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  1. Do devs test before deploying the changes?

    NO. The beta was for COMBAT only.
    Game is much much bigger than just combat.
    they ignored most of the feedback about multiplayer during the beta. bad sign.
  2. The 4 main reasons why I'm gonna stop playing

    this is early access, the developers said directly that the game is not ready, why do you create 100 themes and whine about what you do not like there? Whiners are stupid
    stop whining about criticism. fan boy.
  3. The dev is beating around the bush

    Its clear who doesnt know anything about early access games or game development. It is not even possible for massive game developers to keep up with all issues instantly while bug fixing. Not even Blizzard was able to do that during the beta of World of Warcraft with a team of over 400 people working on the game.

    TW must delegate issues between those working on the game. Bug fixes and content will be listed according to importance while hammering out critical issues first.No doubt, small things like minor tweaks to caravans and the like is being handled by 1 person (Small company, few people) focusing on what has already been implemented getting small tweaks while key developers are working on the hard ****.

    Some people need to calm down or step away from the game for a few months because it sounds like yall are expecting to "play" and not testing and aiding the game grow with suggestions...early access is just that, early access to an incomplete game that requires serious testing and development.
    yes after 8+ years i am expecting to play the game.
  4. Modified Combat Parameters

    Does it still work at least on sp. will there ever be a nexus page?
  5. To many whining kids

    Ah yes, just like any developer is technically a business trying to gain profit. That doesn't excuse high price points on unfinished or unworthy products. You're being completely irrational. It's not at all like going into a restaurant and eating their meal and complaining it sucks, I ate a raw meal and then complained that it sucks. You can't get mad at someone for doing that. If you went into a restaurant and took a bite of raw steak you'd want to leave a 1 star review on Yelp too. If they lowered the price after doing it, then it'd be a different story. Plenty of Early Access games gain revenue in the early days, and news flash, the more affordable your game is sometimes you get more sales and more peaked interest. I paid $50 for a day's worth of campaign content, multiple people have already basically finished SP and people I know personally have already done the same. MP is actually just the beta slapped onto the SP .exe. You say the game isn't worth the money yet somehow I'm being irrational for saying exactly that? What are you actually arguing?

    Rust was around $20, probably one of the most profitable decisions for Facepunch and look at them now. Garry's Mod is $10 and has been pretty much since release and it's been one of the most profitable decisions for Facepunch. Gmod is timeless and always will be and has a price point that anyone can meet and have tons of fun with. Bannerlord is 5x the price for 1/1000 of the content and an EA tag slapped on it.

    Humble yourself, I didn't pay for raw food, especially when the food has been cooking for this long.

    What kind of unintelligent baboon like attempt at an insult was this? You have just admitted the game is not worth the price point yet somehow you claim that the undying loyalty of the (mainly) SP community to a product with nothing but promises that as of right now have yet to be fulfilled is somehow justified and I'm wrong for saying they're on a sinking ship.

    I hope you prepared yourself for an actual response and not the mindless garbage that you and people of your exact mindset seem to keep blurting out.
    Did the steak take 8 years to prepare
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