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  1. I'm sorry but I finally give up, what the hell are TW doing? Nothing new in 3 weeks. Whoever is managing this team needs the boot.

    Completely uncalled for, my dude. Take that trash somewhere else.
    True. All my words were clearly rascist ****. Taleworlds made me a rascist with their works. Haha.
  2. Taleworlds nerfing things too hard

    Nerfing itself is not bad. But it seems that TW couldn't understand this is not a MMORPGlike game.

    Main contents of bannerlord is single play campaign and you can choose difficulty and use those so many mods.

    So meaning of balancing in this game is supporting game system. Economy, environment, battle, and etc. But balancing on bannerlord is ruining those system.

    For example, price of high tier armor and weapons. Perhaps TW thought getting high tier equipments too early would make game loose. But it is stupid idea. Player who want to easy battle just lower their difficulty. Players who want to get high tier equipment in early stage just use cheatmod. Now those stupidly expensive equipments are ruining game's economic system. You can easily earn huge amount of money with crafted weapons. Your high tier soldiers wearing a castle, even you pay them just 20 denar each a day. WTF?

    Nerfing on workshop and caravan just ruining gameplay experience playing as a merchant. After 1.3 update bannerlord makes you a horse fxxker. Because only merchandise you can make profit is horses. In next update, you may can't make profit with horses cuz I said it here.
  3. How about that telling us when the next update release?

    I am not telling TW have to tell us exact day. Yeah. Developing game is not easy. Sometime devs would be stucked by unexpected issues. However quite many people start new campaign when new beta is updated. In other words, many people may not be able to start a new campaign cuz they are waiting...
  4. Where's the patch, TW.

    A patch might be coming today.
    In your dream.
  5. The Final Release Date

    Just wait another 8 years.
  6. Where's the patch, TW.

    "we have come across some complex issues with the current beta branch that we want to address before pushing it to live"

    Customers are mad. I never saw the official forum with so many mad people like here! And I can understand those mad ppl. We await this game 8 years. And now we waiting update again and until few days ago dev didn't gave us any words that why the update delayed.

    After 8 years of developing period TW barely released EA version and it is only been a month since it released, they already stucked by bugs.

    IMHO, They have to hire better ppl to sovle the problem, if they can't. And you know they already sold 6 million copy. They have enough resources to do that.
  7. Where's the patch, TW.

    its pointless even saying that, these people think they are owed something, the devs could shut down talewords tomorrow and they wouldn't see one cent back, plus its holidays, yesterday was the weekend, there's a global pandemic and ramadan is going on all at the same time.
    I'm gonna repeat myself, some people in these forum as so ****ing entitled its disgusting.

    Yeah, they can shut down company tomorrow with the money they earned with uncomplete game.

    And 6 million ppl around world will start curse kebab. And every time they will think TW when they see kebab. For sure.

    Oh I am only saying about barbecue hehe.
  8. Where's the patch, TW.

    TW already sold more than 6 million copy and earned a lot of money with the game didn't complete. Why do you think they work hard for the game they already made huge profit?

    I believe they enjoying kebab barbecue party with the money we paid instead of hire more guys to complete this game.

    One day when they spent all their money they earned with this uncompleted game, they will release complete version of bannerlord.

    And we stupid dogs and pigs will buy that.
  9. Patch Notes e1.2.0 & Beta e1.3.0

    They spent the first 3 weeks fixing bugs and dealing with performance issues. It was only recently we saw fixes toward the campaign AI. They already said the storyline and kingdom management are the first two things they will work on. They also mentioned perks are being redone.

    I'd say that's a fairly decent roadmap for now.

    You know, when they add some new features they promised, it will comes with huge amount of new bug and new performance problem...

    Anyway, it seems that no 1.4 update today.
  10. roadmap

    Dont' even think about that. This is TW.
  11. The East Asian servers are hosted by a chinese forum, this forum is telling it's chinese users to report any anti-PRC discussion on EA servers.

    Chinese server moderator is serious problem not only bannerlord but also other games.

    If TW wanna makes some long term profit, you guys really think about moving server to other country like japan or s.korea or taiwan.
  12. Disappointed

    There is a lot of potential for aggresive expension but I agree to op. Update logs makes me disappoint.

    TW earned a lot of money with the game didn't complete. I hope they understand what they have to do.
  13. 1.4 update and 1.3 stabilisation

    Lol. It's like some dictatorship country!

    You bought it so shut up and just wait what they give! If you complain or pretend to wait update, you will be banned!
  14. 1.4 update and 1.3 stabilisation

    Even taleworld is not Bethesda! They don't have todoki hawado san...
    Seems no update today. sigh...
  15. Please fix save/load system!

    Then why do you need a save game fixer for people that use mods that edit LogEntry classes ?

    Cuz in vanila, my trade history is gone every time I load. Try it. Buy some goods at lower price and save the game, and load the save file and sell those goods higher price. You can't get any experience on your trade skill. I think desert horse is good for this test.

    It is not just me. Many other player experienced same problem.
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