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  1. 88 swing speed for stuge axe?

    yea it's a very good crowd fighting weapon especially the long reach and high dmg combo, however it's impossible to kill any guy in 1v1 with this **** and that is literally the only thing I have got.....have you guys test it about this wouldn't be this bad if i have a spare weapon....
  2. Please change the price of archers and mount archers in team Deathmatch and Siege mode

    personally, i have no idea what this is about, anytime i do mean ANY TIME i hop into a tdm server there are about 90% of the 2hand ALL time. this sounds extraterrestrial to me.....
  3. Tutorial: Adding deaths / losses (STUNNING!! I ALMOST DIED!!)

    Can you also mod a battle mode in mutiplayer with class system gone? don't answer it's rhetorical question xD
  4. A S*****ist versus a Communist

    Enlighten me about the Turkish flag and socialists and communists. Give me a lecture about the Kemalists as well if you please.
    then get a college degree on sociology, you will understand your own question. contrary to common believe, in university no matter it's oceanic origin or continental origin it all study Marxist work very thoroughly.
  5. Server issues

    you actually are the lucky one, EA siege crushed every 10m haven't finished one so far
  6. The Contrarianism of Taleworlds

    I actually will give Roy some credit here - as I think he has a sort of point.

    99% of players are on Singleplayer now; it's the SP that is selling the game and keeping player counts up. So we are left with a situation where 1% of the prospective player base are kicking up more complaints and issues (and indeed rightfully so) then the other 99%.

    It wouldn't be hard to see a situation where TW effectively said 'let them eat cake' and just focussed exclusively on singleplayer. Why waste time on a component of the game no one (now) plays - and is constantly under barrage of complaints & concerns? It's basically just cutting off the infected limb so to speak.
    that's the problem, they won't give custom server, so that 1% can go play themselves. instead come to this place and complain xD
  7. East NA skirmish servers down again

    true true. EA server is really bad:sad:
    EA server is like they either don't give a **** or they are not capable of giving a ****
  8. East NA skirmish servers down again

    hah, EA skirmish server probably down for half a month now, that is what happen when you don't have custom server.
  9. 2 handed nerf when??

    Personally, i think that the speed of 2H weapons is in a pretty good place. You have to remember that even if you block in the wrong direction with a shield, it will still count, although your shield will take more damage than normal.

    Reducing the speed of 2H weapons would ensure that there is absolutely no reason to run a two-handed weapon if one-handed swords are just as fast as 2H. One-handed weapons are a hit and miss on the other hand, with some weapons clearly being better than others.

    Pugio can actually out-slash most 2handers, though it's reach can best be described as "punch plus"
    See my previous point about one-handed falxes
    Aserai light mace, Highland Club and Khuzait Heavy Mace are probably the best blunt weapons in the game
    Sturgian Warrior's Raider Axe seems to be a decent pick all around if you ignore Sturgia's other weaknesses

    With those in mind, i feel like buffing one-handed weapons will be a more productive venture than nerfing 2-handed weapons. This would still allow 2-handed weapons to keep their speed advantage, though giving 1h weapons more options to approach a fight will allow a shieldbearer to exploit possible weaknesses
    do you have any idea what you are talking about? you can nerf 20% of 2h movement speed and swing speed and tdm will still fill 70% of them, for noob it's the dmg set it apart.

    "You have to remember that even if you block in the wrong direction with a shield, it will still count, although your shield will take more damage than normal." this is not true, at least from certain level, in higher level team fight. more than half of the shield fight your hit is land in angle that shield is not covered where 2hand can just dance away without getting punish.

    and don't talk about buff one hand weapon like you have any idea what that means. to what degree you consider a buff? what degree of stats change is relevant at all?
  10. 2 handed nerf when??

    it's movment speed different, it enable 2hand to make some stupied move without getting punish
  11. Perks? what is this Cod4?

    i don't like this movement stats difference very much. a 2hand class with it's movment speed buff can pull out some weird kill in a very very surprising way. i dont like surprises in skirmish mode when you play for the win. i take mount and blade a serious take of the melee game, like team fight with shield wall instead of 5 2hand chopping through everything. if i wanna fun like that i try other game out there. it generally has better graphic and fluid gameplay, and same level of community toxicity lol
  12. Please fix your server !!!!

    This has been bring up many time, I guess dev has little to no estimation of what capacity EA server should have. even a fringe success in EA could easily bring more population than the rest of the region combine. yet it's just treat as another oceanic server lol
  13. Cant join ea skirmish server broken

    try changed your and your friend's Vpn address. apart from that not much you can do.

    EA region once was the 3 biggest player base of bannerlord, now is completely die out, server is always one of the many causes led to it's down fall.
  14. Even with all the horrible decisions, bannerlord is the best game of all time (or warband)


    there is not even a argument to argue about, if you have question just check multiplayer population
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