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  1. Question for devs about update map.

    >Looks up Star citizen
    > Star Citizen is an in-development multiplayer
    All interest lost
    actually it's a precourse to squadron 42, but again, u all talking **** about the game when i'm not even talking about the game, i'm talking about their roadmap!!!!
  2. Question for devs about update map.

    Star citizen is a pretty miserable example given its track record.. pretty much how not to develop a game
    whatever you might think of the game, i was talking specifically about the way they present their roadmap, i don't know how you got to the point that it's a miserable example. have you even looked at their roadmap?
  3. Question for devs about update map.

    It has been a recurring point of dissatisfaction for a lot of forumites, yes, however

    this isn't remotely accurate. There's a number of developers that actively engage in discussion on this platform, even creating own threads to showcase what they work on etc. You can usually find those in the Citadel instead,
    There's even a team of the developers actively competiting in one of the communities Skirmish tournaments and obviously the community managers are also involved in the forums. Hell, Dejan was a moderator not long ago before he entered a paid position at the company.

    While not all of them, a lot of complaints regarding developer interaction on this forum are based on suggestions that don't get into the game or receive developer responses, the assumption that just because you have an idea it should be added is naive and suggests a false sense of entitlement.
    Criticism is much appreciated and before someone pulls the "you just say that, because you're a moderator" I would like to point out that most of us have their fair share of issues with the game, or have suggested features and changes that have gotten no direct developer response.
    But: We do know that developers check these threads and read them, which is why we have dedicated suggestion boards and collection threads to keep track of them here and here.

    Would weekly patches be good? I reckon not, since I doubt there are enough meaningful additions and fixes made in a few days by the limited resources TW as a development studios has. It'd be great if they were to announce an estimate for the next patch though. The "roadmap" has already been linked, but I understand why a more detailed plan with estimated dates etc would be appreciated.
    i did not say i think anything bad about how the devs work and how long it takes for updates etc... and i'm not asking for dates on certain add-ons/fixes i would like to see what each team is working on, i don't care how long it would takes cause i would wait, just a map that shows who's working on what and what's their progress on that subject would be really nice to get some people at least to stop with the undeserve sometimes critz. again i took example from star citizen just cause of the way it looks on their website, i do suggest that if u never looked there, you might want to take a look at how they do their road maps.
  4. Question for devs about update map.

    First of all i wanted to say thank you for all hard work, since i know it's hard to work on a game with so many people trying to put you down in forums and reviews, don't mind them keep working to the best of your abilities. that being said i want to say i do not mind stop playing every once in...
  5. Development Priorities


    First of all, thank you for taking the time for writing about these topics.

    1. Archers had always been an important aspect of warfare. Although we do not think a massive balancing is needed, we are always keeping an eye on what could change and how possible changes effects the game in simulations. We will be making further armor and balance changes within troop trees. Before making any more changes we would like to see how it will be received within the player base. If we feel that there is an imbalance towards archer heavy parties, I can assure you that we will take necessary actions.

    2. We are trying to focus on the strengths of each faction and show them in a meaningful way. This, of course, does not mean that they would demolish the battlefield their special units. If players somehow make their parties/armies based on these units to some extent of the game it is good enough for us.

    There will be a big armor value and equipment change we are working on ( Still needs to be thoroughly tested before it is good for the public builds) and we may make some more changes on troop weapons and troops if it is necessary but each change requires heavy testing to see how they synergize with every element of the game.

    3. We are aware of the crafting system is being used for making easy money as of now. The crafting system will see some changes and pricing changes on weapons are also being worked on. I can't get into details but hopefully, it will turn out in a way where it will satisfy both crafters and traders.

    4. Khuzait's being too dominant in the early stages (ergo snowball) of the game is something we know of. Our design team is doing some changes and testing to balance it out.

    If I am to give a more general reply since they are more or less about the game balance, it is an extremely demanding task to balance out a game with so many different aspects into it. We do not want the community to do the testing for us that is why we are working so hard to find and examine each outcome of every small touch and change that we can possibly do. At the same time, we are keeping a close eye on player feedback as well. Hopefully the outcome will be able the please as many players as possible :smile:
    Great answer, altgough something that really need to change in battanian don't have archer units other then Nobles and i do believe most players think the same about that if not all.
    also what he said about factions having different type of troops should really be implemented in the Noble lines. other then bettanians all nobles are horseman, nobles should be the strongest unit of what that faction is known for, so empire nobles should be heavy inf, battanians should staylongbows, valandia should be Cav, sturgies should be throwing and 2h etc... should really not have cav for nobles in all factions.

    also need to change the fac buffs for battanians and some others cause they are complete under whelming compare to others
  6. Resolved death/watch cam + companions role assignment

    Forwarding this issue to the QA team for further investigation. Thanks for reporting.
    thx for the quick response :smile:
  7. Resolved death/watch cam + companions role assignment

    so when you die in a turny or just watch a turny your view is fixed or you can just click and see it from one of the fighters prespectives, for some reason you can't move cam freely which is not game breaking but it's annoying. more urgent which for some reason havent got taken care of in the...
  8. Wonderers reworked and some newbies please please please

    I'd add in that their generation rate should be increased a lot now that they can die. Also XP gain, but I wanted that even before they could die, lol.
  9. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    This is an odd issue. I'm not sure it is BL that is the problem. I'm certainly not having any trouble with saving. As an IT guy, I can say that I've seen the issue on a variety of windows apps. Often it is antivirus or a permissions issue with the destination folder. Have you tried white listing BL with your antivirus?
    it is whitelisted, and by the look of the forum, i'm not the only guys who having this issue.
    also it saved just fine, it startedgiving me error afte alrdy playing a while and saving just fine and thenstarted getting the error in mid game.
    i'm starting to wonder if i should just compltly uninstall the all game and files related and try reinstall everything...
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    It could be the issue but of course it could be another issue.

    But checking your Steam cloud storage won´t cost you anything. I just tried to help, sorry.
    you don't need to be sorry for trying to help, i'm sorry if the way i typed sounded like i have something against what you said, i didn't mean it in that way and i do thank you for your imput :smile: sorry if i sounded like a D*** didn't mean it like that :smile:
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    1.42 save -> loading in 1.5.1 > - trying to save and instead of just failing, I now get this.

    (In 1.5.0, it would just fail.) :-

    i'm getting the same in 1.5.1 with a brand new game
  12. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    Someone had this issue too, he said it was a Steam cloud issue, maybe your Steam cloud storage is full?
    never heard of such a thing steam cloud is full, and also after new patch i delete all my saves and start a new one, so it would make no sense for it to be full.
  13. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    after playing the new Beta for about 1 hour or so, all of a sudden every time i try to save the game again, it won't let me, saying save failed.
    it's after 13 days in game
    was trying to insert a screen shot, but don't know how.
  14. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    great work devs.
    can we please at some point get some level 0 or level 1 wonderers and also explanations about the traits. thank you for all your hard work :smile:
  15. Wonderers reworked and some newbies please please please

    first of love the game and everything you done with it so far. now my biggest issue isthat the wonderers make no sens, i have companion that have lot's ofriding skills and lance skill but most of their perks are for fighting on foot, the perk choices of companions make no sense whatsoever. also...
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