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  1. Patch Notes e1.0.11 / Beta Hotfix

    • Fixed a battle crash that was caused by a character having no culture.

    That one should help quite a sizeable share of the forum population :grin:
    Keep up the good work!
  2. Hero levelling

    I've cheated all companions to 10 attribute and 5 focus, and now at last i see some progress here and there
  3. Todays patch?

    With those daily patches the early modders are starting to realize what they signed up to :grin:
  4. Creating kingdom long after giving dragon banner to another kingdom

    How do I get access to the kingdom and creating armies tabs now??
    You cannot so far. No banner - no claim, nobody sees you as a pretender. Somebody else is the bannerlord now

    Intellect 1. Yeah, my boy chose wrong career from the start. Just like most of the healer companions
  6. Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    I felt some satisfying progression for the main char when adding 10 in each attribute and 5 focus in each skill. Initial one is a joke. Note that satisfying here does not mean quick and over the top. Couple skills were too fast with this setup, notably Riding, but most of others were ok or even still slow
  7. Can not have a single child.. Am I or my wife sterile wtf??

    You might have a rare case of a faithful wife. Most of the guys here keep having children while away from home on campaigns :mrgreen:
  8. Gonna take a break why?

    I'm playing a merc who roots for the underdogs. Whenever a monthly contract expires (mod-added) I go offer my services to the weakest faction at the moment. You gotta keep snowballing in check
  9. Help with recruiting vassals

    Kick their asses and then release them, repeatedly. Sure way to build relations with people in BL
  10. Mercenary Contract Length?

    Just joined Western Empire as mercenary cuz thinking that it will expire peacefully. As a Vlandian, I'm not planning to serve the empire but just trying to build some renown. Was planning to join Southern Empire after Western but sounds like I'll have to break relations with Western Empire.. Sad..
    You can load the aforementioned mod, wait for the contract to run out (max 30 days) then stop including the mod. Very convenient, used it myself
  11. Level 1 companion

    I realized that I had been in that village before and that I had killed her lover to bring her back to her father. She settled for a compensation of about 2000 denars and joined up with me.
    My list of wanderers in the encyclopedia is currently polluted to the brim with those damsels... and some family feud guys (they stay in the villages too). Useless, and most probably a bug
  12. Mainquest: Own Kingdom - Impossible to conquer a settlement in time!

    Look for the settlements that changed hands recently. They did not have time to accumulate and train the strong garrison
  13. My clan is declaring war on his own

    My guess is that some kingdom declares on you instead (who would not punch a small newbie ruler, really?).
    But the bugs make it look like you declared on them
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