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    Some additional reward when killing a lord or a king in battle?

    I actually want a head item with the name of the character on it. Even better if it's a throwable "weapon" so I can present it to my khan's feet like in those cool movies.
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    This shows how useful spears were

    I want this so I won't have to deal with ladders.
    And I want the ability to shoot multiple arrows at once like this.

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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Yes, you are right. While my ears are bleeding from sound of doom, or the PvP balance is the opposite of what we need, I can just enjoy and appreciate the perfect flora instead.
    Eeeeh. I was raiding a village the other day and saw a field of uncut wheat textures. It was very immersion-breaking. Besides it's worked on by different teams. The more grounds covered, the better. There are countless minor issues in the game. Like improper ransom text when you random a lord through the tavern, and the UI bug when the village you're currently raiding suddenly changes ownership to a friendly faction.

    I also noticed that the "Assosiate Captured by Bounty Hunter" quest is bugged out. If you get knocked out and lose, the quest succeeds instead of failing. I haven't got the chance to reproduce it and I already lost the save before that.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I haven't had a single crash so far. Just in case, are you guys loading an old save? I always start a new save when a version comes out.
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    That's why Bannerlord is absolutely unplayable (IMHO of course)

    Wow. Is this basically Total War: Bannerlord? Awesome. Playing as a non-fighter commander is now more viable. In native, the command system doesn't make you busy enough to not itch jumping into the fight.

    I sure hope it's stable. This game being in EA makes me worry about mod stability.
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    The ever-starving lords

    All loot the AI collects is instantly turned into money.
    I see. I guess they should just add an exception for food then?
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    The ever-starving lords

    Hmm. Most of my food comes from loots. I don't really buy them. Do the AI loot food? Because realistically speaking they should. If they don't, then I guess it will be the most logical fix. Armies ran on food and looting the food of a defeated army was a huge incentive.
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    If only your lords give you small quests to do like giving you a small group of soldiers to patrol with, raid a village, or skirmish with bandits.
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    Why does a village need more draft animals than its entire population?

    And it's not like we have reasons to keep cows in our party. Mules and sumpter horses are good for carrying stuff so they make it easier. Do cows and sheep even breed when you keep them in your inventory? I remember trying to breed them in 1.5.9 and it never happened.
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    Why does a village need more draft animals than its entire population?

    Yes they scale with your progress. To be fair though, people do need more animals than the population. Just pretend that the villages get more people so they need a better start for their herd economy.
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    [POLL] Would you like alliances in Bannerlord? Currently they are not planned.

    Native not having alliance is completely fine for me, considering the lore and balance of power. As many have pointed out, a proper balanced alliance is quite tricky to implement because there are too many factors. The balance of power in a sandbox should be stable on its own (without player intervention) and a slapped-together alliance system would break that fast.

    However, I'm of the opinion that Taleworlds should give modders the framework to implement whatever kind of alliance they want. For example, if a mod wants Spain and Britain to be in an alliance by default, and are more inclined to be allied throughout the campaign, they should be able to fiddle with the necessary factors to achieve such relationship.

    I think this is the right balance for Taleworlds and players. Not that much work on their part because they don't have to fine tune the factors themselves, but still allows mods to make in-depth diplomacy.
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    [POLL] Would you like alliances in Bannerlord? Currently they are not planned.

    You start with a pool of 100 cohesion points.
    Attacking consumes 10 pointsDefending consumes 8 pointsSiege attack consumes 30 pointsSiege defending consumes 25
    You can add flavor event text to make them more immersive. Like the classic border incidents events. If an alliance can form one multi-faction army, we can add more interesting mini events like "some soldiers fought in a drunken brawl" and the like. Heroes can even have charisma perks to minimize this decay.
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    [POLL] Would you like alliances in Bannerlord? Currently they are not planned.

    I can understand the decision to not give Calradia the option of alliance, because every faction here hates each other, but for mods, alliance needs to be available.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    no you dont
    Independent clan with a fief, last time I did it. That was a long time ago though, so they might have changed it.
    So people won't declare war on me? Neat. I will ditch my current playthrough and start a trader one. Thankies you two.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I feel like it's overkill to make a thread for this question, but what will happen if you buy a settlement with that max Trade perk as an independent? Do you automatically form your own kingdom and can get stomped on by other factions as a result?
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