the pipeline and import out assets in game.

    Voice Actors

    We need people with the proper equipment and experience for voice acting. For recruitment, we will require a sample reel recreating Bannerlord battle lines to the factions most suited to your voice.

    Concept Artist

    Weta art only covers so much, people who can expand Weta style over the untouched parts of LotR are desired.

    Eventually we will look for people with other skills, but the team is not currently ready for other positions. Sceners will be needed when we have enough scene assets to start filling scenes with. Depending on the workload, we may need more programmers.


    If you would like to apply to the KoA team, please follow this link:

    Thank you for reading, we are very excited about the future of KoA and are happy to share this stage of development with everyone!

    Some extra screenies:

    God damn its looks too good. Im already addicted to this project wish y'all the best of luck.
  5. B Medieval Fantasy A World of Ice and Fire: The Known World

    Very much alive, here join the much active Discord
    Nah man very much dead maybe not for warband since the latest announcement was last week but for bannerlord the last announcement was last month
  6. B Medieval Fantasy A World of Ice and Fire: The Known World

    This project dead or are y'all just waiting for modding tools?
  7. SP Fantasy Hammerlord

    Are u already working on 3d models for when modding tools come out and if you are then plz let us see at least a peek
  8. SP Fantasy Hammerlord

    Once modding tools come out are you going to try to make a custom 3d models, custom weapons and armor, and add magic or keep using what the game provides you with right now
  9. Dark Ages Medieval 1066 Anno Domini

    Since years can actually pass in bannerlord will nations move up with times like maybe they start using more heavy knights or better artillery
  10. SP Fantasy Hammerlord

    Are you gonna be adding demigryphs, dragons, Pegasus, and hippogriphs into the game
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