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    How would you imagine a reworked economy should be like? Fun Discussion.

    Just took this pic before "finishing" a non-modded campaign yesterday(1.6.1) and I think it is somewhat related to this discussion.

    I worked my way up until I became the main Southern Empire clan. Then, I had to (regretfully) execute every damn lord on my way, since peace was constantly being declared every time I was about to get the upper hand during any war. At the same time, more wars were declared to other factions, so basically a complete ****show.

    Even though it was very tedious to eliminate the factions one by one, I've managed to do it, but before eliminating the very last one (Khuzaits), the result was just bizarre. Rhagaea accepted a (monopoly money?) 28 million tribute and refused to go to war permanently.
    -Where was this money coming from? I waited for a while to see if they would run out of gold, they didn't
    -Why the permanent peace, since it would be so easy to conquer the rest?
    - Also, why the received tributes are a negative(overflown integer? Not a programmer, sorry if it ain't the appropriate name). I think I had to plunder a Khuzait village in order to re-start the war and finish them off.

    Took me a while to accept that - apparently - your sovereign is actually hostile towards your world domination goals, even if it's on behalf of his/her kingdom. The peace/war declarations seem to work as an artificial handicap, delaying the player conquests. That is very gamey, felt like an Atari game. I know devs put a lot of effort to sort the snowballing, but that's not working as it should toward the endgame. I definitely think other factions should join forces to stop your faction - but not your own ruler!

    The irony is that money was the key element to prevent this last war to happen, and even though I am supposed to have an advantage, it actually worked against my goals and served no absolute purpose.

    This is so detrimental to the gameplay...I think most people will agree the endgame needs to be redesigned, and one important step is having winners and losers.

    As a medieval enthusiast, I totally support lance recruitment mentioned above.
    It definitely could work. You'd just have your permanent retinue of followers at first, making bandit hunting much more challenging. In times of war, the lances(or better quality ones, if you will) would join your host if your relation with the notable is good; you are not reliant on that only though - if you have money, you could hire efficient (but expensive) mercenaries.
    However, I think the casual prefers to manually recruit them, which is a shame. So I'm hoping for mods to address this, but other things can be reassessed in the vanilla regardless. I've mentioned the following regarding lords death rate:

    -Settlements recruits need to take a much longer time to regenerate - currently resource attrition war is not an option
    -Battles shouldn't be a carnage in most cases, fleeing and regrouping should be the norm
    -Most sieges are supposed to won by starving out the opposition and not assaulting
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    It may sound obvious, but the main reason we have many deaths is because we have too many (and meaningless) battles - all of them are fight to death! So it's not surprising to see that many casualties. I believe that a few things might help to mitigate this, though:

    1) If we had a sort of manpower system, the troops wouldn't be so expendable. It's just too easy to get beaten and then recover your army in a couple of weeks or so.

    So basically the villages and cities should yield way less troops over time...and after a few major battles one of the warring factions would eventually emerge as a winner because the loser faction wouldn't be able to replenish their soldiers.

    More importantly, the factions would need to take time to recover, therefore reducing the number of battles in the longrun, and with that, the chance of death.

    2) We have just too many casualties before morale starts to break, including the lords/commanders. If a considerable number of troops would flee (at least in most battles), they would have the chance to regroup and fight on another day, and at the same time the proposed manpower system above wouldn't be depleted too quickly, meaning more battles could be fought during a war.

    3) Sieges - This is also an issue in WB - we can't effectively starve a settlement. Surrendering was by far the most frequent method to take a city or castle during a siege.
    Currently, you always have to assault a settlement, and then again, an exterminating battle will occur; when instead, the.most realistic outcome should be commanders parleying and negotiate surrendering, safe passage of the troops, prisoner exchange, etc.
    I think this is the most difficult thing to do, but from what I have noticed it seems the food lasts for too long, and morale penalty for the besieged is negligible.

    4) Time - if TW aims to make use of 1st and 2nd generation during a playthrough, the passage of time will need to be drastically increased. At the same time, the lords will have more chance to survive for longer. people want that? Honestly, don't think so.
    I believe most people like it this way, partially because it might be boring to do other stuff (which, to be frank, is not much ATM).
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    Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?

    A few reasons, which will depend on who you're asking. In my case, companions.

    The simple fact that they are created from some templates makes them uninteresting and expendable. Can they create decent ones? Absolutely. By that, I don't mean amazing background stories, even though that also plays a part. I mean interesting mechanics for them.

    FIrst off, implement what they used to be able to do back in WB - liking/disliking other companions; protesting against some player actions (plunder a village, retreating battles, etc) and basic dialogue options. This is paramount.

    Secondly - they should be sought after by the NPC lords and work for them, giving the same advantages the player has.

    Make them unique - The companions should have hindrances like:

    -Complain if they have/don't have a horse due to his background
    -Complain about a particular type of food you provide for the troops, like an Aserai having to survive on wine
    -Only use a certain weapon category or armor, because they feel confident with it, or have some sentimental value
    -Moan that they are fighting along too many troops from a certain culture

    They could end up leaving, or ask for a raise if you just ignore their pleas.

    I also think the companions shouldn't only take money in consideration in order to join you. They could refuse, depending on your culture, your ability in a certain skill/attributes, your relation with someone or whether you have completed a certain quest or not.

    There are so many possibilities...and the background story would be easy to create with all those possibilities.

    i am really hoping modding can save this aspect of the game and include the things mentioned above.
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    Crossbow or Bow?

    Can't say I tried bow extensively, but I always been more of a crossbow anyway, since in WB there was no need to use skill points.
    In BL, I find that Sniper and Hammer Bolt perks the best. Sniper lets you pop hidden soldiers head's pretty much behind merlons and arrowslits from far, and hammer bolts counters incoming charges and cuts the long chases amazingly.
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    "Fleched out" contra "Busywork"

    I would like more kingdom management en village management. As is clear for everyone on the forum the late game is empty. I think there should be three different stages of progression. Merc-vassal-king. With each stage having new ways of interacting with the world and other characters.
    Absolutely. I always thought that Bannerlord (and WB as well) have all the options open way too early for the player, taking all the sense of accomplishment away.

    For instance, you just start the game and you're able to take quests from the king marry his daughter, providing you hit off. That's just wrong, the women (or men) shouldn't even accept to talk about marriage if they're not the same status, or close enough. Likewise, the ruler of a faction shouldn't just trust someone who he's never seen before to do the job - especially collecting taxes in his behalf!

    Also hiring any companion is just too easy. It would be far more interesting to have certain conditions to be met, especially for the best, completing a specific quest; have a certain skill level; having some other companion in the party, etc. Very unlikely it's gonna happen, but this is the micromanagement and complexity I was hoping for.

    Regarding the mentioned election system - I think a cool way to do it is according to the laws you have enacted. If you wanna be a despot and do everything you want, you should have something like Sacred Majesty, and that would come at a cost; currently, we have a sort of elective monarchy, but it would be great to change the way you do things according to the laws. Same for the sucession laws. I know the Deva are planning a revamp for the policies, so let's see. If not, one can dream mods will manage somehow.
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    Bandit Hideouts and Taverns - is more variety planned?

    well, they had to put easy button to talk, since people were lazy to go around the town and they asked for easy ways to find quest, that's not their fault
    Agreed, although that would help people with an old rig.
    Same goes for the city icons. The thing is it's difficult to reconcile both since, usually, some people are just interested in finding the meta and beating the game as fast as they can; whereas some will RP and take their time.
    The city icons particularly annoy me because it takes the element of surprise of what or who I'm gonna find in that city and I don't think there's a way to turn it off. Like many said, there's not much to do in the scenes...but at the same time the community asked to remove the only few reasons we had to visit them.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    • When looting, the left side inventory is now by default sorted by value.

    Thank you so much for this, it saves me 2 clicks after every battle!

    Nice little patch, looking forward to testing the spear bracing and modding changes!
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    Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    A bit related to this, but mainly to modders - will the terrains ever be added to the remaining maps, other than the below(which already have terrain):

    empire_village_003 khuzait_castle_002 sturgia_town_b battle_terrain_v empire_castle_keep_a_l3_interior empire_house_c_tavern_a empire_dungeon_a arena_empire_a Main_map

    If I'm in the loop, I understand this is to save space; however, I wouldn't be able to use those lacking a terrain for a mod?

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    Future Plans

    Great news!

    The cutscene looks awesome, as well as the other features.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!
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    Which 3 major features from Warband or Devblogs do you want the most in Bannerlord?

    Regarding feasts - Just to reiterate, I understand they were kinda shoddy in Warband, but with a bit of work they could be way more meaningful
    Off the top of my head:

    -We should only be introduced to a bride/formalise a marriage during a feast; the AI attending could also come up with offers, either to the player or the present AI, taking in consideration their current relations. A dowry should be part of it as well, making use of the bargain system (which also needs some work to be more interesting than pressing the shake hands icon).

    -The feasts should be used to TRY to increase relations with the desired NPCs; if you do your bit by buying nice provisions, organizing musicians and pop out cakes etc, chances are you will manage to befriend them, but there should be a risk of failing as well, making use of the dialogue system.

    -2 options: Either make a speech and get a modest relationship bonus with most people attending(with a backfire possibility), or a higher bonus with one individual only.

    -There should be a "time limit" as well, so that you'd have to choose the npcs you wanna interact with

    - Other events (if they would be in) could only be organised during a feast: Hunts, alliances?
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    "Revenue Farming" quest is a nice step in the right direction

    I really liked it as well, but fine tuning is needed, even though I didn't see all the outcomes yet. A cool thing is that after I collect all that is due, I get a prompt advising me to send it to the owner or be outlawed. That's an improvement from Warband. Matter of fact, it was my standard first mission, use the money as a sort of an early game loan.

    I chose the same option(flog my soldier) and was expecting a morale drop. I've collected all the money and still get a relationship bonus? Tax collectors will never ever be liked - even if they're doing their jobs! :grin:

    The other option I had gave me a -10 relation with all notables, perhaps a bit harsh.

    Not sure about the 3rd option is about. In any case, they could make use of the dialogue system(like in the army of poachers quest) and take your traits etc into consideration. That is not to say the dialogue system is currently good, some work is still needed.
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    Companion / Wanderer Stats in 1.6.1 : Misses the core problems

    So much work to be done regarding the of the best features from Warband, but very underwhelming so far.

    I definitely agree about the development speed and lower level companions, there should be quite a few more so that you can share them as you wish - although I also have fun letting them choose, it depends on the playthrough.

    Skills and attributes distribution is quite off as begin with our brother - I really think he should be severely nerfed, since he kicks ass pretty much in everything. I keep asking myself what am I aspiring to should be him in charge!
    All the others seem to have a random perk selection. That would be very time consuming to fix, but totally doable. I believe it's just not a priority at the moment.

    One thing I really dislike in Bannerlord is how they move from one town to another. In Warband, they would move every week (or month?) to a new town instead of stalking you wherever you go.

    I also wonder if one day, the wanderers will be recruited and help the other lords with their skill/perks where applicable.
    It'd be so much more interesting to compete for the wanderers with the AI.

    Last but not least, more companion positions could be created apart from quartermaster, surgeon... perhaps as you advance clan tiers, more of those could be created , like cupbearer, master of the horse, spymaster, etc
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    Goodbye Mexxico, Thanks For Everything! (Mexxico Leaves TW. Tribute Post)

    I usually have a cup of coffee before delving into your longer posts. Will sorely miss that.
    Best of luck, and thank you for sharing your passion with us.
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    In Progress General Could not set listener frame

    Right, thanks for the tip. I'll do that when I'll have a chance
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    In Progress General Could not set listener frame

    That's interesting - come to think of it, this problem started the day after I've scaled down some rocks to put on scene.
    Coincidence or not, it might be a clue; athough I didn't mess with notepad++
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