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    is MP down?

    Dw its working now, and you dont play MP through the beta branch lol
    more fool you for thinking that. was the only way to play multiplayer last night
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    Why can't I play the game?

    opt into the beta branch oft hegame. you can play multiplayer there
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    Can't "Play"

    Why is the "Play" red and unclickable on my red MP screen?
    opt into the beta branch ofthe game, then youcan play multiplayer
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    is MP down?

    you canplaymuliti player by opting into the beta branch ofthe game
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    Council of Commons | Can I disable it?

    Yeah it just removes the influence gain effect. The militia boost and the policy still exist.
    Nice, no more crazy high influence :smile:
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    Council of Commons | Can I disable it?

    This was ruining games for me so I just modded the influence gain out.

    If you want a copy, just extract this zip file to your Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules directory.

    You might have to unblock CouncilOfTheCommonsTweak.dll in Modules\CouncilOfTheCommonsTweak\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client
    Does this ONLY remove the council of commons effect? Im going for a long playthrough on 1.2.1 still so i dont want to update to newest game version but i NEEED to get rid of council of commons as its getting ridiculous

    Also if possible id like to know how to make council of commons only give 0.1 influence per notable like it does in the new game version, but ill happily settle for just removing it completely
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    Patch Notes e1.3.0

    I also cannot load any savegame, nor can i start a new campaign as i crash. but i do still have all my mods active so i think its that lmao. time to get rid of any outdated mods and see

    EDIT: Yea i turned all mods off and i can start a new game fine. but rip my savegame lol
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    Family Feud Quest 1.2.1

    After alot of testing i have noticed that the Family feud quest is the only quest that does not increase the quest givers influence upon completion. Every other quest increases the quest givers influence slightly depending on the quest, but this quest does not. Also this quest when completed...
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    Sturgian Hardened Brigand/ Sturgian horse Raider useless?

    CAN PEOPLE NOT vote for the option which i put DONT PICK THIS.

    seriously now.
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    Sturgian Hardened Brigand/ Sturgian horse Raider useless?

    Ill have to give those tactics a go. in my experience so far the horse raiders just suck ass but then again i do mainly play infantry and archer based so i dont really use many cav so my tactical awareness for them is pretty lackluster. Also ive not fought khuzait once yet. every time i play i end up with wars vs all factions except khuzait and asserai
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    Sturgian Hardened Brigand/ Sturgian horse Raider useless?

    please explain to me how they are good units if you vote that way. (without playing on very easy damage)
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    I'm buying all cities for 1 gold

    When I play with edited skills, usually 200-300 charm, trade etc. it happens randomly. I could depend on the relations with that lord and his situation. When a smooth-talking friend tries bartering with him and the AI decides that the settlement isn't what the lord needs at the moment he just wants to give it to you for free.
    I first saw this happening a long time ago, but didn't report since it was caused by the changed skills. Doesn't seem to happen when not fiddling with the skills, but since there are perks in that skill range I guess we are expected to eventually level up that much.
    its a error with the value of settlements, settlements should be considered ALOT more in price. fyi, dont give your companions the perk everything has a price.... they will ransom prisoners for castles with it making yo snowball and ruin the game.

    I gave myself this perk just to be able to do some campaign balancing to prevent and factions being completely destroyed too early, or to redistribute settlements fairly amongst faction clans
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    Sturgian Hardened Brigand/ Sturgian horse Raider useless?

    i dont know if its just me but these two units seem completely useless. By far the worse unit in the game imo. Whether the AI takes command of these units or if i take command of them, the result is the same they get absolutely destroyed. When the AI controls them in large army battles they just...
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    Find daughter quest too has insane an insane reward for being so easy.

    Icarus, that's another quest. The quest you're referring to is the protect someones cousin against another family seeking vengeance. But yeah that one is a legit challenge, fortunately our npc can tank a lot lol
    Ah yes so it is. i was thinking of family feud, my mistake. the find daughter quest is very easy then i agree, it should lose you abit of relation with the other notable so it has a small downside to doing it just like family feud does. so if persuasion fails and you kill a guy in the other village you should lose relation with the notables in that village for murder. But if persuasion works then no relation loss from other village
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    I'm buying all cities for 1 gold

    which perk is that you are talking about? How can ı buy a city?
    Everything has a price- its a trade perk at 225 skill i think
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