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  1. African Inspired Faction

    ethiopia at least had coinage, writing, monasticism and hewn, ornamental construction and monuments in the early middle ages that didn't seem to be far from the north african or european level of technology. In the high middle ages they had a second coming. The history of the area is still kind of obscure though, maybe they had some more hidden arabic or even european influences. Egypt had the funny case of european genes on a round trip back.
  2. Why 1.5.10 is the absolute worst version

    i think it's important to try to balance autoresolve and playable battles to a point, maybe this will help balance loot and troop xp gains somewhat?
  3. Khuzait imbalance needs to stop

    Are there any tests with a more indicative sample size? The war lengths/wins per version pictured above are probably all within random variance of eachother, especially after 1.5.1.
  4. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Like what? Elden Ring didn't comed out! IT STAYED IN THERE! COME OUT ELDEN RING!
    What other games is there?
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  5. please taleworlds adopt the bannerlord online mode

    hi armagan here, this is my alt, i promise we at taleworlds will adopt this project and the game will be made available as a full mmo experience with long awaited features such as multiplayer feasts and wieldable banners.

    learning from our mistakes and finally realising what our fans demand, we have finally taken the liberty of borrowing all gameplay features from every warband mod released to this date, and additionally, from the popular grand popup clicking simulation crusader kings 2.

    with the help of the singular coding genius at bannerlord online the project is expected to take 12 months at most.

    edit: furthermore, gameplay will be made deeper and more challenging, by (for example) removing cavalry, archers, throwing weapons, shields and all delays and cooldowns from actions therefore rewarding players who take the time to hone their skill in superhuman hand-eye coordination to perform and read extreme feint spams at apms rivaling even the most malnourished starcraft koreans.

    streaming the title will be banned completely, and upon first loading into the game players will be required to take a standardized iq test to effectively gatekeep casuals from ruining the game.
  6. Bannerlord Online mod

    Yeah, I hope this doesn't run into any legal trouble like that, but surely mother Russia will protect it regardless :razz:

    I find the way it all works really great, it's just pretty bare bones in terms of things to do at the moment. When they add in more jobs, quests, PvP and territory control it will be a truly amazing experience in my eyes.

    How is the Morrowind multiplayer mod by the way? I've never heard of it but if it works great I'd love to play through that with some mates.

    It's tes3mp. most of the base game is playable (main quest is completable afaik). expansions have script problems with many quests (they are more elaborate) so they're partly unplayable.

    There's some quirks and some minor but important things like certain scripts are unsynced but it works most reliably if you stay in a single group and do the same things (in the latest version i think you can even do stuff like the rare escort quests). You can fight mobs (full sync) or pvp, complete quests, enchant items, use crafted spells and potions etc. Latest update has been a very long time coming but seems to be still in very slow active development.
  7. Bannerlord Online mod

    If it works fine then a testament to russian reverse engineering ability and bannerlords modding potential for sure.

    Similarly many games without any multiplayer functionality like subnautica, ocarina of time or morrowind have been expanded (with varying success) by painstaking work to allow for a multiplayer experience (morrowind relies entirely on essentially a remake of the game engine, openmw). Bannerlords moddability is on a completely another level compared to the base game for most of these projects. I believe we will start to see more and more proof of the potential if brlord can maintain the interest of modders (by both its versatility for modding and being an interesting base game).

    I don't expect this to be perfect and development tends to be slow on these kinds of things but this is an extremely interesting project!

    edit: Hopefully the possible custom netcode or deeper modifications to the base brlord game wont be a legal problem.
  8. Dear Taleworlds, Is there any way you can remove the 2048 unit cap on battle size for the game?

    Is the unit cap truly hardcoded? I thought bannerlord was largely decompileable. Is the limit possible to lift with a mod just by finding the related code?

    edit: i guess it do be technically hardcoded even in that case but it shouldn't require any weird reverse engineering with the way most of brlord code is accessible
  9. where do the Vlandians come from?

    calradia is already impossibly small (judging by party travel speed) while being impossibly geologically and culturally diverse. the map overall doesn't make sense but it makes enough sense that you can suspend your disbelief. There was a bunch of overseas invasions that changed european history. probably inspired by the saxon invasion, or the later norman invasion even though it's not strictly in the early middle ages.
  10. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    As a gameplay mechanic feasts were essentially a money skin that allowed players to quickly increase relations with lords in their kingdom by spamming them. I think Brlord aims to have a tighter, more coherent set of features centered around, you guessed it, warfare and playing as a lord, with less early game fluff like freelancer or throwaway features like feasts.

    Of course there's a lot of hope for more immersion and increased npc interactions. The dialog and follower selection for example is obviously unfinished.

    edit: I think crusader kings, which is a fun game despite most content being locked behind dlc, is a good example of a game with relatively simple base gameplay and tons of immersive fluff, working to a varying degree, on top of that. The fluff becomes the centerpiece of the game with the core gameplay being kind of barren, unlike bannerlord where the core gameplay of combat is supposed to be the main dish.
  11. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine II

    Or maybe this is the statement of plans that will be finished before the game comes out of early access a few months from now.
  12. Discussion Topic: Should TaleWorlds Bring Dark Knights Back?

    I think Bannerlord should finally bring back a classic staple of early Mount & Blade, zombies

    Edit: In fact based on leaked information the game's main quest will lead to the zombie apocalypse as the final challenge.
  13. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Wounded/utility companions should be able to be benched to avoid them dying in combat (In warband you could move them down the unit priority list and order them to stand back but I think some companions could be designated as non combatants).

    Wounded Lords should also not take part in combat. The AI should weigh in the advantage they can bring to their side with their perks etc and their traits and such so that they don't put their side at a disadvantage. Maybe even incorporate wounded Lords hanging back on the battlefield and avoiding direct combat (Lords who engage with the enemy and lose most of their health could also benefit from this so that they don't engage again and get themselves killed/knocked out).

    Also depending on traits for example honorable lords should tend to lead personally in combat unless very heavily wounded.) Other lords might be more inclined to stay off the battlefield unless absolutely necessary.
  14. Where are the BIG Mods??

    Large mod projects can take years to complete. Bethbryo game modding gets good with the accumulation of quality mods only years after their release. Most of the near launch Skyrim mods were quickly obsolete or revealed their hasty quality in comparison. I'd say most skyrim mods that hold up in quality were released after 2015-2016.

    Bannerlord should require considerably less reverse engineering and 3rd party tools with it's current modding toolkit and the relatively large amount of decompileable game code but this doesn't necessarily mean more mods or faster development.

    You can check out wip mods here.

    Edit: Most of the mods there only have a bunch of ideas and out of game 3d renders to show, so don't get too excited about any of them.
  15. Absurd Conspiracy Thread (Alex Jones Approved)

    Development of Bannerlord will cease when Ben Garrison repeatedly steps on Turkey with a big spiked boot as Jesus cheers from the background and a stand in for the corrupt globalist elite is seen crying in futile rage.

    Edit: Circa 2021 (Colorized)
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