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    A frustrated salute

    Hi Hotel_Six As Caesar said, we have detected that generally freeze or crashing problems are because of configuration. Players are trying to play VC with native configuration but VC need more memory. Open your rgl_config.txt (you can find this in your documents\warband folder)...
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    As Kalarhan said, VC is full of historical, mythological and cultural details of the time. From our experience of when we created the brytenwalda mod, we discovered that there are many players who enjoy these details as much as we do.
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    Savegame corrupted ! Please help.!

    You remember that Warband store your latest savegame in your viking saves folder as: last_savegame_backup.sav. You rename it to sg01.sav or other and load it.
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    viking conquest addiction (are there any other viking mods)

    Thank you for your kind words!
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    Incorrect King support complaining v 2.025

    Thank you for reporting. We will check it out. If you can past link to donwload your savegame it is welcome  :D
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    [Read 1st post] Viking Conquest RE: Issues

    Hi Lekseus You need to contact to Taleworlds.,164.0.html
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    viking conquest still crashing

    rgl_log.txt after crashing could help to detect the problem. You can try too: ture_detail = 70 render_buffer_size = 15 max_framerate = 120 use_pixel_shaders = 0 fake_reflections = 1 use_ondemand_textures = 1 #if crash move to 0 depend on your pc use_ondemand_textures_mt = 1 #if crash move to...
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    Viking Conquest Let's Play [YouTube Playthrough]

    Hi! you are welcome. You can embed your video using youtube bottom above like other players did it:,352488.0.html
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    Some questions I have

    1. Yes, it is possible get horns in game. Hormen have their own horns. 2 and 3. You have info in your ingame log. 4. You can check troop tree out (camp menu)  :D 5. We talked about this in other thread, right?  :mrgreen: 6. Some players did guides about trade...
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    Is every location on the map real?

    Yes  :D For Brytenwalda, players did dictionary, this could help you:,136732.0.html
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    Elf`s Helm

    hahaha, I send your question to Yeyo, our historical advisor.
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    Torturer bug when waking the prisoner up.

    Thank both you for reporting
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    Elf`s Helm

    Elf's dialog explain as he got it.  :D
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    Camp conversations with companions [Do not work]

    Nobody reported bug here till where I know. You remember that camp conversation starts when you Wait, it is 20% and you need 20 or 40 relation (depend on companion). Some conversations need over 2 companions.
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    Elf`s Helm

    No  :D that is like Valsgarde Helmet