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    No more holstered polearms, please

    In MP, when I play lance cav and is dismounted, I find it a tiny bit annoying that I have to actively drop the lance (increase my speed) before I draw the sword. My character should just drop the lance when I draw the sword. You cant fight with a 3-5meter lance on your back. I would love it in SP as well.

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    11 years of development and still missing.....

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    Left handed combat ?

    Can we get left-handed weapons? I swear so many fights devolve into both teams flanking teammates from the right and trying to stay to the left of the enemy. feels like I'm playing ring around the Rosie. A lot of players just seem to forget about the thrust and overhead chop altogether because the right swing is an easier hit compared to the other attacks. The ability to switch the dominant hand would balance the game out and make battles seem less silly.

    - I'm not a programmer, how hard would it be to have a character build option for Right/Left-handedness?

    This would be good in singleplayer too just for variety.
    I would really love this. It should be in the game from day 1. The south-paw! Please make it happen!

    I write with left hand and kick a ball with my right foot. I use right hand setup for keyboard and mouse. When I swing a stick, I use right hand. I play left hand drums on a right hand kit. Im messed up lol

    I would totally prefer the south-paw in M&B!

    I think that the fact that people tend to sideswing is not a left/right thing but more that they are 1 dimension newbies. I noticed some regulars who use to sideswing actually picked up the overhead swings! I use to get a lot of thrust kills but recently (some) people have learned how to downblock! Most are still just spamming LMB.

    I believe the right hand right swing is same reach (or longer? hmm I forgot lol) as the thrust attack. Its a good attack! Love it, great arc, just as it should be! But like you say, its overused. Its rather frustrating to die in a cluster gangbang because people hit zero enemies but glance on their mates. I think Friendly Fire would be really healthy :smile:

    Head-shots deal highest damage. Then neck-shots. Chest is medium damage, limbs is lowest. Easier to head-shot with an overhead attack. Sideswings tend to hit limbs. You can do head and neck-shots with sideswings, just take practice and also harder to land in crowd fight. When in crowd-fight always overhead or thrust attack! I cant stress this enough lol We keep say it in the chat but either people dont read or understand or they simply dont compute.

    Edit: I cant figure out if abdomen hits is about the same damage as chest or if its higher damage
    Edit2: Actually abdomen is prolly only for projectiles :unsure:
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    release US central servers

    Imagine a world where...

    ...everyone can play Bannerlord MP with less than 50ms latency
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    The South American issue and a pledge for Custom Servers

    (y) Servers for South America & South Africa 2022 (y)

    Give the world what it needs, give it Bannerlord!
    Ultra violence for young, old, brown, yellow, red, green, blue and white!
    Bannerlord for all genders (except women of course (J/K))
    Bannerlord is salt on the egg, butter on the bread, socks for the feet!
    Give them run.
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    Ballistae are OP since the somewhat recent re-work

    Pick archer and shoot the balista user? Its a static target, ez to hit.

    I see swarms of archers all shooting (and miss) infantry.

    Its stupid if im perfectly honest.

    Also, people complained the balista was hard to use. Now they complain its too easy to use.

    Summa summarum: There will always be someone who will complain.
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    TDM: Playing VS Vlandia sucks

    an intentional design decision on TaleWorlds' end.
    To promote or encourage what?
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    TDM: Playing VS Vlandia sucks

    Aren't you the same guy who thinks siege is competitive game mode?
    Siege COULD become MORE competitive than it is. Right now theres zero competition. It would take massive effort to make it actual competitive but I firmly believe that its possible. I think a normal battle mode would be easier to balance out into an actual competitive game.
    There isnt really any other competitive game where you have this amount of players involved. One could argue that Battlefield is one and sure, then siege is viable.
    In real life, Battle of the Nations is getting bigger and bigger and becomming an actual sport.
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    TDM: Playing VS Vlandia sucks

    With all due respect for people who like the mode, but end of day, its just a DeathMatch, xDMs have never been actual competitive due to the nature of DM. The respawning... 🤪

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    Yes, spears, again

    Yeah because in reality no other weapon was used, sure.
    Actually, you are right about this. At a certain late point, near the end of melee weapons in war, spears was the main weapon used by vast majority of soldiers. They also had a sword but this was a "backup" if you will or part of the standard gear. Today we have the rifle (spear) and the sidearm service pistol (sword)


    When gunpowder took over. Spears (pikes) was still somewhat useful due to heavy use of cavelry.

    Its AAALL about reach and range. Even after gunpowder take over.

    Ref: https://www.quora.com/Is-the-spear-the-most-superior-melee-weapon - the points made here can be made in a similar way when comparing a rifle to a pistol, that is spear (rifle) for medium to close range combat and sword (pistol) for backup and ultra CQB (Close Quater Battle)


    For the sake of argument: :p
    Ultra CQB melee weapons. Spear, sword - and a knife or something even shorter than a sword.
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