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  1. Early Access = Exhausting Alpha

    1. This depends on who your forces wound. I've looted full Lamellar plate armours from several battles before by ensuring my troops are the ones that wound the enemy leaders (that are wearing the armour). It seems whatever you wound, is permittable for you to loot...

    2. Learning rate is determined by your overall level. The higher your base level, the slower your learning rate. Therefore, with the same FPs added to the same skills, your learning rate is the same.
    1. well its good to know that at least someone has luck with the loot^^
    and of course i kill leaders/ elite troops in battels (that are the first ones i attack) but in most cases i dont get good loot.
    2. well thank you for the explanation, I very much hope that the developers will change that. (learning rate lvl)
  2. 1H Axe and Mace. Need reasons(better stats) to justify use in PVE.

    in PVE the axe or mace are all much shorter = more misses and inferior melee range, and I'll still kill infinitely faster with a longer and faster swinging sword that hits for way more damage.
    its good that they are short close quarters combat, on foot they are superior.
  3. I hate accelerated aging

    Because Mount & Blade.
    Not sure how much M&B or WB you've played, but it was it's core. It's about YOU and a mount and a blade and whatever you want to do with it. It was a mesmerizing sandbox where you could be anybody with just a mount and a blade.
    But with the accelerated aging the you is out of the picture. I don't give a s*** about my heirs growing up and murdering me for the throne. I want me - my character - to succeed and grow, not some bastards pissing on my grave.
    If - or when - I want that I can play TW:Attila.
    But I want to play M&B. Me.
    +1 XD
  4. Early Access = Exhausting Alpha

    1) Personality traits are bugged so that any increase to them actually resets your levels to zero:

    I'm not kidding. This is a real thing. I used console cheats to give me my damn personality traits back and then, after earning towards increasing any of them, they'd immediately disappear.

    and I thought my personality traits would disappear because I do bad things (e.g. sell prisoners) ^^ good to know

    something else :
    1. there is almost no good loot no matter how hard or big the battle was
    2. if i have 5 focus points in 1hand and in 2hand, 1hand is at 150 and 2hand at 30 .......why do i have the same xp rate for both skills?
  5. What's your favourite weapon?

    hand-and-half sword ^^
  6. [1.2 beta ] Smithing xp incorrectly assigned to companion

    that would be an interesting feature .... you wouldn't have to do the blacksmith's skill yourself you could save those focus points^^
  7. One last go on IG_Battlegrounds

    I thought we would meet us on Sunday afternoon on IG?
  8. Where horses of fallen warriors go?

    Sieges as well as hideouts.
    If a rider falls in battle its fine if the game considers the horse is gone too, most of the time it will.
    But for we pay for it to upgrade the troop its just logical that the we get it back otherwise.

    And... we... don't... eat... them.
    Ok you don't eat them, but what about your troops?
    I've always wondered why my men eat so little, now I know.
  9. So I've been playing beta 1.1 fresh start, and...

    You are literally stuck beheading everyone until you are the only one that remains...

    There can be only one ^^

    smithing .....its the reason i never finished the main quest in skyrim....... i was to busy with grinding skills
  10. We need to be able to smith an armor

    I agree and instead of having smithing under skills, split them up in each branch, Weapon Smith, Armor Smith, Horse Smith otherwise its too easy to raise in. People complain alot about smithing being too slow, its meant to be that way, you could raise smithing to max in a few hours, to me that is fast.

    smithing to max in a few hours? it seems we are both playing a diffrent game

    in my current playthrough (Beta) i have my smithing skill at 258, day 217 ,lvl 17 and i am still a merc. (5 focus, 9 end) / i use stamina free smithing

    Because i do almost nothing else as to farm gold /buy wood.
    / i cant lvl smithing faster because there is not enough wood / you need thousands units of wood

    Is it fun ? NO
    Is it fast? NO

    So you want to tell me smithing is meant to be a boring grind?
  11. How often do you "Take a walk around the town center"?

    you had to bring up skyrim as if the smithing would not be enough.....

    joke aside diffrent musik would be great
  12. About infantry and stamina

    i think the problem is that weapon skill lvls dont mean enough in this game

    they should determine weapon speed and damage

    atm weapon skills give only minor bonuses to both

    maybe ..... upkeep could be a factor to make infantry more useful
  13. ETA on Duel (and Battle)

    oh well the odds are low
  14. dont like how sp makes level advancement...

    And your explanation is wrong, because you're only taking the current preliminary implementation of it into account and not looking at the higher level vision of it.

    The goal of the system is so you gain skills/levels organically. That's what it's designed around. That it's flawed with the current implementation doesn't negate that. The system still needs work, obviously, to achieve that vision. It's early access though, that's to be expected. Virtually none of these features and systems are in their finished state.
    1.what is wrong ?
    2.thats why you give feedback......because the system needs work
  15. Riding, and athletics skill gains (beta 1.1.0)


    I feel like the rate at which you gain athletics skill, and riding skill, is too fast. I feel a bit dirty when I see that my riding has gotten up to 120, when my bow is still at 70.
    I think this should be balanced so that riding, and athletics skills are gained at a slower rate than the rest of the skills, or just remove the gains from riding a horse on map, or walking on foot on map.

    I'm not sure if this is really bothering anyone, but it does feel like it's too easy to level these two up, now. They are not the most important skills in the game, but they do make the game a lot easier to beat, so to say.
    That said, it does feel like leveling everything up in the beta has now become too easy, or we just got used to the pain of the grind in the previous versions.

    Thanks for reading! I'd like to hear your opinions on this, too!
    taking away the passiv bonus ..... well i think thats alright..... (although i dont like reduced skill gains)
    as long the activ bonus stays
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