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  1. Recent Disasters

    LOL. Hey guys, I got an idea: How about we use a forum thread about a computer game to try to sort out all of the world's geopolitical issues, prejudices, lazy cultural tropes, ideological and national biases etc.? Can't imagine how that WOULDN'T work out for the better. 10/10 great
    Noooo you cant just be toxic to other members and make fun of them and "Lets Sue TW". Only us can be toxic on this forum and make fun and call shills people who enjoy Bannerlord and verbally harass and bully the devs.Noooo dont point out how we lie and make no constructive criticism and live in a echo chamber. please Stay on topic
  2. Recent Disasters

    this thread smells wallmart alabama moonshine and school shootings
  3. Recent Disasters

    > Are any Americans trying to sue them yet- Good ****ing luck with that :smile:)) since you have no claim for a legal proces
    >Are any Americans- of course you are american the joke nation of the world next to western europeans
    > So why ban them instead of fix game?-at this point I just hope Erdoğan will sent Turckish special ops after all the weirdos like you
    But to be honest TW should do a proper road map with at least some hints when to expect and what and a proper comunication with the fans( not the neckbeards like op and the rest of the eternal posters)
  4. What happend to TaleWorlds?

    so we need to sue tw for scamming and let the other game design studio to finish bannerlord....this is the most stupid comment on this forum and is amazing since the bar was rly high like rly high but you manange to top the level of low IQ proved by op and other weirdows here like boy o boy...where to normal lawyer will take this for a lot of reasons and the big one is that when you buy the game is this message that the game is EA and in develpment plus the fact that the devs are wow contact with the players.Second you rly need proof of money scam like something more than your feels and I know you smart boyos will come with some "here is how can bernie can still win the election" rationament so yes my dude you manage to be the top dog in stupid post and the bar was high.Plus the let the other game studios do the game?who my dude not only is not a think just if idk the studio goes banckrupt or from theyr own will give the game to other studio since you know there is trade mark stuff plus intelectual property on the code...I know low IQ dudes like you op



    Beast of Rome

    and the rest of the allways on the forum since you have no life team dont know how the world works
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    and btw pls make the battania crown able to be use in civilian clothink not jur in battels
  6. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    I love the patch (btw I never had the problem with the leaders and towers...well when it was 1.0 yea but since the first patch never had and I am not the only one from my friend who play the game)but I dont understand why you removed the red battanian cloack and the crowns from the last patch.and pls give us a hint when will have banners in a game namend bannerlord.
  7. Do we know the TW plans for improving diplomacy?

    Well not many people on the forum really seemed to want to do that letter. Everyone was too jaded and too cynical and apathetic.

    So it got put in the bin

    Wanting Bannerlord to be a bit better than averagely modded warband isn't much to ask really (considering the huge amount of time that Bannerlord has been in development)

    As for plain, completely unmodded warband - yeah it sucked. Of course it did.... but absolutely no-one here is disputing that.
    -Snip-.I want better diplomacy but to want diplomacy like idk...crusader kings 3 is quite stupid -snip-.Yea a good mod is medieval conquest but we need to understand that games like m&b are a niche not for the general public since it dosent make a op god with op items and the more complex mods are even more of a niche.TW will do a good job in the end,I prefer for them to work on the game as much is to work I dont need another cyberpunk launch -snip-
  8. Do we know the TW plans for improving diplomacy?

    Hey op you promised that revolutionary letter.where is the letter?or you are just the echivalent version of vice?and I see the rest of the gang is in the comment section.Is amazing how the exact same small π π gather here like always with MuH WaRbaND iS beTteR...when was the last time you played vanila warband?with out mods?
  9. My final verdict week no new betta branch...what a ****ing surprise from TW....thx for ****ing on us
  10. My final verdict

    guys Bretwalda is coming to bannerlord
  11. My final verdict I want you guys to look over the feature list of this mode.Is a mode that is made by normal people not devs not nothing even in the area of a indie company.TW once did a great think,they hired the guys from britwalda another good mod to make viking conquest,i dont understand why they dont hire the guys from medieval conquest in order to help them make this kind of features.medieval conquest is having a good and simple diplomacy system that works(this is a problem that I have with the players that hur dur dur give us CK 2/3 diplomatic will not work and this is how I know they just watch youtubers playng the games not actual playng the game since the diplomacy in this games can become quite overwhelming same fot the kindom mechanics and it would not be fun in a game like m&b)and if TW are not doing more complex game features like this mod in hopes of having more of a bigger sales for casual gamers...the game is well even in this state not a game for casual gamers since are not a poewr fantasy dude from zero to hero to god level of op twat and killing hundrets of soldiers alone with your legendery magic axe of cardi b wap :smile:
  12. My final verdict

    It seems trite to point out, but yes, the no banners thing in a game called Bannerlord is quite something. I shouldn't have to download external things in order to "sorta" make a banner. And pouring salt on the wound is that you can't even add more than one charge to your flag without an external site and a mod. Just one of the many small things missing that Warband had that really shallows the game. I do have faith they can do it, eventually, but it's hard to keep with one year behind it and I could count new features on one hand. Looking through Nexus Mods, and it looks like most modders even gave up. So many left on old versions or abandoned. It's sad. :sad:

    I did read a remark by the community manager about the mod state and its tools, so some faith has been restored, however not being a modder myself I can't really say.
    the most wew lad factor is the video from 2017 I think with the vlandian vs empire and you can see banners on the speers and how they rly ****ing work(it ****ing blow my mind how quite good the cloth works in this game just look at the cloacks when you move)and to put salt over the woond the mod team of for jerulasim 2...they have the tipical early/high medieval banners.and to top over the funny part the modders of 1051 AD for total attila with a verry limited mod tools cuz CA are weird like that are making the factions and units from zero with new political system like 1212 AD(another mod)and even new arhitecture tipical for the period a think that even the guys from 1212 didnt do.I rly love bannerlord so many times is imersing me in the world most of the visual details are wow the battles are great the fact that I won a battle with 300 vs 800 using formation and actual tactics was wow and how to soldiers have difrent cheers if win the battle with less or more casulties.yet the game needs more detail in the world more activities during peace time thats why viking coquest was such a blast(for me personal)i was exploring roman ruins did quest for the people at the hadrian wall and the dude rewarded me with his son as a companion went to the monestery(this is one of the reasons that world of calradia need a religion system in a way or another despite weirdos going "uh i dont want religion in my games"for example in viking conquest i recived a village in northumbria and most of the people are pegans so they were nothappy with me so I builded a church in order to convert the population this level of detail we need)hunting grounds take the ideea from the mod medieval conquest were you can organize hunting parties in order to improve relations with other lords.Another this was a ****ing lie moment for TW...they said that the village improvments wil be show on the actual scene...and I was ok good cuz rly hated the fact that in warband it was just a text improvment and behind the scene but well TW was nah fam i am just joking
  13. My final verdict

    " Nope, every suggestion which apparently takes more than 10 minutes to do is denied, features which Armagan probably did in a few afternoons 10 years ago by himself now suddenly takes months to do "this this is my same problem.I rly love this game I have 700+h since day one but for **** sake call me obsesiv but to not add a simple think like banners in a game called bannerlord...with the cloth physics in the game,or to add a mechanic like fortified camp like in viking conquest a dlc made by some former moddesrs or to make the kings and clan leaders to not have proper civilian clothink for their status is rly ****ing weird.this are not game changing need to remake the code etc etc rly what is so hard to add some cloth on a speer...
  14. My final verdict

    lets resolve this dispute like boomers....posting bad edited pictures with bannerlord warband and viking conquest and cups of cofee and flowers with text like"I hope you have a butterly weekend"
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