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    is there any news about 1.6.0 patch? (Presumably)

    I decided to give this theory a shot and found half a dozen mods I wanted to try out now that they were updated for 1.5.9. However, I found that some stuttering has returned to battles, which just kills it for me. So, I downloaded WB with PoP and played a few hours. It's a much deeper and and more enjoyable experience. A decade later.
    I revisited and did a full playthrough recently, and man does it sink its hooks into you. There is always something driving you forward; "just one more qualis gem" or "just one more point in strength, then I'll be able to wield that sweet sword" etc. Such a great mod.
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    The ladders worked, the towers worked, the AI worked, everything just worked

    And what about the possibility of convincing yourself to understand and tolerate others? And to make you a better person?

    You systemitacelly pop-up in any discussion thread where people dare to give positive thoughts and comments about this game...
    Just like a grumpy old dude who ended his life alone, because he was not able to forgive / tolerate a single thing his whole life.

    And I'm amazed at how you can bring sensitive and real topics like illness (remember ER) and divorce as arguments, into a video game forum...
    So for you the frustration you get from this game (not being developped the way you expected...) is at the same level than what you could get when you suffer from illness or after a divorce?

    To help you to relativize and hopefully relieve some of your frustrations:
    "People are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them."
    It's just a metaphor. Relax.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    It would be great if some thinsg get further tweeked/fixed.

    The battle is as usual Warband style a huge clusterf**k of brainless AI where we can see heads,half of the npcs body,hands going throu npcs heads,body,shields,soldiers morfing/combining with one another DBZ style/siamesse twin style all due to the clustering stuff.

    Devs deffinetly should also create some line mechanics where AI/NPC form lines and then instead of all of the lines attacking instead we get the 1st contact line then 2nd and maybe if needed 3rd lines being engaged in the fight while the remaning lines stay put/alert/ready to engage BUT they not engage and just wait for a comrade from front to fall to fill its spot.

    That way in battle the computer/system wont need to constantly calculate NPCs/AIs animation/movements who arent even engaged at all in combat BUT instead would save system/relive system from calculating all of that mess and focus on first 2-3 lines of combat (depending on the space of contact closed in door fighting or filed fight).That way it will free alot of memory space bcs the non engaged NPCs/AI will stay in one combat motion and would wait without activating any animation or moving until its needed to fill the gap in lines that lost a soldier.

    I think i mentioned somewhere this type of aproach alongisde for devs to make AI/NPC pathing inside gates better by SIMPLY after the first gate is breached by ram then all it need is that soldiers mounted/operate on ram MOVE the ram atleast/minimum 10 steps back from the breached gate or after the breaching of the gate move the ram to the side and that way they would clear the path for the soldiers to easly without ram obstruction clearly go to breach the second gate without morfing/merging with each other and causing pathfinding problems just bcs ram is messing with the pathfinding due to being right in front of the gate.

    If i remmember correctly sugested somewhere both of the things from army AI aproacing battles/tight corner battles to the atleast temporary fix moving the ram away post breaching the first gate BUT my sugestions were comleatly ignored.

    I hope these things get looked over/glanced over and not ignored.
    This needs to be fixed. Without proper battles, the whole game falls apart for me.
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    Is the smith guy on vacation, it has been almost a year?

    Crafting isn't bad per see but the original iteration they showed us was a commission system where you payed a smith and he made the weapon you wanted, maybe they could keep both styles so players who don't want to craft can still get custom weapons (i know you can use a smith companion to craft for you but it's still crafting, he just provides the skill level)

    Also they could add armor crafting/commissioning rather easily if it's just the pre-made armors and not custom parts like with weapons, there are mods for this already and would be a good way to get that specific armor you want for you or to outfit your companions for example when you have lots of cash to spend.

    I like the crafting system, just think it needs fixes, improvements and an alternative if you are not in the mood to play a crafter.
    This +1
    And even if you're doing crafting playthrough, it's so frustrating unlocking parts you have no need for. You should be able to buy specific weapon part recipes from vendors.

    Maybe also some quests for smithing? Like a lord/lady ordering a specific weapon from you, or street gangs ordering a batch of hatches etc. It has a lot of potential if done properly, imo.
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    Is the smith guy on vacation, it has been almost a year?

    Yes. For those that weren't here to see it and for those who simply forgot, weapon crafting was stated to not be ready for EA so it was not going to be accessible. Seeing it there and in a functional state (though definitely not an ideal one) was a surprise for us who were looking forward to it and were disappointed by the previous announcement.

    Like so many things in the game, I--personally--think there's still a ton of work that needs to be done (and some design decisions to reconsider) to get the feature to a state where it meets reasonable expectations. If the current state of the game is indicative of their standards for coming out of early access in the first half of this year, then I'll probably continue being disappointed for a long while yet. That's on me. What's on TW is to reach the milestones they've set for themselves, listen to their players, and turn that feedback into solutions for the biggest gripes the community has.
    Fully agree.
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    Is the smith guy on vacation, it has been almost a year?

    Coincidentally, that's also "the smithing guy" who no-lifed the last few days before EA launch to finish the first iteration of the system after announcing it wouldn't make it for initial EA. Did it feel rushed? Of course it did, it literally was. It's also not a critical feature of the game, so there are other priorities. The alternative was another empty hole where a promised/advertised feature should be, and of course there would have been complaints about that. It'll get another pass eventually.

    In the meantime, calling for violence against anyone--even in jest--is a no-go on this forum. I hope you won't require another pass.
    So the smithing system was rushed into the game to make it into early access? Interesting.
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    Is the smith guy on vacation, it has been almost a year?

    I honestly believe the smithing Dev could have left 6 months ago and the rest of the team not have noticed.
    – Hold on a mintue now, where's Göken?
    – I thought he quit...
    – What do you mean?
    – He literally hasn't been here for the last eight months. You haven't noticed?
    – *Shrugs*
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    SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    Having a weird issue with the mod currently where I get no notifications in the bottom left of the screen. Messages, xp, damage, deaths/ko's, etc none of it shows up.

    I have all the boxes checked in the options to show me the messages.
    I have exactly the same problem. Anyone know a fix to this?
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    Loot from battles need some kind of rework

    Now I got the document for new / old item prices. And what I see is changes seem good. Price of expensive items for high tier troops are generally reduced by 4-5x even some are 10x while low tier ones are usually similar :


    Formula is still same by the way and which troop has which item data will not change. So you will get 440 value of expected loot from a killed tier-5 troop same as older versions. However it will make more sense with new reduced values and you will get see loot dropped from high tier troops after battles. I will try to make this formula 20x for nobles. So a level 26 lord will give 20x more expected loot which is about 9K. So you will get about 5-10% chance of getting his 50K item. (Even still leaving 50K item at battlefield not realistic it is better than 0.1%)
    Looks much more reasonable! Thank you for sharing with us.
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    Open Post: Armagan, We Could Use A Video Update Addressing Our Concerns

    If things aren't bright for singleplayer imagine for multiplayer, there has been what? 1 or 2 new maps since release and just tweaks + nerfs here and there lmao

    Warband's multiplayer was awesome and not a single soul in existence wanted it to change like TW did, people wanted more of it and improved (and custom servers, this game's multiplayer lives and breathes community events and mods).

    They did all those changes trying to attract more casual players and the e-sports crowd, the thing is, medieval melee combat games are a niche, their multiplayer even more so and no amount of dumbing down to cod-levels will change that.

    TW already had success in this scene (to the limits of a niche category), they didn't needed to change multiplayer but only improve it from the tested and beloved formula in warband, nor only will they not attract those casual people and e-sports crowd but they are driving their loyal fans away with all their guilds, clans, regiments etc, it's easier to find a good match in warband so many years after it's golden age than in the freshly released bannerlord and that's saying something.
    Yes, it's super niche! I think i tend to forget this when talking with other people about Bannerlord or when I'm on this forum – but I also think TW themselves forget that sometimes. I remember before EA, I showed a friend of mine the early access footage of a siege. For me it was huge! The amount of AI units, the siege ladders, the battering ram etc. But my friend, he couldn't care less about it. "The graphics aren't as good as Assassin Creed Odyssey", is all I remember him saying. That really says a lot about what the general "gaming community" thinks when they see Bannerlord.

    That's why it hurts to see them dumbing down features/AI decisions/immersion to fit consoles, just to be ignored by the more action-oriented crowd anyways. The game is not going to be played by anyone by then.

    Mods are the only way I see of it becoming a worthy successor to Warband at this point.
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    Add strange set (samurai set) to the game or armor with samurai characteristics.

    Sadly, a lot of the humor/charm that was in WB is lost with Bannerlord and this is another example of that imo.
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    I Have No Control Over My Vassals - I accidently started an Oligarchy

    Too much RTS? Who cares? If it's a fun feature – put it in the game! Why in the world would anybody care to become the king if there are no rewards to reaped from this anyway.

    Please, just release the game and let the modders take care of the rest. You are obviously out of touch with your community – so let your community finish your job for you.
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    Distance between two fighters


    Would probably make battles last longer than...(insert sex joke here).
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    Suggestion on Death and Characters

    Or make player option to make a choice, that "non-combat" companions will not actually fight (if they dont have to), because they are theoreticians and not combatants or something like that.

    There should definitely exist some form of option to have your companions not engage in the battle, as well as the ability of course to recover your companions' gear if you win the battle. I mean, it doesn't really make sense that my medic or engineer with next to zero combating skill would take part in every battle.
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    Maddening Army AI (this army was sponsored by RAID)

    Yes, it's pretty ridiculous the amount babysitting you have to do when being the leader. It's especially frustrating when you have lords obsessively raiding since raiding gives you next to nothing in terms of money anyways.

    The ordering of your vassals/clan system cannot come soon enough imo.
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