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    Any interest for an NA tournament?

    Word on the street is that Gorlock is afraid of playing again after his embarrassing comeback defeat in Mole's Tolls. I heard that the loss had a huge mental toll on him, with the loss having diminished the outlook on his one and only tournament win. I also heard that he had to use the last of his WPL money to wipe away his tears.

    The people of Calradia patiently await the day that Gorlock musters the courage to once again try to earn his second championship title.
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    Any interest for an NA tournament?

    Y'all need to find another game to play lmao
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    NA Skirmish Completed BSL Discussion *NEW* $360.00 Prize! NA

    HI I would like to donate a small loan of a million dollars to your tournament
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    The Knights Of Vlandia

    Tito, Guacc and I 1st game ever beat you so bad we felt bad so we gave you 2 rounds
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    The Knights Of Vlandia

    A bunch of nobodies fighting over crumbs of bread...
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    Rittenhouse - Wardens of the Last Dragon [NA]

    I can smell the sweaty stench of virginity from the first post
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    one eyed [OE] a suhh dude

    Hello Everyone,

    As the official voice of OE I have very sad news for everyone. In light of bannerlord being so **** we have decided as a group to move to competitive Animal Crossing and will not be setting foot in Calradia for it is a cursed land.

    Thank you,

    WPL2 Champion
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    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Roberta_Baratheon said:
    Fietta said:
    I mean, what's better, them bunning off home and away and forcing you to play UK only or to make NC EU only, or just you playing with 10 extra ping on a FRA server.

    First off the first scenario you listed is not even allowed.

    I have nothing to do with Team NA so don't lump me in. I don't speak for any of them either. NA blew four overtime rounds in France that were easily winnable and if it weren't for the tk in the first round they would have won the match in the very first round. They played well and got unlucky the one time to end it all. From a spectator's viewpoint and I think most of the comments on the stream agree, the NA inf outmatched the French inf on both servers for the majority of the match. There was no one on France that could deal with Guacc and the French archers were nonexistent in applying pressure most of the time. In the end it was too many teamkills by the NA team and poor cav play that caused them to not follow up. So anyone saying the NA team can't handle these European team's are fooling themselves. It was a very onesided match if you go back and spec the entirety of the stream.

    With two even teams the ping makes a big difference. The fact of the matter is that Tardet played slightly sly all week by stating that the French team most likely wouldn't care about playing in the UK. It wasn't just one comment. It was multiple days of conversations leading up to the match. 40 minutes before the match started Tardet reneged on this earlier statement, which is fair because he never said it was guaranteed that France would play on UK. However the French team did wait until 40 minutes before the match to bring this up. From a person merely reading information, it looks like they entirely did this to throw the NA team off. Another thing of note is that Watly had knowledge of the UK server being set up as he played a practice match against the NA team the day before on that server. In his own rules it states that official server's must be used. The only thing that doesn't make it official is that it wasn't named after an NC server. UK and German players both played on the server prior to today. It also states that admin discretion is allowed when choosing a server.

    After arguing this, both Tardet and Watly continued to have a discussion where Watly was convinced to change the rules of the tournament. He had previously been very outspoken about this exact same change two weeks prior against Poland. So there was a clear precedent for Watly to follow based on his own decision making two weeks ago. Tardet turned hostile at this point and said the French were refusing to play EU - NA - NA - EU. Even though these were rules. Tardet's excuse for not allowing NA to play in UK was that the rules didn't allow it. So Tardet acted all high and mighty with one rule and bent another for his team's own gain. Now most captains would do this so there is not much to say on that. But he is no saint in this process. To decide whether or not Watly would follow his own rules he decided that he would flip a virtual coin (I think he used a randomizer). The randomizer happened to fall in NA's favor so they kept the agreed upon server switching. During all this Watly completely ignored everything Lagstro argued and only responded to Tardet. It was a very one sided discussion. Also on the server at this point Watly stated that if the NA team did not adhere to these decisions that France would get the default.

    At this point France had delayed the match almost 40 minutes because they couldn't have discussed this during the two weeks that teams were in communication with each other. With zero notice NA switched captain's and sat Lagstro due to him feeling unable to play on French servers.

    Although this is just a minor thing and doesn't matter because Watly was arguing between the captain's. France actually broke this rule that has been in effect for every tournament in history. "(1) Both teams have 10 minutes to gather their players on the agreed server. If a team fails to turn up with all eight players 10 minutes after the agreed match start, the other team will be awarded a default win in case its demanded. If an emergency occurs, a team captain can contact before the 10 minutes expire any referee or admin connected at the time to grant an extension. If the reason is valid enough, the admin/referee will grant 10 extra minutes that are added to the already 10 previous minutes, making it 20 in total." France did not have a single player on the server by the time I hopped off which was ten minutes after the start time. The match continued to not be played for another 20 minutes.

    None of this all matters because every European team I have witnessed NA play over the years has always cried about something except for Sweden. The United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Poland were all notable cases. Turkey refused to play in NA for any sets and forced a UK match that they almost lost to before going on to win the finals. UK forced server location. Russia and the Ukraine refuse to play. In every case the captain on the day of the match tries to bend the rules with the admins and get something changed. It's never done a week before, it's always the day of. The admins have **** up multiple times and they play it off as "NA should have just won if they are good enough". The NC admins every year since 2013 have been a joke outside of a select few. If you don't want an NA team to compete then don't allow them in the tournament period. I can't think of one year where some strange admin decision hasn't circled the NA team. These decisions shouldn't be made after the match was supposed to start.

    If Gorlock played then NA would have won.
    If this isnt the most woke post to ever grace the forums... I dont know what is
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    North American Player Ratings (New Fun Poll Up!)

    Lord Brutus said:
    Rob, I think there's something wrong with the poll.  I went through the entire list and I didn't have a bit of fun.  Maybe change the name.  :razz:
    Begone, banished one
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    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Watly said:
    Gorlock said:
    Watly said:
    Mean of the eight that played. Don't be lazy and do it yourself.
    You are the one who posted it, the burden of proof lies of you here???

    You won't believe the proof unless you check it yourself.
    LMAO WHAT, thats why I would just look at your math
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    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Watly said:
    Mean of the eight that played. Don't be lazy and do it yourself.
    You are the one who posted it, the burden of proof lies of you here???
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    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Watly said:
    Zacty said:
    Correct me if im wrong, but wasnt the UK server set up by a tournament admin, specifically for use in this tournament? how does that not make it a dedicated tournament server?

    Besides, if the point is determine which team is legitimately superior the only thing that should matter is the making sure the match is as fair as it can possibly be, not adhering to one interpretation of an arbitrary rule.

    You are wrong, it was not set up by a tournament admin. Bullez provided instructions on how to install the server mod on a dedicated server. He has done the same for both TWC and WLC, as he is the one who continues to develop it.

    I agree, that's why I ruled to have the match happen on servers available from the start of the tournament. I wanted to play it safe, as we have no direct access to the UK server nor knowledge of the quality of the server.

    Roberta_Baratheon said:
    Someone should post the Tardet, Lagstro and Watly convo that's circling around. Tardet comes off as a snake. He initially agreed the server was fine and then at match time he instantly turned hostile in this group chat they had. Watly just keeps offering to flip coins in the convo to make important decisions left and write.

    Tardet was clear at all stages that he personally was okay with it, but cannot speak for the rest of his team (the guys who actually played the match).
    Post your ping math
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    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Watly said:
    Thunderbeu said:
    Watly said:
    Rules & Regulations said:
    (1) All matches must be played on dedicated tournament servers. Exceptions can be made at the admins' discretion if doing so provides a better playing environment.

    Not trying to be a dickhead here but could you not see the ping differential?

    France home 20.75
    France away 95.875

    Na home 38.375
    Na away 103.75

    Do I see a difference? Yes, for sure. Do I think this is an acceptable difference? Also yes, for sure. The difference is also definitely not as extreme as NA vs Poland, where the same rule was applied in your favour.
    Ok hold on, gunna need to see how you did your math here... These are some sketchy numbers
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    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    kel said:
    Error072 said:
    wow na got ****? surprised just like everyone here :lol:
    Cmon it a was pretty close match lol
    Dont engage with an angry pole, just let him drink himself to sleep again...
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