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    #GAME OVER# BoE ended, but there's something else coming

    Loved this mod, squeezed more raw potential out of the base game than any other mod i've seen.

    I'll follow any multiplayer mod your team makes of Bannerlord with great interest.
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    MP Native Calradia Adventures - Invasion RPG| VOTE FOR REVIVAL!

    Ah, shoulda checked here sooner. Sucks about your hosting being down atm, was wondering why i couldn't log in and get my sweet fix
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    MP Native Calradia Adventures - Invasion RPG| VOTE FOR REVIVAL!

    Great mod, really fun and addictive.

    Dedicated 'last stand' brawler vs waves of bots with persistent loot and levelling up. Maps are well designed and bots are smarter than your average player. What's not to like?
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    [Suggestions] for Viking Conquest.

    FelipeII said:
    sentinel329 said:
    Bows work fine. I played my first playthrough as a archer and could sharpshoot and take down unarmored troops easily. The bows are not super powerful as they are in native Warband though. they will not destroy shields, nor will they one-shot armored troops.
    Yes, on the first patch(on release) the bows wasn't with this lame speed rating, so you could shoot a bunch of arrows in a unarmored enemy to kill him, try the bow now and see that they are not "work fine". =S
    And I'm not expecting to kill a fully armored shoot with one hit, but with a accuracy of 85 of the bows and speed rating 60 you need to land 3-4 headshots in a enemy using a helm? This is aweful. Again, in this DLC almost all troops have great athletics skills(including you) and shields, you don't need to worry about:"oh, if they ajust the bows I will never be able to play as infantry again" or "No, I don't want all my troops getting killed by arrows."
    Why the purpose of ranged weapons in the history:
    • Throwing/sling weapons for use against enemies at mid/close range.
    • Bows for use against unarmored/medium armored enemies at long/mid range.
    • Crossbows for use against heavy armored(no s**t) at long/mid range.
    For now only throwing weapons are working. Because of the new ranged system, the throwing weapons are making all the roles. The bows are only working against enemies at close range when you score a headshot(If the enemy is using a helm, the bow is just useless, because you only have time to one shoot when they are at close range). :S

    I'm just proposing a rebalance/rework in the ranged weapons because it's really frustating that the DLC doesn't have functional ranged weapons(except throwing) because the players doesn't like to get killed by archers/crossbowmen. The intention of the Mount&Blade is have a precise and realistic combat(the most possible), thats why in MB system you will get killed sometimes by: Spears, horsemen's lances, arrows, javelins, axes, etc. It's all part of the game. :smile:

    In a previous post about ranged you wanted people to explain why ranged is like this ingame without mentioning 'In history...', yet now you're claiming it should be rebalanced to be powerful based on history?

    Combat of the era in this part of the world did not have a heavy emphasis on bows, lines of archers or archer-heroes. If you want an era that does favour ranged more then native warband is pretty perfect to simulate that. To simulate realistic combat the player-character in campaign is encouraged to get into the fray in melee, because that's historically where the action was had at this time. An argument could be made for the change in multiplayer to make it competitive and balanced, but that's so broken anyway i dont know if that's a priority. Also if bows became powerful in this game, people would be less likely to play in a realistically 'viking era' style, in which case what is the point of the DLC?

    Balance at the moment encourages/forces you to fight in a 'Dark Age'/Viking style, and that's how a Viking DLC should be. If there was a Robin Hood or 100-years-war DLC then i'm sure ranged would have more of a role to play.
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    [Suggestions] for Viking Conquest.

    FelipeII said:
    OBS: I concluded all observations and suggestions by: 1)PLAYING with all ranged weapons and using builds of skills and atributes maximized for the use of it. 2)Using custom battles to test, and I invite anyone to do the same tests. So if you are against my suggestion, so PLEASE, try to bring a good argument, and don't f*** around with things like: Historical accuracy or "But in real life(...)"

    Have you done the same tests in Native vs a shield-heavy faction like Nords? Messing around with army compositions to find who wins vs pure infantry?
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    Need help on sieges.

    seriousgigi said:
    Yeah but i have only one castle so i want to take this city for myself. My army consist of 100 soldiers. (20 frankish knights) I can't take city alone. When i asked AI to siege and after i joined him, AI demands this city for himself and i can't use 'taking city bonus' for elections. (i don't know do you understand what i mean) So i can't take city again.

    ps: sorry for my bad english. in turkey, english education is not good :sad:

    I understand, and your english is excellent i would have assumed you were a native speaker.

    If you want the city for yourself the above advice is good, get as many elite troops as possible, you'll tear through the enemy garrison even on hardest settings. What i do is beat as many armies in the field as possible, get rich off prisoners and loot, then buy as many 'Veterans', 'Svear Warriors' and 'Frankish Cavalry' as i can find. It can be expensive but it works for me, i manage to balance costs and i've never had to recruit any prisoners.
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    Need help on sieges.

    seriousgigi said:
    Yeah but when i try to attack -clicking 'send your vanguard to lay the ladders' or sth like that- only my men attacks but we have 2 army laying to siege and my ally's army doesn't come into an assault. Why just i fight with defenders?

    Wish i knew.

    Tbh that always happened to me even on native when i waited the full time, if i initiated the siege i'd always go in alone. So i'm in the habit of either attacking completely alone, or making sure i can get an AI lord to do the attack then join him, in native it worked even better because AI build siege towers far quicker than a human player.

    In this DLC it's good to have a lord initiate the siege because if an AI lord takes it they can get a large free garrison there, once i had a lord with 100 men lead the attack plus me with 100 men, after we won and took the fort the garrison was over 200! And we still had all our men, whereas if i took it i'd need to put my own garrison inside at the cost of my own troops.
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    What's the one where Sharpe hits a nun with a chicken?
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    Hollywood version of the Ghost in the Shell

    Jhessail said:
    Any hopes for a deep, thought-provoking analysis of cyborgs and the human condition can most likely be put to rest - this will be Transformers style action blockbuster for sure. Except probably **** even under that standard.

    That element of the anime seemed overhyped, i heard it had that great reputation for deep analysis and all i saw was an action anime where sometimes it was necessary for the protagonist to get naked so that her camo worked. Also a scene where a group of robo-tanks who had ear-bleedingly shrill anime mascot voices save the day at the same time as sacrificing themselves whilst crying oil out of their eye-holes, it was one of few moments where an anime has made me laugh out loud... i'm just disappointed it isnt Michael Bay, that anime seemed right up his ally.
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    Problems everywhere

    When you launch warband, select 'Configure', 'Advanced' and force single threading through there, that helped me a lot with performance issues, for some reason the DLC is very poorly optimised and many people have trouble running it even on good computers.

    The world map lags for certain when you hold down ctrl-spacebar to speed things up, that much is still bad, but i'm able to run most battles fine now. With lag/delay entering settlements on the map.

    I hope we get good fixes to these, otherwise in the meantime i hope the suggestions you get here at least allow you to play and enjoy singleplayer campaign or sandbox.
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    I recently re-watched ''Sharpe's Eagle'' and was surprised to see the evil, young, privileged officer upstart who challenges Sharpe in that episode is played by a young Daniel Craig lol, with curly brown hair!

    Sharpe had a pretty dismal budget for most of the episodes, it's only the last few where they have more than just 12 guys walking through a field, then they cut to the same 12 guys again but wearing different uniforms to suggest there are a total of 24 guys! By the end they have a decent number of extras and some pretty cool fights, otherwise they always kinda fell short of the scale in the books - with Sean Bean being the redeeming feature ofc.

    If anyone likes the Sharpe series but has seen them all, check out Hornblower, at first i was resistant but it's really good. It follows a naval officer in the same era and the budget's a bit bigger so they get more extras and better battles out of it.
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    Multiplayer: Spears utterly broken.

    Fusilier said:
    Also explain to me how its reasonable that you can slap someone, yes, SLAP someone with a spear where no spike or rough end even connects with the enemy and still do damage. Better yet imagine hitting someone with mail armor with a stick by slapping his body with it and do damage. They would just shrug it off and hack your skull with an axe or a sword. Spear should only be able to do stab and overhead like in NW, it looks very amateurish that you can slap people with it.

    Lol, the spear-slapping xD reminds me of my fave bit from 300 where they say 'In this mountain pass their numbers count for nothing!' then they defend against the first wave and immediately charge out of the pass, break formation and start swinging their spears over their heads. With tactics like these how did Leonidas ever die? xD
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    Multiplayer: Spears utterly broken.

    Urban_Viking said:
    Spears are very OP, the bloody scores that i got on thor's champion with one were ridiculous.

    Still wonder why anyone would bother using a sword on that gamemode, you're most likely to bounce off the champion, but with a spear it's almost like the armour makes no difference.
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    Bannerlord Complaint Predictions

    Snazzelicious said:
    Explain, how are we supposed to know what the complaints will be about? Kind of a pointless thread if you ask me.

    It's a great thread, i'm fairly sure we all know exactly what people are going to complain about regardless of how Bannerlord turns out. That's the point of this thread. Eg. No amount of realism will ever be realistic enough for some people, but other people will say it's too realistic at the cost of gameplay.

    Most of these posts are spot-on, wait a year or two and check this forum for threads with those exact titles.
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    How has your L'aigle adventures been going?

    Cordor said:
    does it aways rain in europe ? if so, its a wet adventure

    Yes and yes
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