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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    haven't played in a few months... Can we buy high level armor, mounts, and equipment in towns now?
  2. Patch 1.5.5 - I'ma end this man's whole simping career

    Could you kill them both ?

    But I already subbed to 3 years of her OnlyFans?? I hate to say it. Especially after what she's done... But, I am too addicted to Her Majesty's feet pics.

    Why don't you just you just kill him?
    Time for Boronchar to meet with an unfortunate accident... :twisted:

    I've killed many men in my campaign. But to suggest that I kill my wife's new boyfriend King... I don't know. I must think on this.
  3. Patch 1.5.5 - I'ma end this man's whole simping career

    Did you donate 500 men and she didn't even say your name is this true

    I've donated my most loyal men, I've fought off numerous armies, and she just offs and marries some nobody NPC!! Boronchar? What kind of name is that? More like Moronchar, am I right?

    Don't be mean to your new father in law

  4. Patch 1.5.5 - I'ma end this man's whole simping career

    Shes not getting a cent from me on her twitch channel no more damn slooot!!! *Calling Pokimane*
    How can she betray me like this?? After I've donated so many troops to her castles?!!!?
  5. Patch 1.5.5 - I'ma end this man's whole simping career

    In case you haven't heard, new beta introduced ability of nobles to marry. Well. As I was trotting along to buy my 250th stack of butter, I got a notification that Rhagaea got married to this guy called Boronchar???!!


    The real game is the forum posts we made on the way (to end of EA).
  7. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Me, seeing there is still no update.
  8. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Of course the big patch drops on the first day I start working lmao. I waited so long for a patch to jump back in the game, after not playing for months. Now there is a patch that makes me want to start a play through and I don't have time.:xf-cry:
  9. Bannerlord Comprehensive List of Implemented Perks (1.5.4 main branch and 1.5.5 beta) -UPDATE IN PROGRESS

    Is TW aware of Sagittarius bug? How is it still not fixed? If you are implementing new perks, might as well fix broken ones, right?
  10. Bannerlord Refunded

    First of all, 400 hours is a lot.

    On the other hand, it really comes down to what you were doing in those 400 hours.

    If the vast majority of the time was spent testing stuff and submitting feedback and bug reports or whatever, then you should be able to get a refund, because most of the hours is not "play time," but rather you providing a service to the devs for free.

    On the other hand, as others have pointed out, if most of the time you were playing and having fun with the game, then no, you don't deserve a refund.
  11. 1.5.1 - Cavarly is pretty weak while archers are still the way to go.

    1.5.3 - The issues I have been complaining about since a lot of days ago have been finally fixed. Archers are not broken as before and heavy cavalry is now working as it should. Thank you very much TW!!!!! <3

    Good moment to start a new campaign.

    Can you give more details on how heavy cav was fixed? Thanks!
  12. I think TW is doing good

    They haven't restarted development at all, a lot of the stuff in the game was in videos and blog posts dating back to 2013. Some of the models are over 7 years old. There are some game systems that they admitted they had to redo a lot, but that's not like redoing the whole game.

    From what I've seen and heard about the code it's just a mess. Big code projects are always kind of messy, but that's why these ventures are usually tightly organised. Letting a bunch of coding interns (because that's what a lot of them are) loose on a big interconnected system like this is a recipe for disaster. There are three separate employee reviews from current or former employees where they say that the code base basically needs to be redone from scratch because of how much of it it is non-functional

    Where are you reading employee reviews? Is it Glassdoor?
  13. Modding tools are a month overdue...What happened TW?

    or you know they can act smart, tell us it will take 2 months for a 2 week project, then finish in 6 weeks. we are all impressed.

    It would be funny they were already doing this -- they tell us it would take 2 months for a 2 week project, then struggle to finish in 3 months.
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