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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    Bug - 120 Hz still doesn't stick in the menu after the hot fix.
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    Bug: Trying to set monitor refresh rate to 120Hz doesn't stick in the menu.
  3. Bannerlord RTX?

  4. after 550 hours of multiplayer, I uninstalled

    And it probably will get better, and then he will play it even more, on top of the 550 hours, and don't have to pay a dime. And the statement will get even more ridiculous. A lot of threads in this forum are plagued with this kind of irrational, attention seeking attitude. If he would've phrased...
  5. after 550 hours of multiplayer, I uninstalled

    You just don't play something 550h and then say it's not the worth of 50€, no matter how flawed it is. I actually didn't read the rest of OP, because that alone statement is a complete paradox, so I don't know what was his reasoning.
  6. How did 1.4.2 change your game experience about PERFORMANCE?

    Runs better I think, but mostly I noticed a laggier pause in the campaign map.
  7. What do you think about the Looters scene loading every time you interact with them? (POLL)

    It's pointless, and why FastDialogue is the most important mod for the game. If I want to talk to them I can, but I don't need to go through pointless loading screens. And I've gen4 nvme, so it's not about how fast the loading is, but about usability of the game.
  8. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    Trying to convince enemy vassal, there's no conversation options shown, and I can only reload the game.
  9. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    Has the campaign map pause changed somehow in 1.4.2? It feels laggy.
  10. Almost two months into EA. Satisfied?

    243 hours. Easily the best EA game ever.
  11. Where have all the Rhomphaias gone. You used to be able to buy them in Maranuth.

    Stopped seeing the Rhompalia like at 1.2 or something. And I've never seen lamerral plate mail nor the best helm sold in anywhere, and I'm at 238 hours.
  12. Bannerlord major fall on Steam most played games

    Bannerlord EA in Steam is a resounding success. It peaked at 248k top 15 all time and now has about 13% left playing. For example compared to Witcher 3 which peaked at 92k and after same time was reduced to 14% of players. So it's fairly normal route for single player games.
  13. Mods I won't play the game without.

    1. Fast Dialogue (best qol mod ever, should be vanilla) 2. Community Patch (fixes perks)
  14. Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Anyone else have most tavern wanderers bugged in 1.3? It says their type is unknown and when you right click them for encylopedia, it shows completely different named people?