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    Calradia Roleplay [New Server]

    Friendly community and very enjoyable to play, would recommend to play on with your friends!
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    My thoughts on the Faction Snowball effect. Campaigns should go on forever!

    Is there a way to offer a city/castle to surrender? Because I'm sometimes sieging a castle with one person defending it, which takes days to conquer since I have to build up my unnecessary siege camp.
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    Bandit Hideouts are ridiculous

    It's ridiculous already how slow they walk with their shield up. I get it, it's hard to hold up a a few kilograms for a few minutes but it ain't an elephant.
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    Game breaking faction/kingdom snowballing balance problem

    There are a lot of similar topics, many are being duplicated. Perhaps there should be a list of everything under one topic? Everyone can post underneath it and will be edited into the main topic? I'm willing to make one and keep it updated. Also looking into other topics to add those that are less familiar.
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    No annoucement of war-/logs

    There is no 'big' announcement of war being declared in any form. Everytime I'm on the otherside on the map or whatever I notice too late that I'm suddenly at war with multiple factions without being notified. Also, there is no logs like in Warband? Everytime something happens or I think i...
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    Game breaking faction/kingdom snowballing balance problem

    I think one of the issues is that once a lord is beaten he has a very hard time to recover since (atleast from what I have seen) he starts out alone again with no people in his army. Making him easy target for the smallest bandit groups. My chat log is just being spammed with lords being captured by sea raiders/looters.

    Not to mention, there are large groups of sea raiders plumbed up together, almost as strong as 300 men.
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    MP Native Persistent Kingdoms - 1.2 Released!

    Best of luck with the mod!
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    Persistent Memories

    RCC, where a siege once lasted two days.
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    The passing of our beloved...

    Haven't been on the forums for ages, this is the first thing I see. Makes me sad. Knew him for serval years, been good buddies with him ever since. Hope he didn't suffer.
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    [EU/NA]Oasis Hosting - Biggest Mount & Blade Warband Server Host! - 15% off

    Please do not bump your complaints. Our staff is doing our best to help you out.
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    Osthill City [Finished] with download!

    I assume this is the only forum you are not toxic on, dear Dickers.  :party:
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Will there be crossbows?
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    Black screen when playing

    Yes. But that has nothing to do with the darkening. Since the same happens on navite multiplayer and singleplayer.  :ohdear:
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    Black screen when playing

    Don't think it is because of the server, but the map. I didn't look at the name or anything sadily, merely joined one to test it out.
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    Black screen when playing

    Hello! Recently I bought a new PC. On which, I have no trouble in FPS whatsoever on other games. Beside Warband. When joining multiple player servers my whole screen turns black. I can see the title screen by pressing escape, and my opinions. Apart from that, utterly nothing besides the name...
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