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    Bannerlord Photography

    Taking a break in the middle of a siege The BANNERLORD Awesome AFTERMATH
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    Barter Offer Accepted

    I did not engage barter with anyone ( i m the ruler clan) i think my clan members are doing barter with other nobles and i saw i just got a castle from it and it makes me think if they are going to make a bad deal and sell any of our towns/castles?
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    Arrow realism

    First of all there are no plate armors in the game second I have seen an arrow penetrate a hard surface like it's going in a block of butter, surely it was way more faster than 70m/s )))
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    Arrow realism

    If you make a good search on this you will see arrows has the same effects as a bullet so nothing stops it only the very high-density objects such as sandbags.
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    Game crash while choosing an heir.

    It's probably not a fully finished or missed part of the game in a couple of weeks all these will be in-game fully
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    This is awesome

    I was cutting looters 2 by 2 with my 2H axe and they were screaming "you are too strong" and something like "God help us aghhh" this is ****ing awesome <3
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    [Question / Request] Addition of a roadmap

    I would love to see a roadmap as well
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    Hastati Units

    I remember that they decided to add players being able to join to minor factions so it will be in the full game most probably
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    Hastati Units

    Not really. Next updates we might be able to join minor factions and recruit their troops
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    Hastati Units

    You can wound them in battle and then take their men as slaves, then recruit them.
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    Becoming the King/Emperor of a faction

    Only 1 crush at a castle siege happen to me otherwise I have never headed an issue with a single thing you wrote here everything is working very fine and I have +30 hours already