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    A suggestion that will probably get ignored as all suggestions: Remove lances from light cav.

    Just get rid of the combat system entirely and replace it with World of Warcraft's ability based combat system

    Just saved the entire game
    Make it turn-based so people with bad ping can still play.
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    This promocional video means that the realese date is near?

    I don't think so? This kind of content never really indicates the game being close to full release in my knowledge. It just looks like the art team finally finished something and pushed it out. They should be working parallel to the programmers, so it's not a case of "We're done coding the game so let's make a video."
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    Poll for a melee only TDM server

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    Poll for a melee only TDM server

    what if someone is better at the game than me
    Just accept it? I often meet people who are better than me in this game, and when they kill me I just think well-played. It's just a video game.
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    Poll for a melee only TDM server

    Anyway, out of all of the people speaking against the idea, how many of you actually play TDM regularly out of curiosity?
    I mainly play TDM, because that's the fastest and most populous option.

    If there's an inf only server and people are mostly there, I'll just go there. As I've said, I can handle fighting any class, so I don't care. Besides, that's the pattern I see with people. When they want a siege, the TDM will be empty. Most of the time it's TDM time. People don't really split themselves.

    That is why I voted yes. Just for the potential that some people will come back, and I kinda want to try it out.
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    Poll for a melee only TDM server

    They're not invincible but they're definitely over-powered compared to infantry especially in terms of game mode mechanics. I'd argue that archers are more broken and harder to counter than cavalry in my experience, especially on TDM where the spawn system means someone will always eventually spawn behind you, leaving you as a free kill if it's a cavalry or archer.

    Cav definitely get spammed too much in that mode too, to a ridiculous level. If you play on East Asia TDM just look at the scoreboard and 90% of the time the top players will be cavalry or archer. On occasion 90% of the team will consist of only archers or cavalry too.
    Oh hey I play East Asia too! Yes people spam cavs a lot there. As for the archers, learning to watch out for sniping points really helps. Walk close to cover, watch out for high grounds and dark places (people love shooting from the shade), etc. It's like how you finally get used to the horse sound and charge+stab tempo. It's certainly something that can be learned, and personally I don't have much problem with them. The spawn shot is indeed hard to deal with tho.

    From my experience, infantry players just love two handed weapons too much. Using shields is seen as a noob move or something. Well, not using a shield is how you get shot.
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    Poll for a melee only TDM server

    The melee is perfectly fine, it's not my fault you can't use it
    Archers and cavs aren't that OP. It's not my fault you can't deal with it.
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    Bannerlord "Just accept what we give you and stop crying" vs Valheim Roadmap

    People who say that usually have no clue on how software developement works anyway
    Yes, most people don't. That's why it's a good idea to try minimize the damage. We can't expect everyone to be tolerant and understanding.
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    Suicide Bandits During Quest

    Nahh, I am sure they considered making looters explode on death to increase the risk;
    You don't understand. The looters were holding them back. Once they die there's nobody left to stop the eldritch ghosts from ripping your knights' souls apart.
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    Suicide Bandits During Quest

    But losing elite units is difficulty = challenge = mad skillz = gud gem.
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    Bannerlord "Just accept what we give you and stop crying" vs Valheim Roadmap

    No amount of PR (or lack thereof) will prevent people from being annoyed at a game like that.
    Oh I wasn't saying people wouldn't be mad. The game is pretty barebone, and even if they didn't say anything that would mostly remain the same. I'm just saying people wouldn't be this mad if they didn't announce Bannerlord too early and made all those promises. It would just be a pleasant surprise, and people who are disappointed will mildly place hope on mods. Notice how there's a lot of "We waited 8 years for this?!" "They worked for 8 years and couldn't even do X?" "Why is this thing from the dev blog not in the game?" "Features Taleworlds promised but failed to deliver."
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Why? Getting a bunch of free **** just cause you join their faction makes no sense, you're supposed to build yourself up in the world
    Think of it as a payment for your allegiance. We don't get a burning village like we did in Warband, and getting a uniform is a pretty good and realistic reward.
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    Help... my wife won't die

    Yes, recently there was someone else who experienced something similar. The devs looked into it and stated it was just dumb luck. You could keep trying to kill her more and see if she finally dies. If she doesn't, then it might actually be a bug and you should report it.
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    Why dont we got a better Warband?

    the rpg elements wich are completely missing
    They're not.

    the dead boring characters
    They are, yes.

    the vast inspiration of Warband mods.
    Give it time. Warband had years and Bannerlord has only got 1.
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    Everything is ruined by shortcuts and poor planning

    I love your choice of words. It's so 2021.
    It's actually 1975 as I took it from this.
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