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    Which Cosmetic Changes Would be Important for You?

    More noble civilian clothing would be nice. And faction leaders should look distinct, for example when I see Derthert, I must instantly recognize him as a king, especially in civilian clothing.
    Agree for most rulers, but I can't help but feel as if Derthert would prefer looking low profile and non descript.
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    New profile themes

    This actually made my ****ty day.
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    Spear infantry vs Cavalry (and anything else)

    legionaries arent actually spear infantry. Pilum are for throwing and always have been.
    Can't help but recall running a test where legionaries were actually doing some rather decent work on Banner Knights with their pila as spears. I think the short length might have helped.
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    Shoulder armour.

    What does it do then, other than make you a tad slower? You can tank maybe 1 more hit max.
    Fact of the matter is it doesn't do nearly enough, archers absolutely shred armoured units in singleplayer
    I mean, you put sergeants up against legionaries and you'll see that it does make a difference. They're way too feeble compared to everyone else.
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    Troops Evaluation

    Falx as 2h sword can hit multiple enemies, rhomphalia as polearm - can't. Rhomphalia is long. have a good reach , but handling not so good as falx's handling. So rhomphalia is better on distance while falx is better in close combat. Falx is better against shielded troops , rhomphalia is way better against mounted troops. It's different usage as for me.

    I'm not saying it's not effective or something,

    I guess it's ok . We even won't see a difference I reckon.
    But I would give them 1h axe as fians will drop close combat effectiveness.
    To be honest I don't like when troops have randomly mixed ammunition. Like Battania wood runner sometimes have shield and sometimes not.
    I suppose, but I would not give wildlings Rhomphaia at all with your proposed idea. You'd quickly find that they'd straight up outclass whatever idea you'd have for Veteran Falxmen fast. And it doesn't make sense either to ramp up a skirmishing unit's effectiveness that greatly.

    Frankly, no to stripping Fians of their awesome. I am extremely attached to the whole bow and two hander thing that Fians have going on. Its unique and cool. Why should they be like any other archer?

    Like I said, Battania is the faction that doesn't feel like they would be into uniformity. They'd be all for mixed up stuff.
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    Shoulder armour.

    But are they?

    If you add up total armour points, are Vlandian heavy cavalry units weaker or is there just a different balance of stats?
    Vlandian Banner Knights are the most lightly armoured shock cav, and barely any better than their competition. They don't have any special skills or anything, and their stupid green hoodie looks ugly. Druzhinnik Champions are marginally better, if anything.

    No it doesn't because armour does nothing in this game anyway
    Its borderline cosmetic
    I know that gets said alot, but that's an exaggeration. Armour does something, and when it actually does enough, I'd want Vlandia to have good shoulder armour too.
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    Shoulder armour.

    I think that's intended, to add some more variety to the game. Not all factions need to have shoulder armor.
    Why not? The lack of shoulder armour for Vlandia puts them at a serious disadvantage in terms of defence compared to other factions. It makes them so much weaker than they should be.
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    Shoulder armour.

    Just give them some ailettes and more mail shoulders. Hell, just give them that one mail shoulder too.
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    Troops Evaluation

    That's a problem, falxman is kinda anti-infantry unit and then vet. Falxman becomes anti-cavalry unit . It's mixed. Why do this ? Better make another branch for rhomphalia bearers.
    For example: it's like sturgian line breaker turns into vet. spearman instead heroic line breaker. No , vet. spearman has his own branch.
    Fians already have 2h swords.

    Not using mods right now , but thanks, will keep it in mind.

    I just abandoned my Battanian playthrough. This troop's tree pisses me off, upgrade all troops randomly they are almost all same anyway. The scenario only one : collect as many fians as you can and kill everything that moves.
    And I think I broke my tongue trying to pronounce my battanian wife's name.
    Veteran falxmen are still anti infantry, they just happened to become anti cavalry as well. Its no different to infantry suddenly becoming cavalry, or skirmishers becoming archers.

    Its not remotely the same as a line breaker becoming vet spearman. What you describe is a specialised unit outright losing its former role as anti infantry.

    So why can't Fians have falxes too? I don't see the issue with giving them a mix. Considering we're talking about Battania, it might even make sense for an elite, noble group of warriors to want their own stuff. Hell, wouldn't mind seeing axes on them either. Make them mixed and irregular to match Battania's character.
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    Troops Evaluation

    What so good in it ? I'd prefer 2 h axe or sword.
    Its a lot longer, and it deals heaps of damage. Compared to the falx, its far better as an anti cavalry weapon. No seriously, go and match veteran falxmen up against the same number of Elite Cataphracts. The Veteran Falxmen should utterly decimate the cavalry.

    Regular Falxes won't do that. They'll break down cavalry eventually (two handers in general have enough oomph to hurt them), but not before taking a hit themselves. Granted, they tend to do better in melee against infantry, but the rhomphaia will do just as fine.

    I would just give falxes to Fian Champions and leave it at that. Or hell, just do what my mod does and design a separate 'two hander' gallowglass troop.
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    Bannerlord Armor System as a bottleneck for tactical gameplay

    Man, I remembered using the Armor Does Something mod and just feeling the difference immediately. It really comes down to armour, nothing else. Buff that and we'll see meaningful change.
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    Troops Evaluation

    No , just give rhomphalia to other unit. Rhomphalia and 3 javelins , no shield. I'd rather have vet. falxman have falx and wildling have rhomphalia.

    My point is druzhinnik doesn't have javelin, but horse rider does. Horse raider can do druzhinnik's job but druzhinnik can't do horse rider's job. So I better get horse raider instead of druzhinnik.
    That just makes the Wildling a vastly stronger unit than the vet falxman. They'd be superior shock troopers and skirmishers. And triple stacks of javelins will look ridiculous. I think you vastly underestimate how good rhomphaias are.

    Just curious, but what about the idea of giving Druzhinniks glaives or two handed axes instead? More melee oomph that way.
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    Which Faction Needs the Most Love and Work?

    I know what you mean but it doesn't matter what makes sense if the gameplay is contrived. The point I am making is one from a gameplay/balance point of view -- if we have to nerf crossbows into longbows why not just give them bloody longbows?

    The range and firepower are the issues of crossbows. The core issue of sharpshooters is that they are peasant troops that upgrade very fast because of the range and acceptable damage of even lighter crossbows (ie they usually are safe from ranged pressure because they can usually out-gun anything, point it in the general direction of the enemy, release, and boom easy upgrade!). If you use a similar formation or tact I mention in my first post you can amass them far too easily. When I say they are op I am not only referring to their inherent power. A group of fian champs will eviscerate an even-numbered group of sharpshooters. But -- I can consistently get 5 sharpshooters much more consistently than 1 fian champ -- and 5 sharpshooters will defeat 1 fian champ 10 times out of 10.

    Sure. However -- my point is this is far too deterministic for a sandbox game that is meant to be built around dynamic battles and logistics.

    Vlandia should be able to do other strategies besides make defensive lines (ie the game is better if factions aren't limited to one playstyle or the gameplay is bottled down to the same fights continuously) If the player or ai of a specific faction wants to take a different approach they should not be hamstrung because their troops are great at one tact and terrible at others. I am not staying make every faction the same. But I am saying there should be more wiggle room for varied playstyles within the factions. Furthermore, there are mountains of room to nerf Vlandian ranged units to make Vlandian infantry less squeamish. This in theory this would allow different compositions of troops biased on lord's and ladies' traits or goals for example.
    Because variety is more interesting, and I think absolute balance is not all that interesting. If almost everyone has archers, we'd have a lack of interesting options and tactical dynamics at play.

    I don't see why lighter crossbows can't be nerfed either. Hell, just making weaker crossbowmen take significantly longer to reload. I don't think turning them into archers will help at all. They will still pump out damage safely from a distance, upgrade easily and amass very quickly.

    I mean, if I had to do things a certain way, refer to my mod. Apart from the mounted crossbowmen (which I now regret), my Vlandians are still very much your strong, but inflexible troops that have to work together for combined arms tactics. What kind of buffs would you even give their infantry? I think giving them better armour is as far as I'd go.

    Even then, turning Vlandia into some sort of lame all rounder faction without any special focuses is beyond boring. The Empire already has that covered, no need to do the same with Vlandia.
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    Which Faction Needs the Most Love and Work?

    On an unrelated note. Vlandia sharpshooters are overpowered. I can train raw recruits into dozens of sharpshooters in a shockingly low amount of time. Perhaps sharpshooters should be the noble troop? Probably not -- but they seem to be getting 60-80% of my kills at any rate. I know Vlandia is supposed to be pre-Swadia before the Rhoduks but they feel a lot more of the other way around.

    In virtually any situation I can form a defensive line (equal split of crossbows to pikemen/voguers -- with crossbows upfront by about 2 meters -- all loose formation) wait for the enemy to get within 20-30 meters or so, call infantry charge -- cavalry charge from behind. Nothing has been able to withstand this technique. But, it's probably just because AI has no idea how to deal with very conservative playstyles accompanied by intense ranged pressure -- or adapt their troop composition to counter this type of playstyle after repeat encounters.

    I am sure many would disagree with me but I would like to see Vlandia ranged units nerfed into a mediocre style longbowmen and buff their infantry (non-spearman branch of infantry specifically) and become much more of a direct fighter as opposed to a volley focused playstyle.
    Vlandia is meant to be the ancestor of the Swadians and Rhodoks, so turning them into longbowmen makes no sense at all. Swadians themselves used crossbows, so I don't see where longbowmen would be coming from at all.

    I would rather just change the way crossbowmen worked. Give them a considerably longer reload speed. And while we're at it, general buffs to all armour in game to nerf ranged combat. I feel like the issue is a general ranged issue, not just sharpshooter specific.

    I think they're just fine as a cavalry/ranged faction that uses infantry as an expendable meatshield.
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    Troops Evaluation

    It's alright as is. Never see much point for Menvaltions and Bucellarii though. Bucellarii are well armored, but they just can't seem to kill anything really on horseback - though I guess they have more arrows then Palantines.

    Menvaltions aren't horrible, but Legionaries are just generally better overall.
    Bucellarii are just kind of meh. I'd say give them a lance or something so they could feel more unique among the other horse archers.

    Menavliatons seem to work best as a form of shock troop, but the problem is they don't ever seem to whip out their menavliatons. Doesn't help their armour seemed to have nerfed too. They're just lacking now.

    Khuzait is basically perfect. My only complaint is I'm not sure Darkhans should have the face mask, should probably just be for Khan's Guard. Minor personal quibble though.
    No, they look cool. Don't take it from them.

    They already stop'd them via snowballing fixes, as far as I've seen unless they player joins the Khuzait they don't expand with nearly as much success now.
    I'm saying a gold standard for a troop tree that's 'good', which is what I read this topic to be about.
    I haven't been keeping up as much as I should, but from what I've heard, they've just given everyone else more cavalry? Not a fan of that solution, doesn't actually address the issue.

    I'm still curious about how one could make every other troop tree as 'good' as the Khuzaits without just giving everyone more cavalry choices. I still don't think they should have tier 2 cavalry at all. Or at the very least, not tier 2 horse archers.
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