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  1. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    Got "lucky" and got a crash. However it was while changing the resolution to empty my ram so not entirely sure if its representative.

  2. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    Sorry as I have mentioned above I no longer crash from the ram filling up. I usually notice from my framerate tanking hard that I am at 97-100% ram utilization. Then if I change resolution (which one doesnt matter) the ram is cleared and I can change back to my normal resolution.

    Last time I just kept playing with the ram full I just had really bad performance but no crash.
  3. In Progress Memory leak

    Does the RAM get released if you change resolution? I have the same issue and change my resolution a couple of times per siege game to not have my performance tank due to full RAM.
  4. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    Still have this issue. Game doesn't hard crash but I have to change the game resolution to "reset" the launcher size in the ram.

    Have changed motherboard, hdds since first encountering the issue but it persists.
  5. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    Quick update: I still have the issue... kinda. Ram fills upp and hovers around 95-100% use. When approaching 100% performance takes a hit but does not crash. If I change the resolution the ram clears up so I usually do this and then change it back to my normal res and the game works fine for a while, Typically have to do this once per siege game.
  6. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes


  7. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    I finally crashed and got the crash uploader! I wasn't monitoring my RAM usage so not 100% certain it was the cause of the crash.
  8. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    Finally got around to try it, GPU broke so had to wait a bit for a replacement. Have performed a clean windows install. Still run same settings and get the same issue. Increasing the swap size does help with the super hard crashes (like that Windows crashes fully) but the game still gets unplayable when physical ram is filled up and I would assume the full crash is only delayed, not avoided.

    Do you know if someone got anything out of the tmcap file?
  9. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    Thanks, missed that one! I'll try it out when I get home.
  10. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    I have never gotten the crash uploader tool box pop up for this type of crash (last had the RAM crash yesterday when I wanted to test the new patch). The bug more or less crashes windows entirely when the RAM gets full so I don't know if that interferes with the crash uploader starting up.

    Could I find crash reports somewhere in the game folders even if the upload window doesn't appear?

    Unfortunately I have tried most of the workarounds in those threads but I'll post an update if I find a way to make it work from my end.
  11. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    Still wrong sound effects after verifying the files. Hitting someone with an arrow makes the sound of hitting a metal shield with a hammer f.ex. Keep hearing the "pwieew"-sound that you normally get from shooting your last arrow all the time. And many others are wrong or missing.

    But as mentioned before I dont get this on the main branch at least.
  12. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    Are you experiencing the same issue on normal beta version?
    Nope, only on the perf_test beta. Regular sounds fine.
  13. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    Link to the tmcap file on dropbox. That upload site doesnt seem to work at all.

    I was playing for 20-30 minutes when the RAM usage started increasing. Started recording after verifying in the task manager that it was in fact the bannerlord launcher that was filling up my memory. Let the recording proceed as the ram utilization climbed a couple of percent and stopped it so I could turn the game off before crashing as it is usually a fairly buggy crash.

    Nothing else open on the pc other than a firefox window and task manager on my 2nd screen. See settings on attached screenshots below.

    I really hope you can get to the bottom of this as it is annoying as hell:smile:

    FYI the perf_test "beta" version has really weird sound, at least for me. Wrong sound effects for a lot of things.
  14. Need More Info Game fills up RAM and crashes

    Summary: Game has been filling up my RAM and crashing for the last few weeks. I only play MP and have had these crashes in both siege and TDM. Maps etc doesnt seem to matter. Started happening after I changed out my rtx 2060 for an rtx 3070. I play on mostly maxed out settings at 3440x1440 with...

    I think the dev solution can work. Also what you (Mushbeast) suggested with the 3-flag lock. Why I dont want it to be all flags until G is unlocked is that as attacker you want the defenders to have to split up when taking the final flags. Otherwise we will just have 2 "G" flags where theres just a grind at the second last flag and the G flag instead of just on the G flag.

    Edit: Just FYI I am clearly biased due to being one of those who will occasionally rush G to annoy the defenders although I usually target one of the later flags instead since its usually more useful for the team long-term...
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