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  1. Cannonball Jump in Mount and Musket (pre Napoleonic Wars)

  2. "That is Offensive!"

    allahu akbar

    srsly, point of this thread is???
  3. Commander Battles - Permanent Death or Respawn as Bot?

    I'd like to call it 2nd in command if that's ok
  4. MP Musket Era Napoleonic Wars; The Collection #Will be back soon

    Is there a way to apply the camel mod to all horses? Thanks in advance!
  5. Why people suck at siege

    The main reason I always go attacker is to avoid the waiting times

    Agree with a lot of points made in this thread, 98% of the attackers don't care about the objective, waiting till a minor amount actually charges up. It really takes away a lot of fun in the game :/
  6. Koningin treedt af op 30 April

    ook vandaag weer even gezellig wuiven naar den Koning
  7. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Is it possible to perform HTTP requests using the post method, rather than the get method?
  8. MM WEEK [Event]

    Back in the time when bushes didn't make up 99% of the map  :razz:

    Are the servers still up or was this really a week lasting till February 13th?
  9. Logging chat/combat messages?

    Is there a way to log all the chat & combat messages you get when playing multiplayer? I know you can press L to see a log of recent events but I want to create a .txt file in which all the chat/combat messages get stored so I can read them back later. Is it possible to capture the chat/combat...
  10. Is the Complete Package of Mount and Blade Collection is save to Buy yet?

    Have you tried contacting their support yet? If you show them your receipt they should do something about it
  11. What Grinds your gears: Napoleonic Wars

    pod455 said:
    I know you have 4 other faces but bottoms plural?  :eek:

    there are more of me D:
  12. What Grinds your gears: Napoleonic Wars

    Commander Battles and everybody being arty is like a spiked club in my bottoms
  13. Mount & Blade MMO

    Reminds me of this "The Elder Scrolls Online", which is absolutely disgusting. Please don't make an MMO!!
  14. MP Other MazZ's little modeling corner

    You should turn all the horses into reindeer as well lol!
  15. Kinderen (7) opgepakt voor woninginbraak Tilburg

    tegen de muur!
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