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    I hate Bannerlord

    That’s attacking not blocking
    They're directly tied to each other. The block delay makes it so you can't spam cancels as fast. I'm just saying thats probably a major reason why they implemented the delay in the first place. You can't really reduce the block delay without reintroducing fast cancels again unless you do something else to attack animations I guess, which is probably just as bad of an idea. I personally don't see an issue with WBs feinting but eh.
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    I hate Bannerlord

    We are just asking for the blocking system from Warband that work perfectly and had 0 controversy
    I dunno if I'd say ZERO controversy. People definitely cried/cry about the feint spamming for example. Which is probably why they did the weird delay stuff in thef irst place.
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    I don't really have a problem with kickslash or kicking itself, but it doesn't carry anywhere near enough risk for how good it is currently. That's the main issue I have. It should be more high risk.
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    I hate Bannerlord

    I just think it should be the same as WB to be honest. Let people cancel the swings up to a certain point. Don't have a ridiculous block delay when there's already inherent block from both reaction time and from the fact that we're all playing online. It's these overly long delays in the wrong place the make the game feel clunky. Another game that has this same problem is Smash Bros Ultimate. Game feels like you're playing with someone on Mars when online because of all the crazy buffers and delays built in to the base. Don't need that crap.
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    ETA on server files

    Siege in NA is totally dead until they get released.
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    Vlandia, Khuzait and Sturgia in multiplayer ?

    For me I only ever get the Khuzaits. I hate playing as them lmao
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    I am repulsively disappointed in MP, Taleworlds.

    Uh, I'm gonna have to disagree on pretty much all of that. Duels were definitely a thing in Warband and they will be in this game. And the community will have the most popular servers as soon as they release the server files, that's another given. Especially if custom maps are as easy as they were in Warband. Furthermore, lol if you think having slightly more varied equipment increases the server load in any meaningful way.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Its true that it doesn't hurt anyone, I'm just commenting on what the other guy said. Having it on is still impacting the balance, it makes the shield less appealing as a primary piece of equipment the way I see it. Manual block is weak against many opponents since it increasingly becomes unmanageable, while shields let you turtle up and retreat to more favorable scenarios. With auto block you can just essentially spam it and its actually better than the shield in just about all situations not involving projectiles since you will be able to move faster, deal more damage and not have to worry about durability.

    Either way its fine if people don't care about the balance and just want an easier game. But it also makes certain options strictly less meaningful rather than just making the game easier.
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    Poll - What is your favorite faction ?

    Battania and Vlandia are by far my favorites. Bows and big swords, and heavy armor western cavalry. Can't ask for much more than that.
    I would like the Empire more if the time setting was scaled back more and they had a more "glory days of the Roman Empire" function. Ya know scutums and such.
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    Is it necessary to autogenerate companion attributes?


    First off I'm having loads of fun with the game, truly, and with the patches almost all instances of annoyance have been mitigated. There are of course some caveats still remaining, one of which is the following:

    You start the game with an awesome backstory creation mechanic that decides who you are, your starting attributes and focus. I love this because it's realistic, you know, one is a product of their past and this backstory creation process captures that beautifully.

    So you go out and find your companions. You scour the lands for the companions with the right skillset. You're looking for a scout, a surgeon, a quartermaster and an engineer to fill the clan roles, and you're also looking for tacticians to lead war parties and stewards to govern your settlements when it comes to that.

    Finding no companion who is a good steward is not a bother really, because if you find a healer or an engineer, they're bound to be intelligent, and an intelligent man will grow into his role and one day make a good steward.

    So you don't find a steward, but you find Katala Willowbark. You add her to your party because you need a governor, and you know she can't steward but she'll learn. After all, she's a great surgeon.

    You pay for her things and add her to your party... Only to find out she literally has 0 intelligence.

    (I know about the save and reload thing btw).

    This is nowhere near a gamebreaker. So far I've found no gamebreakers to be frank, it's a game I'm sure to enjoy for a long time to come. But this, together with the much mentioned smithing grind, is for me the most annoying part of the game.
    I believe you can view stats by right clicking on the portrait from the town menu before you go into the tavern, fwiw.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    What's the point of shields when there's autoblock? It makes them totally irrelevant.
    This is how I see it too. But I can sort of see the argument that "well you can't block arrows" which is fair I guess. But the greatly improved blocking advantage of the shield is baked into the balance with the slower swing speeds and lower damage etc. Removing the tradeoffs DOES mess with the balance.
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    2h units are useless unless archers get nerfed

    Just make a shieldwall in front of the 2h units?

    you can already do that?
    in the party screen select the unit you want in a different group than click the orange banner with the roman numeral in it.
    (This image is resized so looks horrible, this is no representation of the games graphics)
    These settings dont seem to hold for me. My u its are frequently reset to the default. Additionally, there aren't any custom name slots, which would be nice for organizing. Its useful when it works but it is heinously annoying to have to reset them.
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    Can we please be able to couch pikes and spears as infantry?

    Pretty sure I remember doing this in WFaS multiplayer lol. I believe pikes could brace in that game and it WAS effective at stopping horses from entering chokes and such. I remember a few guys doing it at the entrance of a breach on a siege map to keep cavalry out of an area and it seemed effective enough. But I didnt play that game very much online(then again who did)
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    Siege maps should always have a backdoor or a less popular way to enter.

    It definitely feels like the maps are following degenerate "three lane" map design rather than doing something interesting. A plague on maps these days, its boring and lame.
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    Another review from one of those 5k+ hours warband players

    Chambers were cool. I agree with the people saying they should have been made even more generous than in Warband, rather than rarer. It was a cool and unique mechanic that should have been expanded on like Mordhau did.
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