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  1. In Progress e 1.8.0 Game freezed at the end of character creation

    I and others have the same problem apparently it has to do with the fact that we have windows 7, hopefully its fixed next hotfix
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    is rbm still needed after these changes?
    Maybe not for the armor but rbm battle ai module makes the battle look like proper battle between armies instead of the native variant of mosspit blob fights
  3. Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0


    @cuce just wanted to say that arrow damage against armour was the main thing people wanted to be fixed by armour changes.

    the changes to blunt damage were good, and necessary, but have barely made any impact on how many arrow hits it takes to kill someone in armour - maybe 1-2 at the highest end armour against the weaker archers.

    Can we please have the amount of arrow shots that it takes to kill someone in armour increased by roughly 1.7-2x. Then armour will be good.


    Right now we have a horrendously unrealistic, imbalanced situation where thin wooden shields are almost indestructible by arrows, but metal armour is like tissue paper to arrows. This means that any infantry without a shield (pike infantry, shock infantry) are a poor choice, when you could instead have archers or shield infantry. The optimal strategy is to pick a small number of shield infantry, a large number of archers, use the small

    What we need is a more realistic and balanced situation where armour can soak up a good number of arrows (like it did in Warband), and shields can be feasibly destroyed by arrows (like they were in Warband). This will mean that shieldless troops are useful because they don't die to a handful of arrows.
    Yeah arrow damage being way too high against armour has been my biggest problem for a year now but it seems talesworld doesnt want to change arrow damage specifically.
  4. Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    I am really happy with the new town scenes, they might currently not have much use to walk around but i really like exploring them after i conquer a city.
    With these new town scenes, do all imperial towns now have a unique town scene?
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    • You can recall a clan member to your party if they are staying in a settlement.

    No more traversing half the map just to pickup your clan member that got defeated
  6. Beta Patch Notes e1.7.2

    Barely any new content besides some stat changes and bug fixes in the last patches, confirmation now that it will atleast take 2 months since the last patch to get a new one, and considering that the only upcoming content information is about multiplayer stuff, it seems single player truly wont have any decent new content for around a half year at this point...
  7. Need More Info Game crashes everytime when exploring batannia castles

    Did you get it fixed? I was having the same error as you: Unknown error 0x887A0006
    After many months i have reinstalled the game and tried it out today and to my suprise they did fix it(I have the current beta installed, 1.6.5). The game doesnt crash anymore at battannia castles for me,
    I finally can play a battania campaign
  8. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Still no fixes for the lagging on trade screen and encyclopedia i see.
    It seems i need to wait another week before i can finnaly play the game as normal again
  9. After a 1.5.10 Play-through, here are my thoughts

    8 ) 'Law speakers' is SUCH a pain in the ***! I spent real-life DAYS grinding my way up to charm lvl 101 which feels like some type of cruel and rare psychological punishment.
    It would atleast be tolerable if the daily loss was reduced to something like 0,2 influence instead losing 1 influence daily
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    No? No anniversary patch ?
    the anniversary patch wil be released 30 march 2022, you just need to wait a little longer
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    What happened to the promised new vlandia and empire town and castle scenes? The last dev video said that it would be in the next beta patch. Did the problems with 1.5.8. delay everything else?
  12. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Regarding the missing companions and NPCs, we were able to find the reason behind it. Although it was a long process to reproduce the same issue (we tried on our own save files and the files from players), we were able to reproduce the issue after sometime when we first got the reports about it. The fix is currently being tested but there are some new issues that resulted from the fix that we also need to fix. We hope to push it as soon as possible when we are able to. Sorry for any inconvenience!
    Aww i really hope that we still get patch this week, i am looking forward to the new scenes for vlandia and empire castles and cities
  13. Need More Info Game crashes everytime when exploring batannia castles

    The Geforce GT 740 that i have has 2 gb memory..This has been confirmed on the information page on geforce/ on my computer and in the game itself. So i dont know why you are convinced that i have not enough memory....
  14. Need More Info Game crashes everytime when exploring batannia castles

    All the batannia's starting castles: Ab Comer castle, Lianoc Hen castle, Flintolg castle, Uthelaim castle, Rhemtoil castle, Druimmor castle, Aster castle, Pendraic castle.
    Do note that the batannia castles all share the same model(only difference is the wall tier)
    There are no problems with batannia cities nor any problem with cities and castles of other cultures

    Its also strange that walking outside the walls of these castles while exploring the castle is totally ok. its only when i come to close to the gate and try to go inside that it crashes. It also instantly crashes if i leave the inner keep through the door,to ouside because it needs to load immediately the inside of the castle grounds instead of spawning outside the castle walls.

    And lastly a other importent finding: I can play the sieges on these castles without any problem or crashes. For example If i explore Lianoc Hen castle and come to close to the gate it crashes but when i play a siege battle on this castle with for example custom battle, i experience no problem and can explore the entire castle grounds without any problem during the siege
    So maybe there is some object or mesh on the castle grounds that gives problems but does not exist on the siege version of castle?
  15. Need More Info Game crashes everytime when exploring batannia castles

    But is it not strange that it only happens at one specific castle type?. With the rest of the game i have zero graphical problems. And my GPU still meets the minimum system requirements for the game,,..
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