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    [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    This might be much more work than I imagine, but what about making this submod, but using the 1860s Old America mod as a base?
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    SP Musket Era [WFaS] English Civil War

    I want to know what people think should be added, because I feel like the mod is finished. If I were a dev, I'd maybe add a couple of new units and items, mainly to add some visual variety and have the Double-Armed Man as a fun specialised unit for something different. Other than that, I could...
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    Quintillius ... a lamentation...

    I come back and play this every now and then, but I never got the feeling it was unfinished. In his place I'd probably add some stuff to make the early game more interesting, but there's nothing that makes it feel that it wasn't completed.
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    Guide, FAQ, Game Mechanics

    Ok, I'm asking this question like 5 years after BoE's persistent chargen system is over, but it's been driving me crazy and I don't have an answer. What is a Gentleman Pensioner and why was this a cavalry class for England?
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    "Modded 1257", submod made by several users

    IIRC that's a submod released on 4chan's /vg/
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    Making shields move like Warband.

    The way we have to unclick click again to move the shield to block in a different direction feels a bit awkward. What do people think about keeping directional blocking but the shield moves with your mouse again?
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    B Fantasy Eastern Europe : 17th Century (v0.5 released)

    I'm getting an error when I load up "Error on creating shaders: Out of Memory" when I start up. Never had this before, any advice?
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    SP Fantasy [WB] Tohlobaria: The Conquerors Expansion

    I'd forgotten this existed until I found this again by accident, I'll give it another play. Something I thought about when reading this again though made me think of how this seems renaissance inspired, perhaps give the top tier swordsmen some javelins like Machiavelli advocated for?
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    How to run fresh with 1.174

    I've installed a 1.174 non-steam version, installed the latest WSE, used the 1.174 linked on the page and installed 0.30.2 Silverstag, but the prices of troops is all messed up. Any ideas on what I've done wrong?
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    Developer's Diary

    Can we ask what the Geroians are going to be like? And I just reinstalled the mod to give it another play. Good to see it's still being worked on.
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    [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    I reinstalled it all and it just started working. I don't know why.  :facepalm: This is embarrassing.
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    [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    So, I installed the latest verision of M&B, 1.011 from the Taleworlds  page, I directed the installer of 1866_0.9.1 so I had an 1866 folder in my modules folder. Then I replaced files in it with ones from your submod, but I've got no font when I load up the main menu. What do I do? I launched...
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    SP Sci-Fi SWC: The New Order Edition

    "DAC version of Freelancer" What does this mean? Also, have you looked at Freelancer in Silverstag? I think it's a much better way of doing it and it's Open-Source, so you could possibly implement that quite easily.
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    SP Native [WB] Native Enhanced Edition

    I've not been able to get WSE to work. Does anyone have a link to warband setup file that does 1.168? I tried patching it to that, but WSE doesn't think it's the right version.