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    In Progress Battles lockup/freeze/stutter despite lowest possible settings

    Much appreciated, if there's something I can attempt in the mean time to try and narrow down the issue feel free to let me know.
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    In Progress Battles lockup/freeze/stutter despite lowest possible settings

    Summary: No matter how low I put the graphics settings, battles started locking up and freezing (no matter the size, it even happens in Arena, and no particular action such as attacking seems to cause it) around patch 1.1, and I figured they would get better but even the patch today did not...
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    Need More Info GPU issues! (Navidia GTX 1060 6GB)

    I'm having a similar issue with my GTX 1060 6gb where the game will start to lag horrendously during battles, no matter what size of battle, and sometimes in the world map as well. The game will lock up for anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes before I can play again. This didn't happen when the game first came out but since about 1.2 or so I've been having this same issue. I can't figure out if it's me or the game doing it.
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    Seriously.... Bunny hoping?

    I actually saw a really neat system that was implemented to counter bunny hopping back in the ol' Call of Duty days (no, not COD4, I'm talking like Call of Duty 1, the original). Basically when someone jumped, they could jump again right away, but the actual jump would be significantly reduced in height, as though they were tired from the first high-jump.

    Of course, some folks found a way around it, where if you jumped, then immediately went prone you would crash to the ground in an instant.

    This might be something to consider implementing as M&B, obviously, has no prone option.
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    Star Wars Conquest Mod for M&B 1.x and M&B Warband

    Kurt Zibling said:
    Playing 0.8.2 right now, I would switch to 0.8.5, but dislike the new colour modes for the factions...

    Based on the old SW games like X-Wing, TIE Figher and Balance of Power, the Empire should be red, the Rebels, green
    and the pirates yellow. The Hutts/Pirates have the right colour...If I knew how to change faction colours I would self-patch.

    This one I can answer :grin:

    The main reason for the colour schemes is based on the faction's logo:



    (this one is most commonly shown in black, but since black names on a blackground wouldn't look to great, blue is the most common representation of their "colour")

    Although the older games certainly do have the different colours. I'm not entirely sure why they changed it...
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    SP Native Rise of the Mercenaries (New screenshots)

    I think you'll run into a few more, because I haven't had much of a chance to really test it very much. I know there's an error that pops up randomly at the start, and I'm not too sure how to fix that. It's probably to do with the patrols.

    Anyhoo, if you do find a bug, please feel free to let me know and capture a screenshot if you can :smile:
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    SP Native Rise of the Mercenaries (New screenshots)

    Thanks guys, I sent you both a PM :smile: and thank you kode :smile:

    Things are kinda coming along, I'm hoping to impliment some more code, and create some of my own new stuff soon, just struggling with some dialog difficulties. I don't suppose anybody knows anything about creating new dialogs? Specifically parties on the map?
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    Runtime error on loading mod -

    Yeah, I didn't think it would cure the error... dang.

    But yeah, I was surprised to find out tf_unkillable doesn't work, I would have thought it done the same thing.

    Anyway, that's kinda funny... I assume native works fine?

    I'm just about how it crashes at "loading setting data" I'm not entirely sure what exactly it loads, if it's scenes or the engine. Did you modify any scenes at all? I also noticed that after it loads the setting data, it loads the texture. I don't suppose you modified any or changed any items at all?

    Sorry for being so general, I'm just trying to narrow what it could be. It's kinda surprising  :shock:
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    Runtime error on loading mod -

    I *believe* that tf_unkillable doesn't work anymore that you'll want to use tf_hero instead. However, let me double check for you.

    EDIT: Just checked, and yes, tf_unkillable doesn't actually work. I'm not sure if it's causing your error.

    The only problem with tf_hero is that it's literally a companion and can only be knocked unconcious. If you want to use it on a regular unit, I'm not too sure if there's a flag for it, but I saw some code around somewhere that check first to see if the unit was in the party, then to add one if there wasn't after a battle.

    I don't suppose the runtime error points to any specific piece of code or file?
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    Runtime error on loading mod -

    Well, it could be really any number of things. What did you modify? Could you post the code for us that you modified? When compiling (if you're using the module system, that is) do you get any errors?

    We'll just need more information to figure help you.
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    Trying to create new dialog

    Pisces said:
    I think you want it:

    [anyone,"patrol_talk1"|plyr, [], "Why not leave this place and join my party?","patrol_talk3",[]],

    And so on from the rest. I've never made my own dialogue from scratch & I have too much going on around me to think straight so I can't say for sure. But looking at the description of how it is supposed to be arranged (at the top of the file) then you should definitely not have 3 commas before the condition box and you have too many commas altogether. So it is trying to read "patrol talk1" as a condition and [] as a string. Hence int & string error.

    Ah, I see what you mean!

    Ok, I gave that a shot and replaced, here's the new code:
      ##TEST CONVO
    [anyone,"kingdom_party_encounter", [(le,"$g_encountered_party_relation",-10)],
       "Surrender now, and save yourself the indignity of defeat!", "kingdom_party_encounter_war",[]],
     [anyone|plyr,"kingdom_party_encounter_war", [],  "[Go to Battle]", "close_window",[(encounter_attack)]],
      [anyone,"kingdom_party_encounter", [(ge,"$g_encountered_party_relation",10)],
       "Greetings, fellow warrior.", "close_window",[(eq,"$talk_context",tc_party_encounter),(assign, "$g_leave_encounter", 1)]],
      [anyone,"patrol_talk1"|plyr, [], "Why not leave this place and join my party?","patrol_talk3",[]],
       [anyone,"patrol_talk2"|plyr, [], "I have to go now.","close_window",[]],
      [anyone,"patrol_talk3", [], "Well... that certainly sounds tempting. We can join you for 300 denars.","patrol_talk4",[]],
     [anyone,"patrol_talk4"|plyr, [], "Certainly; here's your money.","patrol_talk5",[]],
        [anyone,"patrol_talk5", [], "Excellent! We will ride with you!",[(party_can_join)]],  
       [anyone,"patrol_talk6"|plyr, [], "I don't have enough right now.","close_window",[]],

    But, I still get the same error in the same place:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 6, in <module>
        from module_dialogs import *
      File "C:\ModuleSystemMercs\", line 8068, in <module>
        [anyone,"patrol_talk1"|plyr, [], "Why not leave this place and join my party
    TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for |: 'str' and 'int'
    Exporting strings...
    Exporting skills...
    Exporting tracks...
    Exporting animations...
    Exporting meshes...
    Exporting sounds...
    Exporting skins...
    Exporting map icons...
    Creating new tag_uses.txt file...
    Creating new quick_strings.txt file...
    Exporting faction data...
    Exporting item data...
    Exporting scene data...
    Exporting troops data
    Exporting particle data...
    Exporting scene props...
    Exporting tableau materials data...
    Exporting presentations...
    Exporting party_template data...
    Exporting parties
    Exporting quest data...
    Exporting scripts...
    Exporting mission_template data...
    Exporting game menus data...
    exporting simple triggers...
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 6, in <module>
        from module_dialogs import *
      File "C:\ModuleSystemMercs\", line 8068, in <module>
        [anyone,"patrol_talk1"|plyr, [], "Why not leave this place and join my party
    TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for |: 'str' and 'int'
    Checking global variable usages...
    Script processing has ended.
    Press any key to exit. . .

    So I'm still not sure, because I did remove that extra common, so it shouldn't be confusing the string, but it still seems to be?

    It's quite painfully obvious that I have no idea what I'm doing :grin:
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    SP Native Rise of the Mercenaries (New screenshots)

    Hey guys,

    mega-bump for this one, but it's not dead. I posted a couple of screenshots over on Exilian ( that I haven't posted here yet, but I'll post those now:

    Mercenary Shock Troopers:







    Mercenary Lancers/Horse Archers:


























    (careful, not 56K friendly :wink:)

    Let me know what you guys think, and I'm also looking for beta testers for a closed beta. If anyone's interested, please send me a PM or leave a post here. Be warned, though, it's not a very solid beta, I just need more ideas and things to do.
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    first time modder

    akatosh said:
    in the configure menu the enable edit mode is what i am talking about.

    That's actually the edit mode for scenes and stuff, it only allows you to add buildings, objects and spawn points. If you want to make a mod, you'll want to use the module system.
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    first time modder

    akatosh said:
      as the topic states i am thinking about starting to make a mod and had a  :?:.

    is the moding tool that came with the game even worth it and how much can i do with it?

    thx in advance. :wink:

    if you're referring to the module system, that's pretty much the best way to make a mod. So it is absolutely worth it.
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    I'm about to give up.

    Double check what you ended and make sure you missed no brackets or commas.

    Syntax errors are killer.
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