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    one eyed [OE] a suhh dude

    i call being the last person to post on OE thread ever
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    Serious Question

    You know what. I'm done. This community has sucked out any enjoyment I had for this game. I left the forum last night feeling angry and realised 'what's the point'? I cant even login in and play the game I enjoy without just feeling furious at how utterly ruined this community is.... and I just don't care anymore. The 'player' base on here has totally ruined the game for someone who actually enjoyed it. The official game forum has literally driven away someone who actually loved the title. What a ****ing joke. So well done everyone. You got what you wanted. You destroyed all excitement, positivity and enjoyment I took from mount & blade... you achieved your goal. Look at my pointless ****ing signature - how ****ing childish am I?

    Im just done. Congratulations you win. I hope I can enjoy the game again one day; but I'm done with this forum. POGGERS
    nooo dont leave haha your posts were so insightful . .
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    Serious Question

    bannerlord is bad :xf-smile:
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    Thoughts on Multiplayer Patch video?

    not impressed..
    months later and combat parameters are the only bone they can throw us.. these shouldnt take months to fix
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    Dear Taleworlds

    thanks for the communication azakhi

    tell the higher ups to shove it for me
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    RIP MP

    seriously disable multiplayer and rework it from the ground up. try to build some hype for a re-release because right now MP is flopping the hardest it could have.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Lack of communication or lack of responses might seem ignorant but I can't comment on something I don't know how it works or vice versa. It would be great if all the developers could have spent their times with the community but they decide to work most of the time, which in the end, I think you would agree. I am doing my best to notify the producers and developers regarding what is being discussed on the forums, don't worry on that end.

    There needs to be someone from the dev team here defending the design and the reasoning with us (other than Tork thanks). This game can not be made in a vacuum, your developers have a community to answer to and they need to immerse themselves in it. As a result of fruitful discussion maybe the community and developers can come to mutual understanding. Right now the developer silence inspires no confidence and by in large the community, your player base, fear multiplayer is in bad hands.

    The current trajectory of 0 discussion and 0 concessions made by the developers concerning issues that the community holds in near unanimous agreement leads us down only one disappointing path: severe fragmentation of the player base to various modded versions of multiplayer, dead vanilla servers (not a good look), and thousands of dev hours being a waste in the end. Please correct course and start developing multiplayer FOR the community, not to fulfill the disconnected developer vision.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Edit: Seeing some comments I wanted to clarify something. There are different teams working on different parts of the game, it is not a one big MP team. So one team, like mine, working on social stuff and lobby server related stuff doesn't mean that these features have higher priority.

    Are there plans to add custom player banners and player alias? these are hugely important for the sociability of multiplayer in regards to clans and recognizing your friends and rivals.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Thumbs up on the communication but none of the major concerns were addressed. we've seen posts like these from the devs numerous times and it doesn't really tell us anything other than the obvious. please continue communication and get specific with us on combat, classes, and gamemodes
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    Why TW should get Battle servers ASAP (effortpost inbound)

    Also there are 10 years worth of good battle maps that have stood the test of time that TW can recreate to get a jump start on the map pool. They threw all of those in the dump by going with skirmish. Its going to take them years and years to develop a robust map pool, and in the meantime its not even clear if the game mode is panning out well. My impression is most players will jump ship to battle servers once they are out and the whole thing will have been big waste of time. And I understand TW has said making maps is one of the biggest bottlenecks for developer time already?
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    Bannerlord Duels: Predictions vs. Reality

    In Warband, the level of skill taking place in duels reached as high as Mt. Everest. Skilled players had many tools to work with to overcome their opponent, and their opponent in turn had all the tools needed to nullify their them. This produced some very exciting (and in some cases very long) duels. Fights between highly skilled duelists could be quite lengthy affairs, and each second that passed only added to the suspense. On display was high level feinting, high level blocking, brinkmanship in the form of distance and timing "jousts" where both players would swing when they *just* within weapon range of one another, and meta-gaming (i.e. baiting out a kick, when to go for the spam when you think the opponent is going to feint, when to chamber, when to hold your swing for a fraction of a second when you think your opponent is going to try and chamber you). In all, this created such a deep and complex dueling culture that Warband enjoys like no other.

    This is a reeeeeally great summation of Warband dueling. There is so much depth which is missing in Bannerlord. To be frank it took hundreds of hours of practice to begin to grasp what is going on in Warband's combat, and to understand why the gameplay was so fair and skill based

    I don't think TW has developers who have reached that level of skill to understand or recreate it. The next best thing TaleWorlds can do is listen to the the Warband vets and take their feedback seriously. Which they aren't doing. What a shame
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    Chamber blocking is non-functional

    Chambers are seriously a mystery I don't understand why the physicality has been introduced. seriously this system is unusable. literally WHY?

    people need to stop deluding themselves into thinking TW has devised some superior more skillful chambering system. It is literally impossible, and I guarantee NONE of the developers can chamber consistently. hitting a chamber currently requries LUCK and not skill. this is ridiculous
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    Remove the block delay you've added back

    remove block delay/add tap blocking its been long enough seriouslyyyyy
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