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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    The biggest problem with using recruits after the opening stages of the game is that it doesn’t really make sense why I can’t give said recruits better gear and put them in a shield wall or archer line. Like I have a million denars, forget the pitchfork, here’s a spear that I bought for you. Either death rate at the front line for recruits needs to be greatly diminished by some mechanism like you pointed out or recruitment needs to be completely reworked. I can’t understand how this is an issue at this point after such well developed recruitment systems in warband.

    I posted a similar suggestion with a detailed possible solution to this problem a while ago. Unfortunately it didn't get much attention:

    Maybe linking my own thread can change that :xf-tongue:
  2. Patch Notes e1.2.0 & Beta e1.3.0

    Ok If you join a faction.. and they have Trial by Jury and Dacred Magesty already on. your faction and your self can not do to much.You get a -1 INFLUENCE each day from them... thats giving you a -2 a day.. thats ok as there are alot of pluses you can get put in. but you will not get a chance to put them in as you will be on -0 INFLUENCE so fast.
    This means you can not build an Army by the time it takes to find some one to kill you will be -30 i have been there so much now and can not get to a plus.. ok then i thought put my companions into parties give them men and get them to join me in an Army as it costs 0 INFLUENCE ..But no as i am -30 now i cant. so i then looked at the factions Clans.. and now there are only 3 clans that have INFLUENCE the king being one.. the rest all with a - something so they cant get there members to join them as well.
    One thing is the game runs nice as it is now with this, but its to much.a -1 each day on these is way to much maybe -1 a week or - 0.1 per day.. Guys that are playing with old save and have lots of Influence will not see this but guys that start a new game will..

    -2 is not as bad as it might look. Donating prisoners to allied dungeons in towns and castles gives a lot of influence. Higher tier units are worth quite a bit, but even looters do. If you can get yourself a town, you can build a forum that gives +1-3 influence per day. If you want everyone to drown in influence, spend your first 50 to vote for "council of the commons", its pretty broken how much influence it gives. You will need a fief (castle or town) to profit from that though.

    P.S.: Search function is your friend.
  3. Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    @Duh_TaleWorlds I'm not sure if you were aware of this or not, but militias cannot actually starve. The red negative modifier shows, but no militia are removed when the number updates. Only battle will remove them right now.

    I made a bug report about this, feel free add your experience here:
  4. Inverted troop upgrades vs denar magic?

    Wait, what the **** is denar magic ? To upgrade a vlandian recruit into a levi crossbowman he needs to stab others in the face with his pointy stick (polearm), then a lord has to throw some denars at him and speak the magic words: "levi crossbowman", and he turnes into a levi crossbowman, with...
  5. Relation reward increase in late game

    Did you have a high charm skill in your last game ? High charm significantly increases relation gains. If thats the cause, then the reason to work on your relation early would be to level your charm skill, and of course to get access to more noble units. No idea if there is another reason for varying relation gain.
  6. A Known Bug? in skill leveling

    I just found the bug report you made. Thought "hey there is more"... no its you :grin:
    Anyway, be sure to keep a save game with this bug, and if possible upload it to a cloud service and add a link to it in your bug report, that would make things a lot easier if the devs get to look into this!
  7. A Known Bug? in skill leveling

    Hmm you do realise that quatermaster is leveled by providing morale bonus through food variety, and not high morale from leadership or recent events, right ?
  8. Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Not sure if any other has the same issue, but when I was in battle mode, sometimes myself, horses and enemy will be shown as a large black square and I cant see anything. that move with characters.

    Turn off "Screen Space Reflection" under "Options - Performance". That fixed it for me.
  9. Resolved Enemy's militia not starving under siege

    Here you go!
    Savegame from spring 16, right where i made the second screenshot (i wish i had a save a day earlier, as the siege is about to end):

  10. Garrisons and Food, how do you maintain it?

    I've read though it, it's worse then I thought. I see one town has more grain farms so that's likely why it has less problems, it still has then just not as quickly.
    Villages from nearby castles also deliver their products to the nearest town of their own faction. If they belong to a different faction, food is missing. Delivering food yourself might help on short term, but in the long run it can reduce the price for food, hence merchants want to buy food from that town, instead of selling it. I played food delivery service for way too long, but it did not help at all. In the end it's best to move the borders of your faction away from that town by conquest and leave the town to its misery. My town still goes through food shortage from time to time but its a lot less severe now that the war has moved to a different region on the map. This also prevents armies from buying all the food there which happend a lot earlier. I hated this starvation thing at first, but its actualy kind of realistic.
  11. Resolved Enemy's militia not starving under siege
  12. Suggestion: Make higher perks independent from lower perks

    Thx for your reply!
    I am indeed using the beta and did not know it was fixed. A respec option would do, but take away the commitment when choosing perks. Still better then the way it is now. And if they change/rebalance the perks itself, a respec option would actualy be better.
  13. Suggestion: Make higher perks independent from lower perks

    Please make it possible to pick any perk when u meet the required skill level, without picking lower perks first! This is not meant as a permanent change, but for the time of development until all perks are implemented and stop causing issues. I would really like to pick my level 100 and...
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