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    Feedback after a long time away

    Practically the first four points depend entirely on the diplomatic system and how it interacts with the player. I have already made several statements about this, but right now Bannerlord does not pass the cut because in my eyes it does not reach the playable experience in terms of diplomacy that we find in Diplomacy+Floris.

    I would say that points 2 to 4 are more tied to the diplomacy, but point 1 can at least be easily hotfixed by addind a minimum time required for nobles to escape imprisonment.

    I mean, it is to the point of being ridiculous when it is possible and literally happened in my game for you to take a literal 1 step on the map as in immediately after you click to walk after finishing the fight and already receive the message that the noble you just defeated and captured, wounded, already escaped.

    If they just add a, say, 90 days minimum required for NPC nobles to escape, that already would make a HUGE difference in the game.

    3 months planning to escape from imprisonment from the player's mobile prison carried by his soldiers around the world is not that absurd, but 200 well trained horsemen not being capable of holding a single wounded female noble for even a day should be considered critical and unacceptable.

    If an overhaul of the prisoners system is in the works, that would be indeed wonderful, but even if it was, for now, adding said minimum amount of time required at about 3 in-game months is really needed as it is not okay at all currently.

    It might not influence that much for players that decided to join a big faction, but as I only always play by creating my own empire, I can say that not being able to hold prisoners is both extremely vexing and a huge issue when trying to barter for peace against enemy nations.
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    Feedback after a long time away

    I've been away from the game and the community for more than half of last year. After such a long time, I've finally started playing again at a save I had left very early on in the game (I hadn't even finished the Neretzes Folly quest yet) so I've had the experience to look at the game again...
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    In Progress Marriage bug

    I tested what would happen if I went forward with it and only my character married Silvind, the brother is still unmarried. Yet, I can't help but worry that something within the save file might be recorded too wrongfully.
    That somehow the brother is now considered already married off and I can't arrange his marriage to anyone.
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    In Progress Marriage bug

    Worse yet, I talked to Calatild about that a long time ago and I have no save close to when I talked to her and I advanced a looot in very little time, so to return to the only save I had before talking to her, I would lose over 4 hours of gameplay and over 25% of the total time I played in this playthrough, when the talk with her was about 1 hour ago. It would be to the point of having to repeat the whole Neretzes Folly again.

    (On a side note, it should be made possible to go straight to Istiana and Azagos without having to talk with all 10 nobles around the map for players in their second or third playthrough, as it is quite boring to go talking to people all over the map just to talk to 2 npcs you already know exactly where they are when you have already finished that quest before.)
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    In Progress Marriage bug

    I came back to play after a long time, in a save game I had stopped very early on. I had not done any talks about marriage, neither mine or the character's brother. Earlier, I met Calatild, the mother of Silvind, character I wish to marry my own character. For some reason, I talked to her about...
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    Resolved Sturgian soldiers getting stuck between walls and inside the ground during siege.

    Hi, can you tell me the name of the town/castle?
    I'm sorry, I really can't remember, its been quite some time back now, but it happened twice in a row, so I really don't think its something that rare and a lot of other players might have gotten the same issue if you ask around.

    And I believe it happened a lot more and maybe even with other factions, as sometimes a battle would take forever to end with only 1 or 2 last enemy soldiers alive and when I went to check, all my soldiers were around a house or a wall or something and then it suddenly would end which means someone might have had a lucky hit and killed them when they were stuck somewhere barely reachable.

    These two were the ones my soldiers had NO WAY of reaching or hitting and were stuck for a looooong time.

    Maybe something like League of Legends fix could work here?
    LoL had a similar issue at the beginning where if someone used "flash" summoner spell and got stuck inside a wall, they would fall out of the map, so the added a fix where, if any body is inside of a wall, they will be pushed and "pop" instantly outside of the closest wall, which created the mechanic where you only need to flash or your skill only needs to move you up to more than half of a wall for you to cross the whole wall.

    In bannerlord's case, such a mechanic would ensure something like this would not happen.
    If an NPC or even the player were to fall through the floor in a way they would get stuck like that, they would instead be pushed out and "pop" out most probably where they were before falling in, as that would invariably be the closest spot outside of the wall or floor.
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    SP Top Suggestions

    @GG Cannon, This is not my thread, but it was brought to my attention. I feel it should be added to the curated list.

    • Thread title: My formation suggestions: Improved troop control system by @ZavodilaSauklus

    • Category: Battles and Sieges

    • Why should it be featured in this thread: Gives more troop control on the battlefield enabling more complex tactics.

    • Brief summary (maximum 100 words): Add 4 subgroups to each troop type that can be controlled either in unison or separately. Also add commands to switch to different weapon types by command if available (equipped by the the unit).

    • Does it meet Top Activity criteria? No, because it is buried deep in the suggestion sub-forums, and hardly anyone looks past the main suggestions page. This is why I am suggesting it here even though it is not my thread.
    I've been taking a break due to my mental health and Brazil's current stressful situation and only have visited to read and respond to anything commented to me or on my threads, but I will take a look read it soon, as you requested me directly ^^
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    Smaller makes bigger? Size and Models randomized variations.

    Yeah I thought this was a really awesome idea as well. I am no programmer but it seems like it would be a simple thing to make the world feel bigger and more realistic. Thanks idea @Klopkr and thanks for fleshing it out with details @GG Cannon!
    Thanks to your reply I remembered to add a bit more information and a few images to this thread. Just edited them in, so thanks a LOT @Brandon 😁
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    Tournament Finals Cutscene and Option to Skip Cutscene

    Adding more cutscenes for several things in the game would make it more immersive in my opinion. However, I have no idea how hard this one be to implement. A few things I can think of for additional cutscenes would be coronation, marriage, swearing fealty, pre-battle/post battle cut scenes.

    @GG Cannon if you haven't noticed I am going through your compilation list haha. Sorry for flooding you with notifications but I never really had the chance to scroll through the various topics on your compilation list. 2 young kids keep me busy!

    Why are you saying sorry? I'm loving all your replies XD Thank you so much for that. I might not have really replied much, but I've read a loved all your comments, seriously!
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    Main Story Line needs Antagonist/Protagonist and reason(s) to choose a Kingdom.

    Ummm... wewt?!?

    Am I being trolled or is this a real thing?
    Click on the badge to check it out :T
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    Tavern Keeper should be more knowledgeable of all quest givers connected to city

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    Randomize the quests

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    Bounty hunters quest

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    Cinematic main quest opening scene.

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    [Suggestion] Unique faction quests

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