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  1. SP Medieval Skraelinga - North & Central America 1000 AD [Planning phase]

    This mod is also going to involve a lot of historical filling-in-the-blanks - I can only find good data on the year 1000AD for the Haida (Who are easy because they've been on that island since before the first tree, literally!) Norse, Dorset, Tjinn and a few others. The vast majority of my maps are going to be based on the locations of cultures immediately before contact, or even in the early stages of european contact.
  2. SP Medieval Skraelinga - North & Central America 1000 AD [Planning phase]

    Skraelinga - North & Central America 1000AD It has been 1000 years since the death of Jesus of Nazareth, and the world is in the midst of the Medieval Warm Period. Norse settlers are expanding across the Atlantic and founding settlements in "newly discovered" territories like Iceland...
  3. Bug Reporting HQ

    Anytime I land on the ground in the New World, I enter the Zendar town screen, and it says I've disembarked. If I leave it removes the ships from my party and so I usually just re-embark, which places me at the beginning of the sea route again.

    A bunch of lords, Vaegirs I think, have really weird names, calendar dates, Lord Lothair was at *castle*, etc.

    When I attack a bandit infested village, it's me and only 6 or so troops against 20 farmers instead of bandits.

    Also it would be really, really cool if the aztec villager farmers were actually aztec units because they're european peasants and it breaks my immersion so I just autofight 'em.

    I think when you're an apprentice you're supposed to show up at work every day without fail or get fired? Because I work, sometimes with weeks in between with no issue.
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