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    Asymmetrical characters' faces

    Probably the result of having a couple of middle-aged balding men doing the hairstyles: "They look normal to ME."
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    Asymmetrical characters' faces

    Human faces normally have some asymmetry, but it's not blatantly obvious for most people. The NPCs in the game have a higher percentage of seriously skewed faces, sometimes to the point where they look deformed. It's not the "fact" that's the problem, it's the frequency and severity. When...
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    So have they reduced stone damage from Looters or am i seeing things wrong here? (Still stands)

    The solution is to have armor stop the first x number of points of blunt damage, rather than a straight percentage, and then reduce any remaining damage slightly. A solid hit with a heavy mace could do serious damage, but hitting someone with a stick would just bounce off. Rocks should ideally...
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    Melee cavalry is underpowered at the moment (Suggestions updated)

    The horse charge video posted by five bucks shows the situation quite well. The horses that broke through the lines continued relatively unscathed, while those that were stopped ended up being surrounded by infantry. The medieval cavalry charge depended on passing successfully THROUGH the...
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    Where are the BIG Mods??

    Having written a sub-mod to a major mod for another game years ago, I know how frustrating it can be when you're just about finished and the mod you're dependent on releases a new version, obsoleting about 25% of what you did. You begin work to update your mod, and half-way through, the major...
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    How to make castles matter

    That Party Overhaul mod sounds like a simple but effective fix. Armies could still raid villages deep in enemy territory, but would only take castles of towns adjacent to their own faction's land. There is no point in taking something that can't be defended, and that needs to be a major part...
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    [POLL] When did you last play Bannerlord?

    Sure, you can BUY it on this website, instead of Steam, and then you have to activate it through your Steam account. You can't install and run the game without a Steam account. That leaves me out. I'm constantly amazed at the lack of comprehension within the Steam-user community: Poster 1 -...
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    The problem I'm seeing with the economy has nothing to do with businesses, but the lack of positive trade deals for a starting character. With 7 points in Trade, I can barely ever find profitable merchandise to buy or sell, and when I do, one trade run taps it out. Funding a business isn't an...
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    [POLL] When did you last play Bannerlord?

    I used the neutral vote, because I can't play this game until it's available from a non-Steam source. There is no option in the poll for "Never".
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    Some ideas to make the game more immersive and flavorful

    A negative event doesn't have to be the end of the game. So what if you've invested in a pottery shop, and suddenly the price of clay doubles for a couple of won't make money for a couple of months, you've got to scrounge for extra cash to pay your troops in the mean time, and then...
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    Some ideas to make the game more immersive and flavorful

    Medieval castles varied from culture to culture and even within them, ranging from little more than a pure fortification to a town in its own right, with surrounding fields tilled by peasants who often lived outside the walls, but could quickly flee inside if attacked. Some castles included an...
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    What (Realistically Implementable) RPG Elements Would You Like to See in Bannerlord?

    Hopefully they're actually written for this game, not just imported from the previous game without editing or at least checking to see if they fit. I recall in Warband how a lot of the dialog from the previous game was reused, whether it applied or not. Your companion interrupts you to point...
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    Complete lack of Immersion

    I bought a lot of games over the past 40+ years, but don't buy more than 1-3 in any given year. My game library includes a lot of strategy games, open world RPGs, and city/empire builders, mostly things with near-infinite replay value. Examples I own: Morrowind Oblivion X3:Terran Conflict...
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    Is it worth coming back to the game after two months?(SP)

    If you're playing it as nothing more than a battle generator, it's fine. If you expect a balanced and interesting campaign in a believable world, then it's badly in need of a lot more work before it's ready for a formal release.
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    What (Realistically Implementable) RPG Elements Would You Like to See in Bannerlord?

    While "use a skill more to increase it" is fairly realistic, it does make it VERY difficult to advance in some things, particularly those which you wouldn't normally do repeatedly. The best leveling systems, in my opinion, have been the hybrid type where MOST of your gains are made by doing...