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  1. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    same happend to me. In my previous playthrough I was able to finish the quest though.
  2. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    looks like the team has abandoned this thread. However it is very uncommon for a popular mod to have everyone of its player base on Discord, especially those from “exotic” countries.
  3. Can someone who plays 1.174 warsword conquest give me some help?

    In any battle larger than 130 troops I played so far, formations of the two armies just Mindlessly rotate against each other for 15 minutes until they completely swap sides with nothing meaningful happening. It is a huge waste of time and I tried to adjust a few battle ai settings in the camp...
  4. Resolved the game is asking for activation code...

    Sever is still down.
  5. Resolved Although I entered the activation code correctly, I get an error that cannot connect to the activation server

    Brought the game but can't play it due to server issues, this is highly unacceptable. I have been waiting for more than a week, please solve it fast.
  6. Unable to connect to activation server

    Same here, the activation server seems down.
  7. Issues being granted a town

    Damn your mod works just perfectly with Separatism. Because kings are "Generous" now, floating clans start to get steady. No more consistent faction hops. And because the capturing clan gets the temporary fief and its bonus effect on the vote mechanic, more clans are getting land and people are...
  8. Issues being granted a town

    Thanks so much! With this installed hopefully I may finally make proper use of the anarchy rebellion in Separatism.
  9. Issues being granted a town

    Greetings your mighty zenDzee. Could you please upload the code into a mod so plebs like me who know nothing about coding can have it too? Many Thanks! :oops:
  10. Reopening a Workshop

    Those mechanics aren't really hard to figure out. Most people will try to do some tests on their own to decide whether they encounter a bug or a feature. Plus, search the forum if you are confused, ask away if you could not find an answer. But you should not be so entittled to @ Devs in hope of...
  11. Reopening a Workshop

    Please don't @DevS for those simple question you can easily figured out by just playing the game.
  12. About notables and their support

    Wow thats very informative, thanks a lot for your time and effort. But.....there is another question risen from my curious little mind: How can Ai lords lose relationship with a supporting notable? They don't do quests so they can't fail them apparently, and unless their fiefs are conquered by...
  13. PoP planned for Bannerlord ?

    The mod devs have to be paid to work on this project. Or TW just buy it and officially publish it as a DLC. The assests to be created are just way too detailed campared to warband and that require a lot of hard labour which does not come cheap.
  14. [1.4.3 ]Village notables power decreasing steadily until it hits 100

    For what I have noticed kingdom strength dropped to 3000ish, basically means one strong army or very weak ones. And because notables have 100 power, not only the armies don't have noble troops, but also lack high tier units since higher notable power spawns higher tier troops for recruiting...
  15. [1.4.3 ]Village notables power decreasing steadily until it hits 100

    This bug is downright gamebreaking and deserves top priority IMO. Crashes you may dodge, economy you may ignore. But this......just can't let people play.