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    Make it that you can command your teammate in tournament s

    Why not? It should have been included from the start as it was a feature in WB. If you don't like it – don't use it.
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    Besieging a Settlement with NO Defenders Is a Thing

    In Warband you had the ability to negotiate with the defending forces and they would automatically surrender if the garrison was weak enough. Is this option available in Bannerlord?
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    Besieging a Settlement with NO Defenders Is a Thing

    So someone closed the gate from the inside and then jumped the walls? Fair enough.
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    Make the army compositions of some NPC lords more diverse and unique to add flavor and reduce monotony

    I'm not sure if this really is the same as what you're suggesting – maybe not 100% this or that – but at least that all lords have a randomised preference of battle tactics and, ergo, troop upgrades. Just to add some flavour. Maybe this already exists, but I haven't noticed so far.
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    Army Mechanic Changes

    I like this idea! Should at least be tested imo. Anything that minimises the appeared random actions of the AI actions is a good thing in my book at least.
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    For those who needs tip about leveling up the Leadership skill

    +1 on this this. Should fit well with any civil war mechanic as well.
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    Features you'd like to see added to the game

    Agreed. Never thought I'd miss feasting this much!
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    Clan Improvement Ideas

    Lol yeah, the report of someone who died needs to be fixed. I had a companion which I for the life of me couldn't find. Went to check in the encyclopedia and found out he died a month ago (RIP). +1 on the better UI and stats of your clan. Would also make it feel a bit more immersive with all...
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    Features you'd like to see added to the game

    – Complete sandbox game without main quest and family – The ability to set up camp and station troops there (or just for resting like in WB) – Accompanying parties on the map (seriously, why was this not included from the start?) – Reasons to actually visiting your castles/towns – like quests or...
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    Suggestion for Scouting perk

    Just like you "magically" know where the enemy is heading just by hovering your mouse above their symbol? And yes, I am aware of the tracking mechanics. I wasn't a fan of using it in Warband and I'm not a fan of it in Bannerlord, at least not for the purpose of scouting as you are proposing...
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    Floggings and forced conversions

    While I think maybe flogging as an activity/mini-game is a bit overboard, I do agree that this sort of roleplay as to making your character good/evil needs to come into the gameplay more. I as the player should be able to choose whether I want to be more authoritative or liberal as a ruler for...
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    Suggestion for Scouting perk

    A scouting perk that lets you know (maybe only a percentage chance or something idk) if an enemy army is heading for one of your faction's fiefs and how long it will take for the army to arrive. That way your are able to meet them in the open field beforehand or to get there in time to...