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    Emblems/Sigils Bugged

    Yeah, I own the heart and have it equipped but every time I load into the game it loads the star. Maybe I'm alone but the Emblems aren't working for me
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    NA time zone player availability

    A new and even better crusader has showed up fantastic the old one sucked
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    In Praise of the new update

    The anti cav perks IMO need a slight nerf and then crush through needs a nerf. and It would be nice to be able to tell what perks people have, But outside that, I think the patch made the game better than previously.
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    Would it be possible to get a small leak?

    End of Match Screen Similarly, a new end-of-match screen is in the works which will give a more detailed summary of each game, including awards for players that achieve impressive feats during a match or otherwise excel in different areas of combat and the game mode. As a man who does stats...
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    When will the next Statement be released

    Now that 1.6.10 is about to come out and the duel mode came out when do we get the next statement on what will be upcoming and specifics on what will be coming.
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    Question on 1.6.1 Perks

    One of the perks for 1.6.1 Is named Generous Lord. If you have someone that is dead completely out of the round but your generous lord Vlandian Knight kills someone and they get enough gold to spawn let's say like a minute and a half of being dead, Will they be able to spawn again mid-round...
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    Please no stamina I beg TW.
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    [NADL] Faction/Map Matchups

    When Posting screenshots please format them in the way below.
    Team One (Round Score)(Match Score) - Team Two (Match Score)(Round Score)
    Post all Screenshots
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    [NADL] Faction/Map Matchups

    NADL Matchups Round One Loser Round One Round Two Loser Round Two Finals
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    [NADL] Team Thread

    Teams and Rosters Banner Team Roster Team Shock Thrax Beeflips Fearspear DirtySavage Purple Eailene Seducing Vocals Hender Percival The Midnight Watch Chowski Plug Jukebox Arni Incanuth Etonviper VikingActual LEM()N ChristopherR High Ping Warriors Imperator DragonKing Hancock...
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    [NADL] Sign-up [Signups Done]

    Player Name: Arni
    Main Class: Infantry
    Main Gamemode Played: Skirmish
    Your Country: Russia
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    Suggestions to Solve Mirror Matchups (Colour)

    Sometimes when im playing captain or skrimish it can be very hard to tell who is on who's team if its like Aserai vs Aserai. So im suggesting you add a option that lets you edit the colour of the enemy team if its a mirror. For example if its Aserai vs Aserai you could have a option in your...
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