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    [W6C] Week 3 | Division B Groupstage [07/06]

    House of Folkesson vs. Boynuzlu Kurtlar Partizi will be played on Sunday (07.06.2020) 18:00 UTC+2
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    [Clan] Hyrule Knights [Hyrule]

    Haha die alte DeGothia Truppe aus Wfas :grin: Good luck!
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    [HoF] House of Folkesson [DE] - Rekrutiert!

    ☀️Der langersehnte Raubzug steht an! Jeder Krieger des Nordens wird in Norvamsk erwartet, um sich der großen Nordarmee anzuschließen. Ruhm, Wohlstand und Ehre! AHU!☀️
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    [HoF] House of Folkesson [DE] - Rekrutiert!

    ◥◣━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥◣⚜◢◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◢◤ Über uns ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Wir, das Haus Folkesson, sind eine seit 2013 bestehende Mount & Blade Community, dessen Ursprung im damaligen Warband Modul, Persistent World, liegt. Zeiten, in denen wir jede Menge Erfahrungen sammeln konnten...
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    My is a dream coop campaign

    They have already said multiple times they did not even plan for it for full release, and you are expecting it in EA? xD
    I didnt know that lel. I am not expecting such a thing but it would be cool though :razz:
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    Cheaters in bannerlord in EU servers "Beta"

    i do understand but playing against people that uses crossbow and headshot you while you move on a horse is insane specialy when he killed 3~4 people of your teammates "headshot"
    I actually think that is a possible scenario, because the crossbows in Bannerlord are very accurate. Combine that with a skilled player and you have a great threat in the enemy team. However there may be some luck involved, but as I said we cant figure it out without footage :grin:
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    My is a dream coop campaign

    I really dream to ride friends with Calradia

    My vision of this mode is that it is in the host
    (lobby / game creator) and can adjust
    game speed, as well as suspend it (or by players using the vote),
    you can just control the speed like in a game - «Total War» and add binds to these actions.

    Just imagine you can create your own kingdom together with friends, or fight against each other and this is just a couple of scenarios of events passing the campaign with friends

    P.S. Sorry for my English.
    All text has been machine translated. (Google)

    Upd. complement the theme with your ideas for co-op campaign «Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord»
    Coop Campaign would be amazing. Maybe we get it when everything else in EA works.
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    Cheaters in bannerlord in EU servers "Beta"

    Hello there dear TaleWorlds,

    I have a complaint about the recent times i been playing this game for. Which is, the increase of players that play unfairly using Aim bot, Auto Block, moving and attacking speed hack. At the beginning I did not care that much because it was not noticeable and i thought i was bad and i still need to get good but currently the amount of players that uses cheat spiked for some reason, i'm not sure if you are aware of that and if you are aware please deal with it. At one point I did stand next to a cheater and i noticed that he was using a crossbow and head shooting everyone that pass by him and the other one which i found the most and common people that block every attack no matter what you do you still cant hit him 1v1 so it effect the 5v5 games because they are a small scale battles in big battles the auto block cannot help that much because there is too many people that can attack one person.
    I dont want to doubt your point, but still some kind of footage would be great to deal with. There is already a Anti-Cheat system. Maybe people can get around it, but even then its even more important to post footage and the Names of the hackers in order to do something against it.
    And dont get me wrong here, but when you say that you couldnt beat someone in a 1v1 situation, is it necessarily a cheat? I mean he could have just been a very skilled player...
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    Help a Brother in need.

    I mean, he doesn’t need to go for recommended, something between minimum and recommended should be more than adequate for bannerlord.
    Ofc not but that was just a suggestion, because I guess, that he wants to play Bannerlord smoothly.
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    Help a Brother in need.

    I was an Xbox cuck for mount and blade. Can you guys help link me to an affordable laptop to play bannerlord on. Cheers boys I know the sarcasm is coming
    I mean, this totally depends on your budget. If you just want a Laptop good enough for Bannerlord, then look up the recommended hardware on the steam page.
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    I'm sure this has been mentioned somewhere. I'm saying it anyway.

    Even though this is a great idea, I think that by implementing that grip, there would be too much players who would only use this weapon, because of its versatility. I think the devs want us to use different weapon types to play out their different strengthes.
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    A Sketch a day until release of Bannerlord

    Awesome artwork. Keep up the good work (y)(y)(y)
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    Sale for Beta players ?

    I'm a beta player and I don't want a discount. Support TaleWorlds for their work over the last 7/8 years and don't be a cheapskate.
    thats the spirit
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