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    Absurd Conspiracy Thread (Alex Jones Approved)

    Arnulf Floyd said:
    I not believe in conspiracy theories, TW works too slowly and calm for release a game in a decade. We were not obliged to wait years for a game, we can play othee games and we can do other things


    TaleWorlds is obviously taking such a long time just to make the warband veterans give up hope, and sell more to kids.
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    Books in Bannerlord

    HUMMAN said:
    I think reading should be something learnable, depending on how you create your character or learn in game world.  Other than that WB system was balanced and well designed. I can think of only little how to polish, maybe some books let you double perk on certain tiers? idk.

    Kind of similar to Kingdom Come: Deliverance where, without doing the reading quest, all you see is jumbled up letters?
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    How TaleWorlds will introduce Guns in Bannerlord (speculation)

    I'm curious on how you guys think TaleWorlds will introduce guns. Do you hope for an era like Napoleonic Wars, or some new era? I'd personally like to see a Thirty Years War introduction, rather than Napoleon again. (I know bannerlord isn't released yet, I just want to speculate the possible...
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    More voice Acting for NPCs please

    Really? You want to add another few years to Bannerlord's development cycle?
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    Dev Blog 26/04/18

    Just because you think it's crap doesn't mean it's crap for everyone else.

    I think it's swell that they brought back throwing rocks and javelins.
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    Dev Blog 26/04/18

    There was no need for "pathetic". Sure, there was no need for "yes you are", but someone should shut him down when he posts crap comments on dev blogs like  this.
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    Dev Blog 26/04/18

    Crowcorrector said:
    Pathetic  :lol:

    Yes, you are.
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    Dev Blog 15/03/18

    No mention of what the next blog will be...  :shifty:

    Hopefully they will show off some single player stuff for the next one.
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    Joint development

    You know what an absolute ****storm this would cause on gaming news outlets?

    "Developers resort to asking their community for help, can't finish their own game"
    "Mount and Blade Bannerlord could have been finished long before if they did this earlier"
    "Bannerlord released only by the help of community members, still a broken game"
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    Speed of pushig siege equipment

    For the siege towers, the more men pushing it will make it go faster while the more men waiting on top makes it go slower.
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    Better Notifications

    They should definitely keep the debug option though, as this would really help modders.
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    Ability to raise shield vertically over head

    I think that roman defense techniques like shield walls and such would fit with certain factions in banner-lord.
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    How old are you ppl waiting for bannerlord?

    Did your high school have English prep class ?
    I was also a senior last year and I am 18 right now.

    I did take some separate English classes that helped with the ACT English test

    I started college at an older age mainly because the college I wanted to go into needed a higher ACT score (I had an 18, college required 20).
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    How old are you ppl waiting for bannerlord?

    I feel sorry for you guys who've been waiting for 3+ years. I'm 20 right now, and only started waiting at the beginning of my senior year in high school (currently a freshman in college)
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    More realistic towns/villages and townsfolk/villagers

    So you're just nitpicking the AI in Warband, which was developed by even a smaller dev team compared to Bannerlord, so you can complain about the state of towns and villages? Give me a break.
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