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    How to make castles matter

    And yet, they did anyway. Why was it that the English were able to move thousands of men around the French countryside for months? Either French border fortifications weren't doing the job of stopping their supply caravans or the armies were able to subsist off local area forage. How were the frequent large-scale raids of the Iberian peninsula conducted? How did first the Arabs then the Seljuk Turks remain such a persistent threat to the interior of Eastern Roman Anatolia, even in the face of unreduced, uninvested border fortifications?

    Why didn't any of these armies go hungry and fall apart?

    Your claim. I deny it.

    This is pretty irrelevant the point being made. Taking your claim at face value -- "Armies could not advance without reducing fortifications in their way which prevented them from re-supply..." -- then the French should've needed zero tactical competence. Starvation should have done all the work necessary. But the English didn't collapse due to starvation, in spite of being in the French interior for months.

    Sure. But that's not the solution people are proposing in this thread, that local area forage be a consideration. It is all various combinations of flypaper mechanics for castles on armies, designed explicitly to create a frontline when that sort of thing was firmly post-medieval.
    You're so dumb and obstinate that you keep picking on a single case in history, when the guy is telling you why it was exceptional, and when in hundreds of other wars and conflicts such things could literally never happen. If castles were irrelevant and easily bypassed as you assume, siege warfare wouldn't have been the huge deal it's always been in medieval Europe.
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    How to make castles matter

    2. Implement a concept of "supply train," so if you want to lead your large army to directly attack the "heart" of the enemy faction deep in their territory, you have to depend on your supply trains constantly transporting food from your castle/town/village in your territory all the way to your army's location. If the supply route is blocked by an enemy lord, your troops will be starving and demoralized.

    I agree that some way to enforce a supply train mechanic is key to make castles relevant. Why did medieval armies in Europe not just ignore castles across the landscape of enemy realms, and just go straight for the richest towns, wanted territories or the capital? Because if you tried to do that, sure, your main big army would first move along fine. But its food wouldn't last long and it would need to be constantly supplied by detachments. But what happens if you try to send a supply train to an army along the horizon of an enemy castle you left on its own? The enemy castle then sends a sortie in force to sack your supply train, rob you of goods and leave your overextended army to starve.

    It's always been strategically frustrating in Mount and Blade that relative location of lands matter so little as the enemy is entirely arbitrary in regards to what castle or town it beelines to. And why shouldn't it be when they don't get punished for it, as they can freely march through several castles and towns deep behind enemy lines with no penalty. Of course it's still a dumb choice because then they capture one territory deep inside enemy territory that they'll surely lose fast. So it's conducive to bad gameplay in more ways than one.
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    Why Sturgia often grows weak, Khuzait often grows strong

    I love these autistic analyses. I haven't even read half and I can tell the guy put a lot of thought into it and is probably correct.
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    Patch Notes e1.1.0

    Why nerf the pottery? Workshops give such crappy income often enough already. Even if you pick end products that barely exist in the settlement while there's an abundance of the raw material.
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    Patch Notes e1.0.7

    Why were the tournament bets nerfed? If anything they needed a buff. If you bet the max in all the rounds, you would make a maximum net profit of about 700 gold IIRC before the patch. Not even worth the time and risk except for very early game. Now it's even less.
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    Patch Notes e1.0.2

    Enterprises are broken again. People getting hundreds of thousands and even millions per day from wood workshops.

    What about upping the cap to at least 300 when you do fix it though?
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Learn to play chuds
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    Separate Graphics and Gameplay Settings for SP and MP

    So much this, please. Was thinking about it just a while ago.
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    How to make character ageing slower?

    It seems once you reach age 30, you get older 1 year every 4 in-game months, which is really not that long and it's a bizarre characteristic. I only really want to play as my main character, or at least do it for a long time and not have to deal with this weird time compression. Any setting you...
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    How many keys were given out already?

    There's not that many people playing the beta at any one point if you consider there's different game modes and server locations. The matchmaking isn't exactly very swift often enough in my experience. I feel they could give out more keys, so many people want them.
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    Custom Titles

    Secretly? Harkon knows more about skin care than most of our female forumites. Probably an instathot now.
    And proud of it.
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    Custom Titles

    Hit me up Marmad. It was "I am woman, hear me roar!"
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    What pissed you off today? v. VI

    Tintin pissed me off
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    Whatever Part of the World Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Owns Right Now.

    "- Strengthening laws that prohibit presidential candidates who have held foreign citizenship or foreign residency permits"

    This is an interesting measure, given how many Russian oligarchs like to roam and live abroad in extreme luxury.
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    What TV series are you watching?

    Jennifer Aniston is horrible. It surprises me a hard-ass mature czech woman could like her. :razz:
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