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  1. In Progress Companion is always consider as an infantryman

    If you go to the troop page where it shows the list of your troops you can select the Roman numeral that determines which kind of troop they are and change them from infantry to cavalry to Archer or whatever your heart wants. this isn't something that's broken it's easy to change. with companions it would be nice if they kind of Auto upgraded to the role that they are outfitted for but still
  2. Need More Info Unable to marry off brother

    I think this may be one of the issues we're running into it with it still being in beta. It's not a completely polished game yet. And I'm sure this will be resolved by the time of full release I have had the same frustrating interaction myself multiple times with NPCs. You're younger siblings you run into the same issue with. Also I have been unable to marry off any of The offspring you have
  3. Resolved 1.5.6 Wife wont stay in castle where i left her

    You have to get your house in order buddy
  4. Bandit and looter troops

    Bandit troops should be recruitable and upgradeable when you take them as captives having the veteran respect perk at level 150 leadership is ridiculous. Early game getting looters and upgrading them would be fantastic. Not so needed when you have a hundred and fifty leadership mid to late...
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    Sturgia's supposedly heavy infantry is less armored than most other nations.

    I mean if you really wanted to play to the strength of the nation they built the story of they're lower to your infantry should be heavily armored if not with the best arms.

    Either that or give them some sort of throwing weapon as they cannot rely on their archers they could at least have some close range attack such as a couple throwing axes for early infantry units.
  6. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    As far I have seen, Khuzaits dominate the east side 100% of the time, while Battania dominate the west side 60-70% of the time (Vlandia sometime crush Battania).

    Sturgia is probably now on Aserai level, not OP but strong.
    I still notice in my playthroughs that Sturgis troops are under armored. They're supposed to be the heavy infantry of the game. However they're early infantry is actually weaker than many other nations. I'm okay with them having crap archers and negligible cavalry. however they should have the best infantry lines in the game and they don't
  7. Wanderer/companion amount?

    However you can't get very many more companions as time goes by. really it should go up with leadership or stewardship. Hell even trade because the best thing you can do with companions is have them out there in the land working for you either as their own a war bands or running caravans. And having three or four caravans while great is not that fantastic in the long run. Now if you could have 10 running around in a couple warbands supporting you it would be the beginnings of you starting your own empire. You would be much less dependent on the existing lords and the land and would be able to build a kingdom from scratch
  8. Nerf Khuzaits..

    I couldn't agree with you more. Not to mention that almost immediately their troops start out on horseback.

    It should at least be like their third tier like they don't jump into being mounted archers they have to start out as archers first then they get horses at the next tier.
  9. Sturgeons underpowered

    Sturgeon units are two outclassed by other nations they need superior archers. At least they should have some substantial armor if they're going to be poor archers. As if they don't rely on the bow. Currently there missile units are all pretty much trash and can't compete toe-to-toe against...
  10. Smithing armor and arrows

    Smithing seems to be missing a few items that would make the game more interesting and wouldn't flood the market system with manufactured crafted weapons. Being able to manufacture armor while smithing would add a nice layer to the game
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