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  1. This is what a changelog should look like...

    BigBiker05 said:
    eliasW said:
    OK seriously guys... stop whining about the patch....

    What about various other whining?

    Oops!  I completely forgot to put in my whine about patch notes in my previous post, how can I fix that.  Oh, I know.

    *whines about patch notes*  :smile:
  2. This is what a changelog should look like...

    eliasW said:
    OK seriously guys... stop whining about the patch....

    Sorry, that doesn't cut it for me.  The MAIN reason I and everyone else here tend to support small developers is because (in most cases) they LOVE the games they make and they tend to want to communicate that love to their followers/customers.  That's one big plus for Notch of Minecraft.  He's constantly communicating the love and enjoyment he has for his games to his player base.  ALL of his player base.

    I don't get any of that from this Eastern European group on this forum.  I've read through enough threads now that the only thing I've seen from Sich (or it could be Taleworlds speaking for them), is how WONDERFUL this game is and how groundbreaking it is and all the other crap a Big Name Developer would put out in a Press Release.  Even if not a single person at Sich speaks or knows English, there are tons of ways to translate what they wish to say (oh wow, look, it's the INTERNET to the world).  Other than the glorified press reases, I've not seen a single Developer talking to us about our concerns.

    You don't support Small Developers just because they are small, you support them because they Care.
  3. Useful tips to players

    Oroberus said:
    I know that trading can be pretty usefull but that caravan-hint isn't. Even after 30(!) caravans there is nothing about those "trade-patents" ...

    I'm sorry, but all this time you've kept saying that caravan trading doesn't work, you've not given us one piece of information we can use to help you with... and just repeating  "I've tried (NOW according to your count) sending 60 caravans and lost money on each one is information that is meaningless to us.

    1. WHAT goods are you sending in these caravans.

    2.  What price are you paying according to the Mayer for each of those goods.

    3.  Did you do the 'assess local prices" option in the Market menu to find where the best deals to haul with and where, or do you just randomly go to the Mayer and pick a random city to haul to and a random commodity?  If you did do the 'Assess local prices', what items were recommended and profit expected?

    4.  What caravan size are you dealing in?

    5,  As posted in many other threads (even earlier in this thread), you need to send a caravan of High Value Goods (and no, high cost goods is NOT the same thing), to get the quest to get a Trade Permit.

    Shabadu_ said:
    so I carry one each of velvet, spice, tools, iron (high value goods) at all times. That way, I can "Assess local prices", trade the relevant item into the market, talk to the Mayor and send the caravan and pick up my item from the market before I leave.

    So, once again, the more specific info you give us on what you're doing, the better we can help you (and please, stop with exaggerating how many caravans you sent out - really, 60 caravans?).

    And no, don't write up 60 examples, pick the last one where you lost money (or do another test of what you normally do (if you've done 60 caravans, one more should be a piece of cake)), and give us the specifics of that one.  We can't read your mind, the Internet cable is too small.


  4. Greetings/ Merchant issue [help or advice needed]

    There have been many posts lately about what happens when you fail to repay a Loan and Dear Uncle Luigi "The Enforcer" takes over.  So far, no official word has been relaid to any post about this issue from the Developers.  I have no idea if it has been a problem since it was released to the rest of the world and it's a 1.38 bug or it's always been like that. 

    But, it definitely looks, smells and talks like a bug.  My personal opinion is one of two explanations:  1 - That there is or was suppose to be a sub-quest (the developers LOVE quests so much, that the term "Sandbox" barely touches any part of the game), a sub-quest that gave you a way to repay it with massive interest by doing a job for the Merchants (or improving you relations with the City somehow.  or  2 - It never even occurred to the developers the someone would NOT repay the loan and the 'thugs' attacking you was their little joke on us.
  5. What do I do in the polish storyline?

    Arkanius said:
    Where the hell is this Zagloba guy? I can't find him on the character roaster or even on the polish republic character list. Help?

    It's Colonel Zagloba and the Travelers will tell you where he is.  Unlike original MB, the Travelers will now tell you the location of all Heros (not just those who have left your party for some reason, but ALL hire-able Heros.  The script still says "Where can I find one of my Companions", but that is incorrect (yes, yet another detail the developer that was hired by a developer who was hired buy a developer has yet to fix -  hrm makes me wonder just how exactly some of these 'Independent developers we are suppose to be rooting for, operate the same as the big names?).

    When I first saw his name in the Travelers list, I thought he was one I could hire, but he always tells me he's too busy and discussion is over, but since I was (and still am) no-where near doing any of the Realm Quests, I kinda get it.
  6. Too many deserters/bandits

      For me, it's not the numbers of Deserter bands that are running around my first day, it's the size of those Deserter bands that makes it much more difficult to make it thru the first days..  Having to sneak my way around 4-5 bands, each with 30 deserters (and if I'm still alone, a band of 10 marksmen is a tough fight), makes the early game too difficult until I can get a comparable force put together (a week maybe?)

      After that, you're now in the mid game which lasts until you've gained the experience to start tangling with Lords (months or a year is best to raise your stats/money properly).  I'd prefer a longer beginning game, than 1 game week.
  7. Unhappy vassals...

    Tercio23 said:
    ... no acceptable solution to this problem,...

    You want the ultimate solution to this problem?  That's simple, don't let it become a problem in the first place.  YOU obviously made them into Lords when their relationship to you was already extremely low.  IE - they've been grumbling while in your party for a long time because you had companions they didn't like, and to stop the grumbling you made them into Lords expecting everything to be hunky-dory. 

    If you kick them out of your Kingdom, your other Vassals will take a loyalty hit too, so you'll have to just bite the bullet and have 2 Lords who don't come when you call for Campaigns.  Eventually, they'll leave on their own once they get dis-loyal enough, so hopefully you didn't give them important Castles/Cities.

    There's no 'Magic' answer here, which is what you really wanted.

    You could always mod your game so vassals don't take hits when you give out fiefs (tho that would also effect the AI Realms), or add some mods that allow you to send gifts to your Lords (FE - Diplomacy Mod is one).
  8. What should I think about doing now?

    Ultimate_Waffle said:
    Also, I was wondering another thing. My companions consist of Deshavi, Klethi, Nizar, Katrin, Bunduk, Jeremus, Ymira and Marnid. Assuming I had just started the game and gathered this group (who all get along with each other), what skills would you assign to each one and how high would you make each skill?

    How you use your Companions is purely a personal decision and your playing style.  There is no one true way you must go about it.  Some players make their Companions into pure Fighters, others have them only do Party skills.  I personally tend to go a middle ground.  I get them all to 12 in Strength/Agility first (so they fight better), then everything goes in Int so each one can do Training plus 1 Party skill (once highly skilled and they start getting extra points built up they get a 2nd Party skill as a Back-up).  So I have a couple of Medics, then a Tactician, Movement, Tracker, Engineer, Spotter, etc.
  9. Where the bandits at?!

    Fighting Looters is used to help you get started skilling up.  Once you've progressed and have some followers, then you should be moving on to the Forest Bandits, Tundra Bandits, then the Sea Raiders.  How fast you progress depends on how good of a fighter you are.  I've played this game for a long time and I'm still not a very good individual fighter, but I'm very good at commanding/training troops, so that's what I end up doing.  I get my Companions and a few recruits, do some basic training at the Training Grounds, then use them to do my fighting. 

    For someone who is a natural at fighting, they would kill all of those bandits themselves.  It all comes down to your playing style.  Or you could gather a large group of recruits, then be a Trader and make your money that way.  Hire high-end Mercenary troops once you have the cash and then use them to do your fighting to get the group experience going.

    As for why you aren't seeing massive numbers of Looters roaming about, they are there, but widely scattered and spawning in certain locations.  Vaegir territory is best for Tundra Bandits, along the coast for Sea Raiders, around Suno for Forest Bandits, etc.  You can usually find one or two bands of looters in each of those locations, but they typically won't walk up and say hi to ya.  :wink:

    Also, once you've taken the local looters out, it typically takes a few days for them to re-spawn.

    Oh, for those Quests, all Quests are on an individual timer, once you do one type of Quest, it takes anywhere from a month to several months until it re-cycles.  The exception I believe is the Caravan Quest, there will always be one of those.  The 'Talk to two Lords about ending a War' has the longest re-cycle timer.  As to you not getting a new quest for a Guild Master after failing the bandit one, try reloading or try another GM.  Might be just a fluke with your game that one time, or you might have changed something with TweakMB without noticing. 
  10. My heroes keep abandoning me!!! i'm honorable? have right to rule.. ??!!?

    Every Hero likes one other Hero and hates two others.  There are several threads that deal with this exact situation.  There are two groups of 8 that you could gather that would have no problems (other than things that YOU might do to make them upset) being together.  There's also a group of 9 that you could make that would get along kinda okay with each other.  Check the M&B/W wiki for how Companions react to each other (or a quick search to find the myriad of posts that deal with this).
  11. Unhappy vassals...

    Tercio23 said:
    its just unrealistic in that matter. i dont understand how someone holding so much lands (the vassals from the AI have far fewer fiefdoms than my vassals have) can still not be happy about something....

    This complaint too has been asked/answered many times in the Forums, a quick search (using that handy-dandy built-in search feature) would help you immensely.

    As to dealing with your unhappy Lords, there are a few other in-game ways (besides keep giving them fiefs) that you can use to help deal with them.  Hold Feasts, greet them at the Feast once to get a +1 relationship bonus and you will also get a bonus for any Lords that stick around until the end of the Feast.  The other way would be to help them out when they are in battles (the worse the odds are for them, the more relationship bonus you get with them).  Another way would be to rescue them if they've been captured, either if they are in a prison somewhere or traveling around as a prisoner in another party.

    For your Lords who don't like each other, talk to your wife about ways to improve your Realm's standing.  She'll usually have a Quest for you to talk to two Lords to stop their bickering with each other.

    The game isn't meant to be easy. 
  12. Defusing a troublesome situation

    I have noticed that the Loyalty of those Companions who leave, are the same when you re-hire them as they are when they left, their loyalty doesn't reset back to 99.  As another poster said, re-hire her - make her a Lord and ignore her, if you're that desperate for Lords at the beginning and you have fiefs to spare.  Hopefully you've skilled her up to a high enough level before she left so she'll field a decent army (tho still small compared to regular Lords). 

    Don't forget to send her on her RTR and the 'Get Intelligence on Faction Lords' Missions before you kick her out.
  13. International Armies?

    A couple of other possible causes.

    It might be my imagination but it appears to me that the Patrol Ranges of the Lords has increased.  I went from 1.113 to 1.32 recently and I'm seeing Lords patrolling a fair distance from their stated areas.

    Also, if the OP is using Diplomacy, there's those random Patrols the AI Towns will throw out, those smaller sized armies are tempting targets for any larger Bandit/enemy Lord groups.
  14. Female companions as emissaries

    Nikomakkos said:
    Since this game takes into account in some ways the lower status women used to have (and still have to some degree), I've been wondering if the gender of the companion you send as emissary (for example to establish a non-aggression pact or to recruit a lord) affects the probability of success.  Does anyone know this?  I'm guessing not, but you never know.

    Does this question belong in the Diplomacy mod thread?


    No-where have I seen it posted that the gender matters when it comes to sending an emissary (In Vanilla at least).  I don't know if it's possible to fine tune the responses you could get using mods by breaking it down by Gender, for that you'd have to go and ask in Diplomacy or other mod threads that flesh out those options.
  15. What exactly the NPC Lords are getting from their villages?

    The AI rebuilds their own armies by either staying in their own Cities or waiting by their own villages, so if a Village is looted, that AI Lord can't recruit.  (Don't quote me but it has been posted though I haven't searched to see what exactly goes on, so I'm going by memory), but they also have their own 'hidden' income from those Cities/Castles/Villages, which figures in on how fast they can recruit.  Also, a City/Castle that is under Siege will not recruit new soldiers, which hinders the AI.  Blocking Caravan/Farmer parties from reaching a City will hinder any Lords that are based there with recruiting.

    Oh, and I'd say yes, it's hardcoded for the AI to loot enemy villages during war, and I have a feeling that the lower your relation is to that Realm, the more they will make a bee-line to your own village to loot it, no matter if they have to pass through the entire Kingdom to get to it.

    I'm sure there's an algorithm in there that directs a Lord (or a whole Campaign party) to either loot village after village or to immediately siege/take something.
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