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    Diplomacy for 1.174

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    Sneaking and stealth quests

    I was expecting that the one who created the op answer the question. I think his response would be interesting.
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    Sneaking and stealth quests

    What is a "silenced crossbow"?
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    SP Native Tocan's Calradia - a Native Expansion/Mod Compilation +SOURCE

    No, its only in Spanish, and I don't think it will get an english translation.
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    Dev Blog 11/04/19

    I have a question related to this blog, there wil be a loading screen or a menu between the battle in the walls and the one in the keep?
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    Dev Blog 04/04/19

    I suppose they will be useful in the beginning of the game when the player can't afford a trained horse and/or doesn't have the required skill to use them.
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    Dev Blog 04/04/19

    The same horses but trained to be war horses.
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    Combo attacks

    I don't want "combo attacks". Where is the fun if you can spam the enemy with attacks and he can't defend herself? Do you really find fun that?
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    SP Tutorial Module System Complete Guide to Adding Factions

    The king id is "trp_kingdom_7_lord" and you are assingning the town to "trp_knight_7_lord", have you checked that?
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    Dev Blog 04/04/19

    +1 I hope you can tell us a little more about this topic, Callum. Also, could we see in game diferent hair color in horses of the same breed?
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    Dev Blog 29/03/19
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    Finisher moves

    That's a good question. Maybe he think Bannerlord is an upcoming Assassins Creed. His profile pic is a very good response to all his proposed features for Bannerlord.