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    In Progress Pravend Siege AI Pathing Bug (Attackers)

    Summary: I used trebuchets to break both walls at Pravend and then initiate a siege battle. The enemy had 4 ballistas up, both walls were broken, and I had one trebuchet up. The majority of the soldiers in my army either pathed directly into walls outside of the settlement or stood around doing...
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    In Progress Party Size Limit Doesn't Update when Changing Quartermaster

    Summary: Party size doesn't update when you change the quartermaster in the clan menu. This causes the party limit to be over (or under) its actual value until the party menu is opened (through the world map or after battle, etc.) This can be exploited to grind XP for an assigned Quartermaster...
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    Insane Merc recruitment...

    That's a good point, but it's also true that every mercenary band consists of some amount of unrecruitable units (skolder brotva warrior, arboreal, etc.), which must come from some source. My guess is free recruits.
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    Insane Merc recruitment...

    I'm not sure if this is a bug but more of a balancing issue. Mercenary troops aren't recruitable, so it follows that mercenary parties don't assemble parties in the same manner as other lord parties (i.e. recruiting from settlements). I assume they get free troops in some manner, like companions used to.

    This of course is a balance issue. With the recent changes to mercenary contract deciding, one nation tends to hire every single mercenary faction on the continent, which is an upwards of 40+ parties. I captured over 40 party leaders in 3 battles yesterday, over half of which were mercenary party leaders. They were all gone from my prison within 5 days, and very soon were flooding me again with parties of 11-25 soldiers. The soldier counts are low, but the sheer number of parties has some consequences:

    1. Raids go off the charts. In the war I was in, the Battanians (who only had a 2000 man force vs our 9000 man force, and they only had 1 town) had 65 successful raids while we had 4. The mercenary parties were constantly raiding every single village on cooldown, and they couldn't be stopped because they are incredibly numerous with very small parties that are capable of wiping out a village militia and also escaping from any party that tries to engage them. Then, as soon as one party gets chased off, another resumes raiding the village in its place seconds later.

    2. Map flood. There are almost always 10-20 individual enemy parties following me around during sieges when at war with a weaker power due to this mercenary flooding issue. This isn't necessarily a balance problem, but it becomes quite annoying very quickly. And, like I said before, they seem to almost instantly escape imprisonment and come back with parties of 10-25 soldiers. Having 10 of those following you around at any point (with high speed because of small party sizes) is in fact a balance issue.

    I haven't experienced the problem you have in regards to mercenary parties only targeting the player, though. I've definitely seen them going after a number of other targets, namely raids. It could be that due to the sheer amount of parties, you're perceiving them as only targeting you. There are, after all, 40+ of them running around all over the map.

    It may however be a bug or unintended consequence (or oversight, even) of the last patch with the changes to mercenary contract decisions. It seems common sense that the larger nation with over 30 fiefs could pay more money than the nation with 3 fiefs (only one of which is a town). Yet, the nation with almost no income is paying every single mercenary band in Calradia to fight for them against a massively more powerful enemy? You would think they would get discouraged and discontinue the contract after a large amount of subsequent losses. Or that the more powerful country, which is surely richer, could pay them more. Of course, that exacerbates the snowball issue (which this honestly directly helps to counteract).

    Perhaps a limit should be imposed on the number of mercenary factions a kingdom can hire, or provide more incentive for competing kingdoms to outbid for mercenary factions when a single nation is hiring many of them. This would prevent one single kingdom from amassing every single merc faction on the map.
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    Need More Info Infinite Dialog Loop

    Summary: I just convinced a lord (Fafen) to join my kingdom (vlandia) when I met him out in the field. After paying him ~1 mil denars to do so, the scene exited back to the world map, but immediately upon trying to move, Fafen engaged me again with hostile dialog. I had no option to respond with...
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    Need More Info Man-at-arms skill not working.

    Can confirm, doesn't work for me either.
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    Council of the Commons Policy is Too Powerful

    Council of the Commons in its current state gives 1 influence per day per notable in each settlement owned by a clan. It also increases militia production by 1 per day per notable in those settlements. The results is that with one settlement, you end up getting a hefty +10 or so influence per...
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    Need More Info Siege bug resulting in inability to play

    I've just come across this bug while sieging Onica Castle. During the siege, I was approached by an army from the Southern Empire and entered into negotiations with their army leader. I convinced him to join our side and paid him 1 million to do so. Afterward, the army dispersed on the map as he...
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    Need More Info Main Quest Progression Stuck

    @Tick2019 Those are the ones I was talking to. As you can see from the quest log in the screenshots I posted, they were valid nobles and it was noted in the quest log. They still did not count.

    @RocMat1 At the time of this post, I was talking to other nobles and they referred me to Adram. I talked to Adram, and he gave me a long story (as all of the other nobles relevant to the quest). He was referred to by the other nobles, and still did not count for the quest.
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    Need More Info Main Quest Progression Stuck

    Many of the nobles I talked to initially I wasn't referred to, so I don't believe that was the issue. I talked to no nobles except those with the quest marker for the first few hours of the game.
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    Need More Info Main Quest Progression Stuck

    @Offline They referred me to a noble called Tais. Talking to him gave me a 9/10. That is fairly odd.
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    Need More Info Main Quest Progression Stuck

    My issue: The first main quest, "Investigate 'Neretzes's Folly'" is stuck at Nobles to Talk to 8/10. Talking to other nobles does not increase the counter and the quest cannot be completed. I have already spoken to 10 nobles about the artifact, and the last two did not tally progress...
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