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    Issue with Starting Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord


    Prueba borrando la carpeta: "C:\Users\usuario\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord"

    Donde pone "usuario" tienes que poner tu usuario de windows.

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    Duel map: Warband's Arena Map

    It would be really cool if TW remade some of the classic maps for Bannerlord. Like when a new Halo game came out and you'd get a new Blood Gulch.
    So true. I'm with you. At least the arena.
    Then, when they release the map editor, the community could convert the rest.

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    [MAP] Dusk of a kingdom

    Hi all,

    What can I say, this is a marvellous work. A huge map full of details and a lot of working hours in there.

    Thanks Almo for this new masterpiece. I hope we could test it on some server. You could write a story to play with

    Salu2 :-]

    PD: and remember...never underestimate a naked opponent
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    Champions of Europe - Country by Country

    Targon said:
    New IG recruit, eh? :p
    List's updated!

    IG? what that means? I don't get you at all :S

    All those names come from the books of Calradia. I just typed them down here. They are all legendary

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    Champions of Europe - Country by Country

    And the nominees are:

    Andorra: Paquito el chocolatero
    Czech Republic: Cybran
    Denmark: Treode
    Estonia: Ivarr
    Finland: ryozu
    France: Gabatxo
    Germany: Edward, YourNotAlone
    Italy: Elguera, Duken
    Norway: Kvitebjorn
    Poland: Harman
    Portugal: Maynd
    Russia: AmyWebb
    Serbia: Varadin
    Spain: Madita, Almogaver, phM, Lua
    Sweden: Lisen, Hamilcar_the_luckiest
    United Kingdom: Archivist

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    ZHG / Zendar Hunters Guild [non-competitive] / now with 100% more poll story

    Not for me, the german one is laggy :S Seems like hosted on a 286. Even ping is bigger 27->55

    One of my favourite servers by the way

    Regards and thanks for keeping this wonderful server up
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